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🙏Hello, and welcome to Positively JW🙏

Hey! My name is Jess Ward, I am a blogger, writer and marketer. I am also an award-winning Mental Health Awareness Blogger (*pinch me*!) with Creative Impact I have also been recognised as one of the top 16 Fitness Influencers from the North of England by The Body Confidential. My mission is to channel positivity through your mental health and show you that you’re not alone. I am real, honest and raw. Follow me for your daily dose of positivity!

Where did Positively Jessica Ward begin?

My passion for blogging began back in 2013 when I created a blog to document my life as a teenager struggling with bullying at school. At this time in my life, my blog didn’t have an ethos and it was more of a diary for me (I didn’t want anyone to find it!).

In my teenage years, I was bullied at school and I suffered from severe depression. During this time, I had a difficult time accepting my body and it made a huge impact on my health, my confidence and my overall wellbeing.

For many years of my life, I had suicidal thoughts, I experienced extreme panic attacks and at some moments, I felt trapped in my own body. Despite my own struggles, I have always radiated positivity to others.

My blog evolved from a private online archive to a hub for all things positive. One day when I had broken out of a panic attack, I realised that I couldn’t access the help I needed. There were no blogs to read, no useful books that provided support and I truly felt lost. From this point onwards, I realised that I needed to make a change. I stepped out of my comfort zone to leave that dark place behind me in the past and that was when I created Positively Jessica Ward; a location for all things positive. 

Follow me on my journey where I post a little bit of everything… Food, fitness, wellbeing, lifestyle and the odd spot of travel. I do not cap any of my creativity and I always try and incorporate a positive edge!

When I discovered fitness and healthy eating a few years ago, it turned my life around and I developed into a stronger person – physically and mentally. I would never look back. Throughout the process of hating my body… I have now begun to adore every imperfection. I am human. I have feelings and I am trying each day to be the best I can be. I have down days, I have great days… Everything contributes to a greater outcome.

If you would like to contact me directly please use the following email ⤵️


I am always here for a chat. Contact me via social media ⤵️

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All my love,

Jessica x


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