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Sunshine, Detoxes, Gut Feelings & Fermented Food

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Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I am taking you with me to Ibiza on a press trip and I am showing you all of the activities I got up to. Let’s just say, I ate my own bodyweight in food, I stretched my body in many ways and I learnt all about the power of gut health and it’s importance. After winning Health Blogger of The Year by HBC I didn’t think that it would open up opportunities like this.

I have worked hard to build my blog and I have continued to stay true to my ethos. So when opportunities arise that surround my blog, it makes me feel incredibly humble. At the end of September, I was contacted by the PR team who is in charge of UK Renew Life (the sponsors of the Health Blogger of The Year Award). I was aware that I would be collaborating with them closely since winning the award, however, I had no idea that I would be travelling to Ibiza on an amazing retreat! My heart was filled with excitement, gratitude and love. Was I just lucky or was this a reward for working so hard?! Who knows, but I am still so blessed. Thank you Fluorescent PR and UK Renew Life.

Throughout the past few years I have suffered from bloating and digestive discomfort and I although I have tried many remedies, nothing has truly cured my symptoms. I have tried natural remedies and I have had several trips to the doctors. So when I was approached by UK Renew Life to travel to Ibiza and learn about their gut supplements and the importance of gut health I was extremely intrigued and excited. Not only was this an educational trip away, it allowed me to unwind and detox – mentally and physically.

Renew Life

Image from – Renew Life.

At first, I was very apprehensive to be collaborating with a supplement brand. I have never tried supplements and I have always tried to self-diagnose and eat my way to healing. However, sometimes this isn’t always enough. After some initial research, I was amazed by the success of UK Renew Life and its supplements!

Founded over 20 years ago by Brenda Watson, Renew Life is one of the leading Digestive Care and Cleansing companies in North America. After Brenda suffered from poor health and chronic ailments, Brenda was determined to improve her health and embraced the philosophies of Bernard Jensen (a holistic nutritionist and pioneer in the health field). Soon after this, she realised that cleansing and proper dietary choices, would dramatically improve her health for the better – longevity, not short-term.

After many years of studying and education, Brenda worked hard to formulate Renew Life which is now driven by her passion to spread a positive message of good health. She wanted to make a positive impact on a greater number of people by creating available products that not only worked well but were free of unnecessary ingredients. So that is when she created Renew Life.

The product range includes Fibre, Enzymes, Internal Cleanses, Fish Oils and Digestive Health supplements. Focusing on proven science and constant innovation, Renew Life has become a leader in digestive and total-body wellness.

Evening One » Monday 16th October

Fermented food, organic wines and the most picturesque dining experience. Fresh green fields, pretty fairy lights and wildflowers. Yes, it was the dream evening and it felt totally surreal!




For the few days I was in Ibiza I was staying at the beautiful 5-star rural hotel Can Na Xica in the North of the Island. I had a wonderful time at this spa hotel and experienced dining excellence, complete relaxation in the spa and I also encountered wonderful hospitality. Ca Na Xica is the true representation of stylish relaxation. Do you want to read my full review of this spa hotel? Perhaps you’re looking for a new holiday destination? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ideal wedding venue? Look no further! Check out my blog post here: Ibizan Tranquillity at The Ca Na Xica Spa Hotel

After settling in at the hotel, we embarked on the first stage of the gut health journey. We all got dressed up and headed out for the evening in Ibiza. For the evening we were going to be located in a hidden location and everything was a complete surprise until we arrived! As we drove through green fields and drove past terracotta decorated villas we finally arrived at the ‘Love your guts’ dinner with The Last Supper Club and Los Fermentistas.

We arrived at the most beautiful location where we watched the sunset in all of its glory, listening to nothing but the sound of nature. On one side of the field, a subtle darkening of the sky slowly turned purple and whilst still remaining a deep orange hue, it was the most wonderful sunset in Ibiza. Let’s just say, watching the sunset is one of the most magical ways to experience the natural beauty of Ibiza for free.






