A Positive Reminder For You

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Hi everyone! This week I am talking about all things positive. As always, I want to try and incorporate a positive edge where I can and sometimes I want to be as honest as possible and simply write… With no meaning other than to bring positivity to your day.

The ethos of my blog has always been orientated around positivity and how I believe that you can shift your perspective and feel 10x better. As a reminder, don’t think I don’t have down days or moments of negativity because believe me, I do. I am human and I am certainly not 100% positive all of the time and that’s ok. However, I have worked hard to maintain an open mind and I have worked hard to look at things in a positive light, no matter the situation.

Today, I want to just give you a positive reminder and hopefully make you feel a little better if you’re currently struggling through something without people knowing. My blog is an online retreat for people. It can be read anonymously and I want it to be a place where people can switch off, read and feel inspired. Whether you’re into fitness, food, wellbeing or travel… My blog is for everyone and there are NO limitations. Male or female. Gay or straight. Religious or not. You are welcome here ♡


This blog post has no real meaning, it’s just going to be a splash of positivity in your social feed. On social media today, there is a lot of BS and negativity floating around and I want to be your escape. Sooooo, enjoy! 

Being positive can sometimes be very challenging when you are faced with an obstacle. However, no matter how awful a situation may seem there is always a positive element in the dark cloud. Seems impossible doesn’t it when you’re in a rut? But just wait until the loneliness, upset, heartbreak, grief and inner pain begin to slowly become something magical. You will soon realise that these obstacles have to happen in order to help you move on in your journey and closer to your goals.

I know it’s easy for me to say… But trust me, I have been in many ‘dark clouds’ and I have nearly given up so many times. I am so glad I didn’t. At some stages, through frustration, I have said in my own head ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘the universe is being cruel to me!’… But in the end… When I look back, each situation I have been in has contributed to something greater.

I want to remind you that, everyone is experiencing struggles and obstacles. No matter how dedicated and driven they may seem… We all experience worries. It is what makes us human. Remember, there is always someone out there waiting to listen to you. You may feel like you’re the only person struggling, but you’re not. Speaking about how you feel is extremely important in order to start fresh, feel refreshed and have a clear mind to tackle day-to-day life.


Writing your problems down, emailing them to a friend or speaking over the phone are just a few things I have tried over time. Sometimes, we don’t always feel comfortable talking about our problems face-to-face and that’s completely ok. Getting things off your chest sooner rather than later helps you get one step closer to the next step in your pathway. Don’t ever think that you’re ‘offloading’ and try not to feel guilty. Your friends, your family, your neighbours… Whoever it may be… Wants to know you’re ok and they wouldn’t want you to feel alone.

The people you surround yourself with can also make an impact on how positive you are (mentally and physically). If I surround myself with people who have goals and ambitions, they motivate me to progress further. I have spent the past year, cutting off ‘friendships’ who drained my energy. Going forward, I now want to surround myself with people who make me laugh and bring the best out in me, even the things I didn’t know about myself.

Life is too short to be in sh*t relationships and to have sh*t friendships. Breakaway, be strong and understand that you deserve better. No explanation is needed, don’t waste your time. It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who takes advantage and makes you feel small. The same goes for friendships. Don’t force friendships that aren’t worth your energy. Don’t be afraid to remove time wasters from your life. It is tough but it is worth it.

Having time alone is also essential for growth and for creating a positive mindset. But as much as you may want to spend time alone, it’s hard to become truly comfortable with solitude; being by yourself for any significant period of time can be daunting. Having time alone without guilt or without the feeling of ‘oh my goodness, I am not being productive’ is essential and it is possible. Spending some time alone allows you truly get to know what you enjoy and what you want out of life.

Experience loneliness, become comfortable with your own company and truly drill into what your mind is talking and speaking about. Cook, go for a walk, paint your nails, have a bath, declutter an area of your space… Just embrace some ‘me time’ and don’t feel guilty. You are not a robot and no one expects you to be working 24/7. Rest is important.


Mentally: mentally decluttering can be very difficult and it does take practice. Have you ever been in a yoga class and the instructor asks you to remove the negative thoughts from your mind and allow them to pass? Yeah… It never truly happens with me either and I become frustrated instead. However, just like yoga, these things take practice and persistence. Decluttering mentally can mean: deleting the toxic people in your life, setting priorities, keeping a journal or clicking a mental “positive switch on” whenever somebody wants to bring you down. The “positive switch” is a marvellous tool and it can be used as a brick wall method… Let me explain: as soon as someone is negative towards you, envision a brick wall in front of them – BLOCKING THEIR NEGATIVITY. This takes practice but it has helped me in numerous situations!

Physically: This is easier for me! This can mean: decluttering your bedroom or house, it’s proven that having a clutter-free space allows you to have a clutter-free mind. This doesn’t require any money… This could simply mean refining your living space and changing things around a little. I also like to keep in check with my fitness and diet, this instantly makes me feel stronger and more determined! I also like to keep on-top of paperwork and admin… These things can usually cause unnecessary stress and build up over time.

Remove the barriers that you can move on your own. Don’t let the small problems build up. Break them down one at a time. You’ve got this.

Would you like me to write more about this? My tips on how to mentally revive yourself during a difficult time? Let me know! ♡

“Sometimes, we need to be hurt in order to grow. We must lose in order to gain. Sometimes, some lessons are learned best through the pain.”

I know this blog post is a little all over the place but I hope you have taken something away from it. If you have, please share it with your friends. All of these tips are easier said than done when you are in a difficult situation but believe me I know…

All my love,

Jess x

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