What I Would Tell My Younger Self About University

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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching you.

Hey everyone! I am back to blogging and I am really excited to start sharing content again. I hope you’ve all had a great week so far and you’re feeling motivated, energised, and positive. This week, I am going to share some insights into my university journey. I am going to share some tips and hopefully reduce the stress you might be feeling in preparation for the big university change.

I remember when I was in the depths of my exams, I would feel like I couldn’t breathe and I would spend hours crying over mindless tasks. I would create a mountain out of a molehill and I would make lists upon lists of tasks to do. However, as soon as I approached the third year, I soon realised the way to tackle my essays, my exams, and my dissertation.


If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.

University is more than studying – university is physically and mentally demanding. University has taught me some unforgettable skills and my confidence has developed so much. When I was at university, I grew as a person, I travelled alone for the first time, I created an incredible source of independence, I met some very interesting people and I even expanded my knowledge beyond my own boundaries. I have had some incredible opportunities and I have learnt how to speak out and talk about my emotions. University is rather special.

Put in 100% – have in mind the payment. You might be paying for your degree so it’s completely optional whether you study for a degree or not. I have seen many people fail through dedicating their life to socialising rather than studying. Seeing other people smash their goals is inspiring and it’s cool to be dedicated and driven at university. You’ll find, the more you are driven, the more you’ll gravitate towards the correct type of people. Don’t waste time, work hard and you can relax soon. What will get you that degree? Working hard? OR drinking and late nights? Hmmm. Try and strike a balance between studying and ‘downtime’.

Take advantage of university facilities – books, library, computer access, WiFi, teachers and lecturers, journals and online reading, student finance and discounts, proofreading help and much more! I embraced every aspect of the university, even the library. Dare I say it, I adored browsing the bookshelves in university and hunting down the must-have book. When I was at uni, I idolised my teachers and I asked for help whenever I needed it. I never suffered in silence and I wasn’t afraid to speak out. Their opinions and knowledge are vital! My lecturer for my dissertation was an angel and without her, I probably wouldn’t have done as well as I did. Actually, I am reluctant to say, but I enjoyed every moment of my 8,000-word dissertation because of Maureen, thanks, Maureen!


Embrace your inner geek – as I have previously said, it’s good to be a bookworm and to research, analyse and evaluate everything. A lot of people think that the first year is a fly through and nothing counts… The truth is if you dedicate yourself from the word GO… You’ll find the following years a little less difficult. You will have already adopted a routine and you will have already settled nicely. C’mon, you’re paying a lot of money, don’t let it go to waste. Before you know it, it will all be over.

Don’t we all wish university was a fairytale – be wary and don’t fall into the trap, then you won’t be disappointed. Of course, universities work hard to promote their campuses in a very positive light… But is not all sunshine and rainbows. I didn’t have a huge friendship group and I didn’t go out partying every weekend. However, the friends I did gain are amazing and I have unforgettable memories. As the university moves forward, people will drift in and out of your life. Who you thought was your best friend, might not be your best friend anymore and that’s ok. Memories will never fade and people have their own lives. Embrace YOUR uni experience and don’t compare to anyone else.

Balance – embrace a good 6-8 hours of sleep per night, this is crucial to ensure you’re resting and working efficiently. Take breaks in the day, otherwise, you’ll frazzle your poor brain! Take the time-out to relax with friends and family and remember, make some awesome memories. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy!


Visualise your future – every time things got tough, I visualised myself getting up on stage and collecting my certificate. This visualisation inspired me more than anything and helped me through the 5am starts at my desk. I also envisioned my future, the family I want to create and the career I am longing for. Every time I cried, I brushed the tears away and reflected on my goals. Be driven by your ambitions, you can do this!

Eat and stay hydrated – I ensured my nutrition was balanced and healthy and I also ensured I was hydrated. Both of these elements helped me stay focused and energised, especially through the long days of studying.

It’s ok to be lonely – it’s ok to feel a little lonely sometimes. Only you can get your degree, so you need to work hard and prioritise study time. I concentrated much better on my own and being alone allowed me to work efficiently. However, remember, your degree will be your greatest achievement. Or one of many to come! Sometimes, we have to prioritise the important things in our life. Skipping the gym to study is totally ok, the gym will always be there, your degree won’t be. Embrace the NOW and you can embrace the gym classes later. Balance. Fun. Dedication.

I have so so so many tips and I have learnt a lot during my time at university, but I will never back down on my dedication and my burning desires still remain the same. University re-ignited the flame inside of me and it has pushed me forward in an incredible direction. University isn’t for everyone and that’s ok too. Embrace your situation and don’t waste time. Laugh, cry, love and study. You have got this and don’t worry, things will become brighter soon… I promise.

When you graduate, opportunities may come flooding your way, or it may work the reverse, you may need to take some time out and reflect on your journey before accepting new opportunities. Remember, whatever you decide to do, should be your own decision and should be for your own happiness. When the time is right, things will fall into place and the pieces of the puzzle will come together to create a beautiful picture.

Studying for a degree is mentally and physically challenging, so once you have finished, you can relax and unwind and decide the next stage of your journey. Please, don’t apply any pressure. Yes, things are overwhelming and life can be really rubbish, but it’s how you deal with it, that matters.

Upset and loneliness is normal when you finish university, when we have been so dedicated for a long period of time it can be very taxing and then when that is removed, our body relaxes and doesn’t know how to respond. Embrace your emotions, learn something new, re-energise, relax and connect with yourself. It’s the beginning of something very exciting!

Have you got any tips? Share them below to help others! Or are you starting university soon? What course will you be studying? I would love to know!

I hope you loved this blog post! ALSO, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT SATURDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED! 

Jessica, x

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