Healthy Salted Caramel Granola

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Hey everyone! I am back and this week I am bringing you one of my favourite breakfast recipes. This recipe is super simple and it’s the perfect breakfast meal prep for the week if you’re short on time but want something wholesome, sweet and delicious.

Forget your shop-bought granolas, it’s all about the homemade ones now! Especially when the granola fills your kitchen with a caramelised peanut butter smell (it’s insane!). For years, I have been addicted to cereal and sugary processed granolas and don’t get me wrong, occasionally, I will indulge and pour lashings of milk over some coco pops but for a healthier alternative, I have created my own granola.

Of course, this recipe still contains sugar but every ingredient in this recipe is something you can buy in your local shop. Also, this recipe is a great way to use up old bananas that are brown and speckly! Ripe bananas have to be used for this recipe because they’re sweeter and add more of a caramelised flavouring and that’s what we’re aiming for in this recipe.

In this recipe, I have used salted mixed nuts because they add a whole new dimension to this granola. They’re roasted, they add saltiness but they also go so well with the caramel banana sauce. Salty and sweet = perfection! Trust me!

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I love having my granola sprinkled over yoghurt or a smoothie or eaten with a generous glug of milk. Alternatively, pack some in a sealable bag and then you have a snack for on-the-go. This granola is perfect for post-workout or when you have a mid-afternoon slump at work. Combat the sweet cravings and be prepped!

My granola addiction is crazy and I am really pleased with this recipe. I have been creating granola for years and this is my favourite ingredient combination by far. Remember, if you’re vegan, you can change the honey for a sweetener of your choice. This recipe is completely adaptable – be flexible, enjoy baking in the kitchen and get experimenting.


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If you do give this recipe a go, please tag me in your creations and I must warn you… This stuff is addictive! For extra yumminess, serve it with chocolate chips or an extra drizzling of honey.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you want some more recipes, please let me know and I will get working on them soon.

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All my love,
Jessica x

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