The supper club was held at Meke Coffee Roasters – which was an amazing location for this type of dinner! The table was decorated with wildflowers and delicate night lights. Rustic hessian accents highlighted the organic qualities of the food and the bright and colourful table wear highlighted the colourful ingredients within each dish. Each element reinforced that being healthy isn’t boring; it’s fun, delicious and creative.

Each element of this dining experience had been truly thought out – the food, the music, the decoration, the lighting and the location. All of which relaxed each individual and allowed us to feel energised, healthy and fulfilled. Positive thoughts and taking the time out to relax not only helps the gut, it can also heal the gut naturally alongside delicious healthy food, adequate hydration and the right supplementation.

We drank fermented cocktails, sampled some of the most delicious canapés and ate our way through a stunning five-course tasting menu. This was accompanied by B&Me organic wines (I didn’t try these wines as I don’t drink much alcohol, however, everyone seemed to approve!). As the sun began to set, the fairy lights which delicately decorated each tree subtly glowed in the distance. We got cosy, we laughed and we all had the most magical evening.

I met some wonderful women, I exchanged creative ideas and I also sampled some of the most delicious food. Not only was this food incredibly rich in flavour, it all had its own unique quality – spice, texture or the way in which it was served. Each element told a true story of cooking excellence and cooking passion. All of this food was kindly produced by James Canvin Knight & Co. – A charismatic & talented Chef with a successful track record of impressing clients with influences from, Basque to classic English, French and Italian. He likes to challenge preconceptions with his food, inspirations come from all over the world sourcing and using the most refined, distinctive and quality ingredients”.

Canapes (served whilst sipping kombucha and taking in the picturesque views)

• Pickled daikon croquettes and allioli • Lentil crackers and beetroot tartare • Lactic acid fermented fried cucumbers • Seabass tartare pickled ginger •






The Last Supper Club

The Last Supper Club is a fun and creative dining club that produce a series of one-off, pop up dinners at hidden secret outdoor locations serving the best produce – from food to wine and cocktails. This dining experience was vibrant, exciting and truly delicious! Their ethos is to cook exceptional food in stunning surroundings to express their passion for great food and eclectic things. Honestly, you’ll have never experienced dining like this. On the edge of a cliff, in a picturesque field or an orchard; they have expressed that creativity has no boundaries. The stars are our ceiling, the sea or woods our wallpaper and a field our kitchen. Instagram: @thelastsupperclub – Facebook: The Last Supper Club Ibiza.





Los Fermentistas

Throughout the few days, we encountered the deliciousness that Los Fermentistas had curated and we got the chance to learn about the importance and impact of fermented food and how it can improve our overall digestive health. As well as eating our own body weight in fermented vegetables, we also got to make our own fermented vegetables and learn how to create the deliciousness at home! At the supper club, we got to try their amazing fermented food and drink.

Los Fermentistas is an aspiring husband and wife who are passionate about producing delicious fermented food and drink that is locally sourced and available in Ibiza. Not only are they passionate about their food and drink and the ingredients they use, they are also passionate about the welfare of their staff and they work extremely hard to keep their food and drink process handmade; not only does this allow there to be jobs available, this also makes this brand extremely authentic. Everything tastes so much better homemade, doesn’t it?! 



“We are a small scale family run business, specialised in cultivating microorganisms. Some call us Bacteria Farmers, we call ourselves: Los Fermentistas”.

Products: Kombucha • Jun • Kimchi • Sauerkraut


The Main Event


Once we were seated our guest, Dr Sara Celik introduced herself and began the evening by telling us a little bit about herself. Throughout the next few days we would be guided by Sara’s knowledge on gut health and at the end of the trip, we would all be diagnosed our own set of supplements guided towards our own gut health.

Dr Sara is a registered doctor with Renew Life and is a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopathic Master Clinician with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Dr Sara has a huge passion for educating the public about digestive health, detoxification and optimal wellness.


