3 Breakfast Recipe Ideas and Myprotein Review

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“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival”.

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well!

Let’s jump straight to this week’s blog post and talk about all things breakfast food. AKA my favourite meal of the day!

In today’s post, I have you covered from sweet to savoury breakfast options and I have chosen my key favourites to share with you. You might think they’re a little simple, but I think they’re rather delicious and they can be customised with your favourite flavour options. I will also be featuring one of my favourite protein supplements at the moment:  THE Whey+ Protein Powder from Myprotein in Vanilla Ice Cream flavour, this protein is delicious! Let me explain more in a moment…

I am one of those people, that wakes up starving! I need food first thing as it provides me with energy and allows me to be productive throughout the day. If I start my day with a well-balanced breakfast, I am more encouraged to be conscious of my food throughout the day. Choose what suits you. What works for me might not work for you and it’s important to be in tune with what your body wants. I usually train at the gym in the morning and I always like to train after I have eaten breakfast so this is what works for me.

As soon as I am awake, I drink water, this instantly makes me feel energised and it really helps my digestive systemI have spent many years experimenting with my food and the different types of food I eat. I have also spent many years experimenting with my eating patterns and trust me, I have tried a lot and I have struggled an awful lot too. I have now realised that over time, my body craves different things and I am to listen to the cravings and realise what the triggers are. I have spent many years having a restrictive diet towards food and it hasn’t been healthy. So now, I try and enjoy food as much as possible and use food for good quality fuel. Restrictive eating is certainly not worth it if you are wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From my learnings, I have realised, that for myself, breakfast is a huge part of my day and it really does help me get prepared for work, the gym and much more. I am no longer scared of carbs and I use them as fuel. The same with every other food group. I am still learning each day about the importance of good food as fuel and I am still working on my relationship with food, it’s a gradual process.

At each meal, I aim for a good balance of all of the food groups: carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein and micronutrients. Depending on my specific goals at that time, the ratios may vary. If you are working towards a specific goal, seek professional help first.

First up is…

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Avocado and Toast


Scrambled eggs, wholemeal toast, smashed avocado with salt and a side of spinach.

Eggs, eggs, eggs! They’re a staple in my diet and I eat them every single day. Whether I snack on them or eat them for breakfast, they’re my favourite. They’re a super quick source of protein and healthy fats and they’re extremely versatile. Whether you choose to eat them on toast or put them in a cake ;)… They’re a great source of goodness!

I like to whisk my eggs with almond milk and pop them into the microwave for 30-second intervals and I whisk them every 30-seconds adding seasoning (salt & pepper as required) until they’re fluffy. You can also do scrambled eggs in a frying pan but I sometimes prefer to use the microwave. When I can, I pack my plate with lots of vegetables to ensure I am eating the rainbow but also starting my day off on the right foot.

I can understand that vegetables might be some people’s nightmare for breakfast and a few years ago, I would have agreed! However, eating vegetables in the morning, really makes me feel motivated for the day. I have grown to become a veggie lover. When I was a teen, I despised anything that wasn’t beige or brown (pasta & chocolate). After years of experimenting, I have realised that my mood improves dramatically when I eat well and I also have increased energy and clearer skin.

If this whole breakfast doesn’t appeal to you… Swap the wholemeal toast for crackers, rice cakes or homemade hash browns (yummm). You could switch the avocado for smashed tomatoes or houmous and you could swap the spinach for some fried coconut oil mushrooms. Get experimenting and choose the options you enjoy the most but ensure you’re getting the nutrients in.

Creamy Protein Vanilla Ice Cream Oats


Creamy vanilla porridge with whey protein powder, nuts, chocolate protein cookie and sliced apple.

Creamy vanilla oats packed full of protein, yumminess and supercharged with the most advanced Myprotein whey formula to date. This breakfast recipe is a real favourite of mine and sometimes, this even becomes a dessert option when I want something warm and comforting in the evenings.

In the spotlight for this recipe is THE Whey+ Powered by PhaseTech™ . I absolutely love this protein powder! Subtly sweet but extremely creamy, it really ticks the boxes when it comes to whey powder. Myprotein has taken their premium protein blend and improved the formula and added a spark of magic too. Not only does this powder add a boost of protein to a dish, but it also adds huge amounts of flavour to oats, smoothies and milk. I adore the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour. However, it also comes in a Strawberry Milkshake flavour and a Chocolate Brownie flavour (drool!).


For the porridge above, you will need 60g of porridge oats (I prefer porridge oats because they’re creamier and cook nicely with milk)150ml of Alpro unsweetened almond milk (or an alternative milk of your own choice) and 1 scoop of THE Whey+ in Vanilla Ice Cream flavour. I gently cook my oats on low heat in a pan and I ensure that they don’t become gloopy, I like creamy porridge!

I then top my porridge with sliced apple, a Perkier quinoa snack bar (I had this leftover from an event!) and some crumbled Myprotein baked protein cookie (which is absolutely dreamy on top of oats! Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself!).

*Thank you Myprotein for gifting me this wonderful protein powder. I am very very pleased and it was delicious! It’s on my wishlist again. I use this protein powder for convenience, flavour and added protein. It’s awesome for people who struggle to get their daily protein intake).

Yoghurt Bowl with Super Nutty Granola and Fresh Berries


Creamy plain Alpro yoghurt, whey protein powder, frozen raspberries, granola and mixed nuts and seeds.

This is the easiest breakfast of them all and it requires minimal effort! When it comes to a yoghurt bowl, I want to ensure that I have a balance of goodness as well as adding my favourites. For the base of this yoghurt bowl, I have used the plain Alpro yoghurt – these are my favourite yoghurts and they come in a variety of flavours too!

Stirred into the yoghurt, I have used some of the Myprotein whey powder (as shown above). I have topped my yoghurt with some frozen raspberries (they are so delicious and they really pack a sweet punch!), goji berries (I got mine from Flying Tiger as they’re super cheap), sunflower seeds, sultanas and a generous serving of Eat Natural Nutty Granola.

Experiment with your favourite fruits and don’t be afraid to add your favourite healthy toppings: peanut butter, jam, sliced banana, chia seeds and many more!

For each of these simple recipes, you may need to make your adaptions… Do you have allergies? Are you working towards a specific goal? What do you enjoy eating? .. I share my ideas to inspire others. But I must remind you, what is healthy for me might not be healthy for you. Question your choices, take inspiration and always seek professional help if you’re changing your diet and workout regime.

My relationship with food over the years has massively grown. I have learnt to experiment with foods and not hold back. Food provides health, energy and healing and what we put in our bodies shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s true, our bodies are temples and they’re incredibly complex. Experiment, have fun and be open to trying new flavours and food.

A huge thank you goes out to Myprotein for sending their whey powder to me. I have demolished this tub now but it certainly kept me happy for a few months. As a disclaimer, I never promote a product that I don’t love. I always share my honest opinion and I only ever collaborate with brands that I adore… Myprotein being one of them!

I want to thank the people who stand by me and continue to support my blogging journey despite my lack of consistency. I really appreciate the support and I am always grateful. If you liked this blog post, let me know and I will definitely keep experimenting!

All my love,

Jessica x



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