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Women’s Circle With Ella Grace Denton

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Hi everyone! I hope you’re well and you’re ready for this week’s blog post. Last week, I got the opportunity to attend an event in Manchester in collaboration with TOMS, The Helen Bamber Foundation and Ella Grace Denton.

TOMS together with Ella Grace Denton has hosted a series of Women’s Circles in London and Manchester during early April to spread awareness and create a unique opportunity for women to connect with themselves and each other in a nurturing and safe space. The Women’s Circles are a place for connection, letting-go and happiness. It’s about connecting with like-minded women in a none-judgemental environment. Each circle welcomed 33 different women from all walks of life.

TOMS kindly invited me to the event in Manchester and they also gifted me some of their Green Flower Print Women’s Espadrilles which are featured in this blog post. I am totally in love with my new shoes and they’re so comfy! I wore mine with sportswear but I can’t wait to wear them with ripped jeans and dresses in the warmer months.

What I love about TOMS is that it is a business with purpose, a purpose of creating positive change throughout the globe. That’s why, when I was contacted by them, I had to support them as much as possible. I love positive change and my whole blog is orientated around this. TOMS has always had ‘giving’ at its core; and through dedication and hard work, they want to address some of the most important issues of our time. This will be carried out by initiating project-based investments with local non-profits and changemakers (just like Ella) to make an impact.

By building meaningful local partnerships to tackle local issues but on a global scale, TOMS’ aim is to push the boundaries of what it means to create a positive impact through business and for part of their series of events, they have collaborated with Ella on the Women’s Circles.

The project with Ella and The Helen Bamber Foundation is part of the Stand For Tomorrow campaign, and the larger evolution of TOMS’ ‘giving’, which aims to platform local issues and enable social change in communities on a global level. Ella stands for empowerment, self-expression and connection. This spring, together with TOMS, she’s taking that stand in The Venice Collection (which is the collection my super snazzy shoes are from – pictured in this blog post).



The Women’s Circle and the Cacao Ceremony was run and guided by Ella Grace Denton (She is the epitome of natural beauty!). Ella is a musician and community builder creating safe spaces for women to connect, heal and thrive. From the craziness of London, she focuses greatly on female empowerment, promoting emotional and mental wellbeing and she is hugely passionate about sustainable living too. Through her work, she offers deeply meaningful experiences and spaces to connect through hosting Women’s Circles and Cacao Ceremonies. Her work is incredible and extremely life-changing! I feel very privileged to have been able to experience her work and she certainly shifted negativity in the room and replaced it with bright white light.

The main motivation behind the event was to support The Helen Bamber Foundation which is a UK human rights charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers who have suffered extreme human cruelty. The Helen Bamber Foundation work long term with people to help them recover, feel safe and they also encourage and help them have a successful, independent and threat-free life in the UK.

For each woman that attended the event, TOMS will be investing 33 different opportunities for women to follow a programme with Helen Bamber that is focused on a holistic approach to care, which helps turn a ‘difficult past into a hopeful future’.

So for the women that attended the event and wanted to take care of themselves, in return, they positively contributed to the care of someone else who needs support, guidance and a safe space to seek help. Such an incredible concept and I am proud that I was apart of it.




The Women’s Circle is a sacred space for women to let go and truly be at peace with themselves. It’s a place for setting goals and for tuning into oneself without judgement and fear. During the few hours I was at the event, we experienced a guided meditation, journal writing, dance and sound therapy, a cacao ceremony and so much more. Each moment of the event was seamlessly planned to perfection and everyone really let go and spoke honestly about moments in their lives.

It felt incredible to be surrounded by so many powerful women who have all been through so much. But despite their struggles, they still remain strong and determined. I have never left an event feeling so empowered.

In the past, when I have attended meditations and yoga practices, I have cried many times during the practice and it’s helped me release emotions that have been bottled up for so long. During previous practices, when I have cried, it has been painful tears. Tears of anger, hatred and hurt… Basically, tears which are related to my past experiences.

If you have ever experienced meditation or a deep healing therapy before, you may have experienced moments of emotion and it is the most bizarre feeling! But it feels so good at the same time.


However, at the Women’s Circle with Ella, I finally experienced a moment of happiness. I cried tears of relief and gratitude. The past few weeks have been some of the best weeks of my life. Over the past few months, I have been going through a lot of changes and I am finally on a journey I am very happy with. I have a partner who is incredible, friends who are amazing and I love my job…. & so much more.

Experiencing the Women’s Circle was just what I needed. I cleared my chakras of the past and allowed space for the future. I left the event feeling lighter and more refreshed. I may sound bonkers… But if you have experienced something similar or any healing therapy, you will know what I mean. Women’s Circles aren’t just for people are spiritual or who like healing therapies. They’re for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie or you’re experienced, Women’s Circles are for all women.

A great place to find events near you is Eventbrite… I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to connect with like-minded people who are interested in the same things as you.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! I thoroughly enjoyed attending the event and being a part of such an amazing cause. A huge thank you goes out to TOMS for hosting this incredible event and thank you, Ella, for helping me feel comfortable in the surroundings. I can’t wait for the rest of 2019 now.

Have you ever experienced a Women’s Circle? I would love to know if you have in the comments below.

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All my love,

Jessica x







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