Gazpacho in all its colours

White Garlic, Green Cucumber and Red Kimchi Mary


This was delicious! My favourite from the variety was the Green Cucumber. The Green Cucumber prepared the palate for the spice of the Red Kimchi Mary and it was extremely refreshing. I was slightly addicted to this Gazpacho variety and I definitely would have ordered seconds. The flavours were incredible and they definitely woke my taste buds up ready for the meal ahead.

Pickled Nest

Egg yolk, long lead kimchi, live pickled mushrooms and fried crispy chicken skin on sweet potato purée.


This dish was definitely different. Textures, flavours and aromas. Each element tasted different and offered something creative to the dish. The egg yolk was rich and creamy, the mushrooms added a subtle spice alongside the kimchi and invigorated the whole dish. The crispy chicken skin added saltiness and the sweet potato purée added another dimension to the dish but tied all of the flavours together to create a true masterpiece. This was a wonderful portion size and was definitely enjoyed by me! I love the creaminess with the saltiness, both worked very well together and offered an awesome taste bud explosion. This would make a rather extravagant breakfast!

Gifts of the Garden

Kohlrabi carpaccio with dried nasturtium flower powder and preserved lemon


Dining in nature and eating the gorgeous locally sourced vegetables. Honestly, this dish was simple, sweet and totally refreshing. Another palate cleanser ready for the main meal. Raw kohlrabi can be sliced in a salad, grated into a slaw or simply thinly sliced on a mandoline and drizzled with a little olive oil and salt. When served raw, it has a crisp texture and is mildly peppery in taste.

This elegant salad represents kohlrabi’s finer qualities, making the most of its radish flavour and its water chestnut crunch. The dried nasturtium flower powder was used as a pepper substitute and also added a wonderful colouring to the dish alongside the lemon and apple. A very elegant and refreshing dish.

The Swim Through

Jun poached cod, deep-fried mussels, pine nuts dressing on chard and krauts


Not only did this name entice me, it also left me feeling very very excited. I absolutely love fish and this dish couldn’t have been more perfect for the main course. Each dish up until this point prepared the palate and definitely made this a true show-stopping main. The Jun poached cod was silky, rich and extremely light on the palate. The deep-fried mussels added a touch of saltiness but were cooked to perfection! Meaty, mild flavouring and extremely fresh, they added a true element of the sea. Although mussels can be over overpowering, the flavours in this dish were incredibly balanced and each element worked perfectly. This was my favourite savoury dish of the evening. Huge compliments to the chef!

Pudding parade




As the name suggests, this was a true parade for all things sweet. This pudding was THE best experience I have ever had. I love pudding and it excites. However, I didn’t think eating pudding could be this fun and interactive! This dish brought everyone together to the table and ended the evening in true style. Not only did this evening celebrate wellness and happiness, I feel like this dish celebrated the creativity that is in food. It also reinforced that pudding should be exciting and eating should be a fun-filled activity. I loved every moment of this.

Meringues were thrown and smashed! Huge chocolate brownies made a thump as they hit the table and injected the air with chocolate aromas. Nuts, seeds and fruit were sprinkled to add colour, sweetness and crunch! & OF COURSE, let’s not forget the amazing oversized icing sugar sprinkle – just like fairy dust! Everything I could possibly imagine about pudding happened on this evening. All of my childhood dreams had to come life! Food fights are now sophisticated and totally delicious. Who cares if I got covered in icing sugar and pomegranate seeds? What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza, right?

As the evening drew to a close, I thanked the universe for guiding this opportunity to me. When we experience happiness we should definitely be thankful. Positive vibes filled the evening and I was surrounded by some incredible women. It felt surreal. I can’t wait for my next adventure and Ibiza was a true dream!

I want to thank the whole team for making the first evening in Ibiza memorable, fun and very exciting!

I hope you liked this week’s blog post. As always, I love sharing my adventures with you. I hope this has inspired your foodie creations and your travel explorations. Food certainly isn’t boring and eating healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive.

Get creative and you could make your own pudding parade!

Where should I travel to next? & have you been to Ibiza?

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 of my Ibiza adventure!

Jessica, x



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