I Am Health Blogger of The Year 2017!

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Happy Thursday everyone! This week I am sharing something very exciting with you all. I have always dreamt of sharing something this exciting on my blog and it is a true milestone for Positively Jessica Ward. If you have been a follower for a while I want to thank you for supporting me and my brand. If you are new here, hey! & welcome! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. This is my space on the internet where I express my zest for life in a positive light. But, let’s share the exciting news! Ok, I can’t believe I am even typing this… I AM YOUR NEW…. HEALTH BLOGGER OF THE YEAR 2017 – yes, I am definitely crying happy tears whilst typing this out. 

On the 21st of September (after only being in the U.K a few days since being in Singapore), I travelled to London to attend the Health Blog Awards. It was a great road trip and something I will remember forever! If you can remember, I posted a blog post a while back about the reasons why I wanted to win this award: I Have Been Shortlisted for The Health Blog Awards! – and as I stated in that blog post, I was extremely grateful to have been shortlisted and I couldn’t believe that someone had recognised me and my blog and wanted to award me for doing something I love with all of my heart.

My blog is very personal to me and it’s my little treasure, I hold it close to my heart and it was curated from the darker moments in my life – them moments, I am very grateful for. Without experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness, bullying and much more I wouldn’t be able to help people and going through them moments has built a passion of mine – to inspire others and prove to others that dark places are imagined, they’re not real and they don’t last forever.

My blog represents my journey through life and my growth as an individual. I write because I want to inspire people and I want to pollute the internet with positivity. I want to make people feel good and I want to show you, that you’re awesome. Health is more than eating vegetables and working out. It’s in the mind, it’s in your soul and it’s in Y. O. U. Health looks different on everyone. Positively Jessica Ward is a break from the outside world, it allows you to switch off and unwind whilst feeling uplifted and full of life. I want to radiate good vibes and colour across the globe. I hope one small step at a time, I can share my burning desire with everyone and make a positive change in the world. It may sound cliché, but this is what I feel like I was born to do. We all have the power to make a change, it’s up to you, whether you embrace it. I am embracing it.

Being Health Blogger of The Year still feels weird now and I am still living on cloud 9! It’s an amazing feeling and this has motivated me more than ever. I want to thank the lovely team at Health Bloggers Community for making me feel so welcome, I want to thank them for picking me as the winner and I want to thank them for supporting me and my blog. I want to thank the amazing people who said hi to me at the event; it was surreal! I want to say congratulations to ALL of the winners, we are ALL winners, what everyone is doing is positive and I love it – the blogging world is crazy, creative and pretty magical. I want to thank the wonderful brands that attended the awards, it was amazing to meet you and I hope we can collaborate in the future (I tasted MANY free samples, my tummy was happy that night! ;))…

My heart is full of magic, positivity, gratitude and happy tears. I could burst with how I feel at the moment. The past week has been a world wind and I have embraced every moment. This is the beginning of an exciting journey, let’s hope it never ends and if it does end, I hope its purpose was fulfilled and it leaves a positive imprint behind.



Me and Fab the wonderful founder of Health Bloggers Community: Anna Rachel Photography.

Just thank YOU. Thank you.

This means the world to me this award. It’s just what I needed and it’s made everything so worthwhile. With or without the award, my burning desire remains the same. The runners-up were incredible and I couldn’t believe I won. As I will repeat, everyone is a winner if they are promoting good vibes.

The Awards


The ceremony was hosted by Fab Giovanetti, the founder the Health Bloggers Community and expert nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert – these two ladies are the definition of female bosses; they radiate good vibes, they are extremely hard working and they are r.e.a.l. They were both wonderful host’s and I loved every moment of it! Enjoyable, relaxed and so much fun.

Rhiannon led a Q&A session with the panel of judges – this Q & A consisted of the judges discussing their experiences about health and fitness and their approach to adopting a healthy lifestyle. It was wonderful to hear experienced people talk about their journey, the good vibes filled the room and the positivity was incredible. I left the awards feeling motivated, empowered and fulfilled.

