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10 Packing Tips & Essentials

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Bask in the sun at Kaliyoga – Spain

Hey everyone! This week, I am talking about all things travel and exploring the globe. Have you ever arrived at a destination and wished you had packed something extra? Have you ever lost your baggage and been lost without the essentials? Yes, I am sure most of us have been in the same situation. The one thing you will learn when you travel around is how to pack efficiently according to your destination.

The list of travel essentials can be extensive and I could do a whole document on this topic. However, in this blog post, I have only included some of my top essentials when travelling. Whether I am travelling to Spain or Singapore, I always pack these items. I have also included some general tips too! If you have any tips; leave them below! 

Sweet smelling blossom and tropical palm trees, the best combination at Kaliyoga in Spain.

In February, I jetted off to Andalusia with Kaliyoga Retreats and I had an overwhelming experience. The retreat detoxed me mentally and physically and I returned to the UK feeling lighter both physically and mentally. This retreat was situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The region has picturesque and colourful valleys, shops, villages, forests, vineyards, waterfalls and rivers; & much more! This place is injected with pure charm and authenticity, it isn’t populated by tourists and it’s the perfect location for a mid-year getaway. Absolute P A R A D I S E.

The weather in Spain towards the end of February is a little chilly. Throughout the day, the sun would shine and there would be a cold breeze. As soon as the evening approached, the layers were needed! Prior to this trip, I was given an itinerary, which was extremely helpful (thanks, guys!). This outlined the activities for the retreat and any recommendations for packing essentials. However, this isn’t always available when you travel, so you have to think outside of the box and be wise with your travel choices. I knew I would be doing lots of yoga, hiking, eating and relaxing; so sportswear, comfortable clothing and good footwear was a must.

When I look back on images taken at Kaliyoga, I can almost hear the birds singing in the trees again. Waking up to the mountain view was rejuvenating!

Luckily, whenever I have travelled previously, I have always had access to a shop or facilities that allow me to stock up on the essentials. Despite this, I am always organised and I am always prepared for most situations. Sometimes when you travel abroad, you may not be aware of the facilities your accommodation will have and you may not always be located near a shop.

Going on family vacations when I was a little girl, always opened my eyes to the preparation prior to jetting off and I learnt a lot from my avid travelling parents. Organisation is key – writing lists and pre-packing (if you can) reduces the level of packing stress. I always begin my packing a few days before my departure. I begin by writing a list and as I think of things to pack, I add them to the list. When I am packing, I tick these items off the list.

Packing Tip & Essentials

The purest of colours, picturesque views and the beauty of nature.
  • Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in – Such as trousers, heavy boots or trainers, a jacket, blanket scarves to keep you warm on the plane and in the cooler evenings. Remember, you can layer up your travel outfit and wear x2 – 3 outfits! This will leave room in your case and you will also have more items to choose from. Also, flights are always a little cold, so keeping warm is essential for comfort.


  • Choose hand luggage wisely – Sometimes I will opt for a backpack, if I have luggage in the hold, this allows me to be handsfree. However, if I am going away for a few days, I will always choose a small suitcase if I don’t have luggage in the hold. I will choose a cabin friendly compression suitcase that is made from fabric that is waterproof and has various compartments. I choose fabric suitcases for hand luggage, as it reduces the restriction for packing and usually allows for more room. As an example, something like this is brilliant – Luggage Compression Cabin Bag.


  • Be ruthless with what you pack – Whatever clothes you doubt or think ‘I may wear that, I will pack it just in case‘ 9 times out of 10, you won’t wear it and you’ll probably spend the majority of the time in your bikini or in your favourite jumper (depending on your destination). Honestly, save the room for travel goodies! Don’t waste space.


  • Always pack a spare outfit in your hand luggage – This includes underwear too! In case of lost luggage on arrival, make sure you’re one step ahead and you’re prepped for the situation. No one wants to be stuck in their travel clothes for a few days! *not nice*.


  • Place your shoes in the corners of the suitcase – Doing this protects your items and makes the most of the room in the case. Also! Stuff your shoes with underwear and socks, make the most of the little spaces.


  • Pack a mini first aid kit – Sudocrem has to be essential in a first aid kit, you can decanter some into a 100ml bottle. Other items for the first aid kit could include, plasters for blistered feet, painkillers for you-never-know when and anti-histamines because pollen isn’t just a UK-wide problem. Diarrhoea relief tablets, insect repellent with a high level of deet and hand sanitizer are also very good too.


  • Plan outfits according to your activities – as well as creating a packing list, always ensure you are prepared for all scenarios. Will you be hiking? Will you be eating dinner out in the evening? Will you be attending the gym? Choose clothing that can be worn more than once and can be layered. As for gym wear, it can be rinsed in the sink and hung out to dry. Be realistic. If you don’t know your activities, I adore your spontaneity, but still be mindful and only pack your most loved items.


  • Wear valuables and keep your important items on you – whether that is jewellery or electricals, keep your items on you that you would feel lost without. Remember, luggage can go missing and never return, so be prepared for the worst!


  • Travel-friendly snacks – Of course, I had to include food! Any frequent traveller will be aware of the prices for onboard food; it isn’t always the greatest either. Choose the healthier snacks at the airport before boarding and be prepared. How long will you be without food when you arrive at your destination? Stock up!! 


  • A lightweight, foldable tote bag has many uses – as a day bag for sightseeing, to carry towels and books to the beach and pool or as a laundry bag.

I hope these tips have come in handy and they have inspired your next packing day. Packing can be exciting but it can also be very laborious, so make it an organised experience by being mindful and realistic. Also, having a book to read and other items to keep you occupied is always a good choice!

I would like to thank Kaliyoga for offering me the opportunity to explore their Spanish retreat – they helped me unwind, relax and re-charge. This retreat changed my life. Taking time out to unwind, switch-off and re-think your goals is essential. Not only is travelling important for broadening the mind, but it also broadens the horizons on your agenda. Who knows where you’ll travel to next. Don’t limit your goals and your ambitions, just go with the flow.

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What are your packing essentials?

I think you should definitely pick your next holiday destination today!

Jessica, x

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