Blessed ‘Blondies’ With Added Protein

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Happy weekend everyone! This week I am bringing some yumminess to your screens, ready in time for the new week ahead. Why don’t you prep a batch of ‘Blondies’ ready for work on Monday? They’re packed full of protein and fibre meaning they will provide you with lots of energy! Also! These ‘Blondies’ would be an awesome pre-workout snack; they’re light on the stomach and taste super yummy with a touch of added sugar.

The name of these ‘Blondies’ came from my love of gratitude. Every day I say a small gratitude list in my mind and I thank the universe for my blessings. As you may know, I try to link my recipe names to meanings that resonate with me. However, after a few difficult months, gratitude lists have really levelled out my anxiety and have allowed me to feel more grounded; even in the depths of my depression. Gratitude lists allow me to unwind, zone-out and notice what’s important. We have many blessings around us and sometimes we can become suffocated by reality and forget about what’s important.

Our own body is a blessing and it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Food is a blessing also, and the ability to learn new skills is absolutely amazing! Sometimes when we feel so low and so far away from happiness, we can forget that happiness is from within and it can be sourced at our fingertips. So, when you start baking, remember one thing – you are strong, you are totally capable and why not have a think about what you’re grateful for whilst these ‘Blondies’ bake in the oven.


“Pale, golden chickpeas sometimes called garbanzo beans are an excellent low-cost source of protein, and they are rich in fibre, protective plant chemicals and vitamin E” – The Superfood Bible.

The main ingredient within these ‘Blondies’ is chickpeas. YES! Chickpeas. Not only do these little guys add an incredible texture, they have some amazing health benefits too. Chickpeas are high in potassium which helps balance the fluids in the body and protect against fluid retention as well as preventing constipation. As if chickpeas couldn’t be brilliant enough, they’re also an awesome and delicious source of protein for vegetarians and vegans and they are also rich in magnesium; which helps to relax the arteries.

Chickpeas can be bought in their dried form. However, chickpeas which are purchased like this need to be soaked for several hours and then boiled for at least 1 1/2 hours. But, for this recipe, I have used tinned chickpeas, they’re still packed full of the important nutrients but they require a good rinsing before using. Not only are these little gems good for baking, they’re awesome for stews, soups and casseroles! Oh, & of course, they’re often blended and eaten in the style of hummus a Middle-Eastern dip which is my favourite.



In previous posts, I have explained my love for the Whey Box protein after experimenting so much with the formula. Not only is it delicious; it’s packed full creaminess and adds the perfect amount of flavour to sweet dishes. To add extra protein to these ‘Blondies’ I have used a sachet of the stunning toffee Whey Box protein.

Honestly, this protein tastes just like sticky toffee pudding in powdered form! I know, it’s a true blessing… Although I have used it in this recipe, it’s also delicious mixed with almond milk as a milkshake, stirred into oats, or stirred into Greek yoghurt for a creamy dessert.

As I have previously said:

“I have tried many protein supplement brands before and I have only ever really liked Whey Box. This is because it doesn’t give me digestive discomfort and the consistency is really delicious. Whey Box protein is Gluten free, GMO-free and Vegetarian. The milk is sourced from grass-fed cows; meaning, no additional ingredients that we are unaware of” – High Protein Caramelised Banana Flapjacks.

Check out my full review of the protein here: There Is Only One Whey To Be – The Whey Box Whey Review and Discount Code!

The Recipe

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 16.57.07.png

You could substitute the chocolate chips for raisins, chopped nuts or even caramel chunks. Get creative and don’t forget, the more you experiment, the more delicious the final outcome may be! These ‘Blondies’ taste awesome cold or at room temperature. They will last in the fridge for up to 4 days… However, mine never last that long and I end up eating them in one sitting; whoops. Gooey, indulgent and totally delicious!

I hope you liked this week’s blog post! Of course, baking is one of my favourite hobbies and it really helps me unwind. Get yourself in the kitchen, experiment and don’t be afraid to try something different.

Want to grab some protein sachets for yourself? Check out the links below.

Whey Box Stockists 

Whey Box Website

Holland and Barrett

Asda and Tesco too!

Get creative! Enjoy some protein yumminess and please tag me in your creations – @positivelyjessicaward on Instagram and @positivelyjess on Twitter!

What are your blessings?

Jessica, x

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