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Where did Positively Jessica Ward begin?

A health, fitness, food, lifestyle and travel blog.

My name is Jessica Ward, I am a passionate writer, explorer, foodie and fitness lover. I am from the seaside town Blackpool, in the UK. Even though it does rain a lot here, I am always determined to create my own sunshine.

Firstly, I began studying Fashion and Clothing, Art & Design at college and found my inner passions, which are, writing, food, fitness, and travel. I have now completed my passion of creative writing by studying this at further education, BA Hons English: Communications at Work and I due to graduate in July 2017. I also work with a regional magazine called Lancashire & Lake District Life as an assistant journalist and I absolutely love it! – Check out my ‘collaborations’ page for my published articles.

My passion for blogging began back in 2013 when I created a blog to note down memories and capture them in an online archive for me to reminisce on in the future. At this time, it was my space on the Internet which was personal to me and allowed me to escape the outside world.

When I was at school I suffered a difficult time with my weight, confidence, and health and it made a huge impact on my social life and acceptance as a person. I was extremely thin and I despised the way I looked. I was scared of food. I went to the gym to punish myself. I didn’t attend social occasions because I was too nervous. I was put in a position at my school where I felt unworthy because of people’s horrible comments, I listened to these comments, and they began to eat away at me. At that time, I accepted the negative comments and started to believe that they were true. I was in a very dark place. However, despite this, I strove to radiate positivity, motivate other people, and focus on making other people smile. I did this because I was suffering from depression and I didn’t want people to know.

Making other people happy was something that made me feel good and covered up the fact I hated myself. I continued to spread positive messages, motivate people and inspire people to love themselves; however, I wasn’t doing anything to help myself or to love myself from within.

One day, I woke up and realised I needed to make a change. I stepped out of my comfort zone to leave that dark place behind me in the past and that was when I created Positively Jessica Ward; a location for all things positive. I now practise what I preach and continue to share the real side of my life as well as sharing highlights, downfalls, and difficult situations. Difficult situations don’t always last forever. We are in control of our thoughts and actions, and because of this, we hold a lot of power as individuals. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are in control of YOU. I have discovered that our flaws make us unique, they shape us, and they define us. Have faith and embrace the process to progression, not perfection.


Follow me on my journey where I post a little bit of everything… The food I eat, the places I visit, honest product reviews, interviews with foodie, fashion and fitness favourites, workouts, lifestyle solutions and fashion items: I do not cap any of my creativity and I always try and incorporate a positive edge.

When I discovered fitness and healthy eating a few years ago, it turned my life around and I developed into a stronger person, physically and mentally. I would never look back. I now have a great relationship with food, fitness, and myself as a person. I feel totally refreshed and I cannot wait to discover new things and continue to experiment along the way. I shall document this process as I go and share the adventures with you! In hope to inspire, motivate and most definitely, make you smile. Positivity is key.


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