The Panel of Judges:
Dr Rupy Aujla
Tally Rye
Rebecca Pearson
Rozanna Purcell

I captured some images of the event whilst I was there whilst eating large amounts of free peanut butter and speaking to some amazing people… This is what I got…












Best Recipe Blog (sponsored by No.1 Rosemary Water)
Winner – Mrs Hollingsworth’s

Free-From / Illness Recovery Blog (sponsored by Freeist!)
Winner – The Flourishing Pantry

Yoga and Spirituality Blog (sponsored by Lorna Jane UK)
Winner – Jody Shield

Fitness Blog (sponsored by Bounce UK)
Winner – Hannah & Fitness

Vegan Blog (sponsored by That Protein)
Winner – Healthy & Psyched

EU Bloggers (sponsored by Biomed)
Winner – Sailing Through Fitness

Best New Blogger (sponsored by Mindful Bites)
Winner – Brunch n Grind

Science and Nutrition Blog (sponsored by Mount Olympus Foods)
Winner – Plant Based Pixie

Best Health & Fitness Instagram (sponsored by Spiced Nutrition)
Winner – Nourish Your Glow

Best Irish Blog (sponsored by Soulbia Foods)
Winner – The Irish Balance

Best Natural Beauty & Lifestyle Blog (sponsored by Biomed Nutrition)
Winner – The English Aromatherapist

Health Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Renew Life)
Winner – Positively Jessica – ME!

My Sponsor and Interview

On the night of the awards, I was sponsored by the amazing Renewlife – before the awards, I was interviewed for their socials (YES, I was interviewed?! Crazy, I know)… – I love this kind of stuff! Want to know more about me and my blog? Keep reading!


Renewlife Products

· What was the inspiration for your blog?

After experiencing some difficult situations, I have re-branded and created a space on the internet for myself and for others. Through my own struggles with bullying, self-acceptance, restrictive eating, social anxiety and depression I want to inspire others that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and if there isn’t at that present moment, we can create our own light within.

The inspiration for my blog came from my burning desire to share my message of dedication, positivity, and colour. My topics are eclectic and there are no limits to the content of my website – there is something for everyone! All I ensure is that a positive edge is incorporated and my posts radiate my love for feeling happy, healthy and colourful.

· Have you always been interested in wellness and nutrition?

No, this was a journey I embarked on when I struggled with depression and I found something that helped me feel energised and happy. I have always been a creative person; however, I now radiate my creative energy through lots of different channels and wellness and nutrition is just one sector.

· How did Positively Jessica Ward come to be?

When I was at school I was put in a place where I felt mentally bruised and I suffered a difficult time with my weight, confidence, and health. I lost the deep connection within myself. I feared food and I went to the gym to punish myself. However, despite this, I strove to radiate positivity, motivate other people, and focus on making other people smile. I did this because I was suffering from depression and I didn’t want people to know.

One day, I woke up and realised I needed to make a change. I stepped out of my comfort zone to leave that dark place behind me in the past and that was when I created Positively Jessica Ward; a location for all things positive.

· What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I have experienced that maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes from within – practising self-acceptance and self-love every single day.

The ideas and concepts of living a healthy lifestyle are continuously adapting and evolving, but living a healthy lifestyle can be whatever you want it to be. Eat well and nourish your body with the ‘good stuff’ but enjoy some soul food too. Take a weekly sabbatical to do the things you love. Keep active in a way you love; walk, run, do yoga, lift some weights or simply dance to your favourite song. If you are doing what you love then maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy.

· What is an average day in the life for you?

As a new graduate, I am slowly starting a new routine, I start my day at 6 am with a gratitude list and a positive affirmation. At 6:30 am I have a quick gym session – either consisting of sprints, weight lifting or a yoga class. At 7:30 am I am ready for some post-workout deliciousness – I am a lover of a savoury breakfast; a veggie omelette is my go-to with a peppermint tea. Throughout the morning, I plan my day, produce blog posts and create content for my local magazine (I am a journalist).

At midday, I create a light lunch of fish and veggies – my meals change every day so last night’s leftovers never goes a miss! In the afternoon, I do the things I love – walking, baking and planning my travels.

In the evening, I usually cook up some goodness for my family and relax – my homemade curry is a firm favourite in the household. I sometimes meet up with friends, attend a blogger event or read.

I have a more relaxed routine now I have graduated university. This is my relaxed routine and throughout summer I have ensured I took some time-out to recharge my batteries, ready to embark on a new journey soon.



I still can’t believe that this is the blog post I am posting, it feels amazing and I truly can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you. This is just the beginning of something very special and exciting. If you’re new to Positively Jessica Ward, please have a look at my social media channels and keep up to date with my activities! (linked in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page). Let’s collaborate and let’s chat!

Oh, I mustn’t forget! I got the most awesome goody bag too!


All of my love & thank you again.

Jessica, x

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