I cannot do what I do without the support of an incredible tribe of males and females. Your words mean everything to me and they keep me going. Thank you, x 


Hello Healing: ‘We invited Jess to our one day retreat and I’m so glad we did, she is so beautiful inside and out and a joy to have her join us. Thank you so much, Jess, for the positive review of our retreat on your blog. I really hope we see each other again in the near future. Keep up the awesome work 😘 xx’

Zoe Jemson: ‘Reading Jess’ blogs never fails to put me in a positive and inspirational mood!! Such a talented young lady who sees beauty and positivity in everything!!! It’s amazing to read the progression in her life and the activities she does! You never fail to inspire me and others who I share your blog with. So amazing to see your blog grow, you can really see the devotion, love, passion and light in your work💛✒️ Could not recommend a more positive and lovely blog! Suitable for all ages and genders!! Thank you so much for the positivity and love that you give to everyone!!! You should be so proud of yourself and the work that you produce!! You never fail to make every blog enjoyable, you put your heart into every blog and it just shows!!! I’m excited to read more in the future!!! 💛’

Abbie Jemson: ‘Jess just bursts with positivity and is like a little ray of sunshin☀️ I look forward to reading her blog posts every week and I love sharing them with friends and family, so they can be inspired too! Jess’ work, positivity and lovely words helped me during my A2 exams, during what should have been a stressful time, Jess had helped me through it and motivated me and I know that I’m not the only one! 💖 Jess’ blogs are full of knowledge and dedication and it is obvious that all of the blog posts are Jess writing about her interests, and that is what makes it so enjoyable to read; it is clear to see that everything written in it comes from the heart. Thank you for all of the motivation and light that you give to everybody Jess, your work and words are so beautiful and you should be very proud of yourself! 🌸💖✨’

Natalia: ‘Positively JW is full of inspirational words that portray the world in beautiful light! From breakfast posts to quotes that make you think, everything Jess posts provides an overall feeling of positivity and warmth that can brighten anybody’s day💕

The Body Confidential: ‘Magnetic colour, spiritual musings, enticing recipes and a travel shot or two. Whether Blackpool-based Jessica Ward is sharing her favourite evening treat or wanderlust hot-spot, the lifestyle blogger brings an infectious positivity that you can’t help but admire’.