11 Fitness Focused Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Hello everyone, I am back again with another blog post and this time I am talking all things fitness and moving your body. I don’t usually talk about my fitness routine or share much of my fitness hacks, however, fitness is a huge part of my life and it has transformed the way I view my body; both mentally and physically. Fitness has made me feel empowered, energised and happy. Fitness helps me de-stress, it has allowed me to meet some incredible people and it has strengthened my body in more ways than one. Since adopting a healthy lifestyle, my life has transformed for the better and I would never look back. When you begin to exercise and move your body, you’ll say ‘why did I never start this sooner?!’ Honestly, take my word for it.

Fitness can be daunting for many people who are new to it and it can almost seem impossible to some. You may have seen videos on Facebook or Instagram of people bending their body in many ways during yoga or lifting heavy weights and physically pushing their bodies to the limit. Remember, that has been a gradual process over years of consistency and we all have to start somewhere.

Never compare your journey to someone else’s, fitness or personal journeys. We are all exploring in new ways and what works for other people, may not work for you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, moving your body even a little bit is better than not at all. Please don’t be intimidated by other people, they once felt just like you and have been in your situation too.

Before I began fitness, I was so scared and now I wonder why. There is nothing to be scared of. Fitness is a positive activity and it will only enhance your life. Of course, this is all achieved if you enjoy the activity you are doing. Fitness and moving your body has to be enjoyable to ensure it is easily maintained. Consistency is key to progression and improvement! Whether you like walking your dog every day or lifting weights, do what works for you and E N J O Y yourself.

Move, Eat, Love, Repeat

It’s A Lifestyle: Moving your body and eating well should be a lifestyle change, it isn’t a fad diet or a short fix. I have restricted my food, overtrained, tried several diets and hurt my body in the process. It is not worth it and no fad diet will allow you to achieve long-term results. Getting fit and healthy is about nourishing your body from the inside and the outside and achieving lasting results that make you feel awesome. No restriction, no weight loss shakes or fat burners and no salad leaf diets. Once this becomes a part of your everyday routine, you won’t even question it and it will become crucial in allowing you to feel focused and driven towards your other goals.

Eat Better, Not Less: Ok, let’s talk NO restriction. Nourishing your body does not mean restricting your food intake and feeling starving, low on energy and irritable. Eating well means eating a wealth of nutrients and fuelling your body with goodness, as well as enjoying some soul food. Skipping breakfast and drinking a dieting shake is not maintainable and it does not fuel your body with the adequate nutrients. Think smart.

Remove the temptation: Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, Nutella… The list goes on. When you live with other people or receive food-related gifts from friends, we always feel tempted to grab the nearest biscuit before thinking about our choice and questioning ‘will this provide my body with lasting energy?’. If your cravings are bad, then clearing the cupboards of temptation is always a good option. Fill your fruit bowl with your favourite fruits, get some yummy snacks in and keep stocked up on goodness. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is awesome! & it can certainly be enjoyed in moderation. But if you have no self-control, limit the temptation. If it’s not there, you won’t eat it! Toasted Gingerbread Crunch – Cinnamon Spice Almonds / Chocoholic Fix The Healthy Way – The Chocolate That Has Changed My Evening Snack Choices

Move Your Body: Eating well is great and it will make a huge impact, however, accompanying this with exercise will be the best combination of elements. Small and simple changes make a huge difference and walking is totally underrated. Walk to work, get off one stop earlier, walk your dog every day, take the stairs instead of the lift or walk between meetings. Or, do something completely different – book a fitness class with your friend, book a personal trainer or even… Join a running group or swimming group. The lists are totally endless.

Don’t Compare: What I have learnt over time is that comparing myself to someone else won’t improve my body or my mindset, it will, in fact, sabotage my outlook and release negative emotions. Remember, this lifestyle is a positive change. Everyone is totally different and our bodies all work in different ways, what works for someone else, might not work for you. You must experiment, have fun, and find what works best for you. Social media can make us inflict pain upon ourselves through comparison, so use it for motivation and inspiration and if it inflicts comparison, unfollow certain individuals and admire someone else’s journey without comparing to your own.

Never Deprive: Yep, that’s right, chocolate isn’t off-limits and pizza with your friends is totally a must! I eat well the majority of the time and I eat the foods I adore. I go out for meals, I bake with my friends and I eat chocolate. I am in tune with what makes my body feel good and I eat the foods that fuel my activities. It means I’m never depriving myself. If you deprive yourself, you will binge and then you’ll feel worse. Life really is not about depriving ourselves, it’s about enjoying ourselves. Eat your nutrients and fuel your workouts with the best foods; eat a variety of colours (veggies!) and keep hydrated. Honestly, when you build a strong relationship with food you’ll enjoy it 10x more and you’ll appreciate every ounce of it. You’ll fuel your hard work in the gym and you’ll start to see results. It takes time and lots of experimenting. But remember, we are in this for the long shot, not just a few weeks.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up: You ate a burger last night? Ok, and….. That doesn’t mean your hard work in the gym has gone to waste. However, analyse how that burger made you feel and realise that it’s good to indulge sometimes. Putting on weight and losing weight takes time and it’s all part of the process of self-discovery. If you have had a rubbish week, that’s ok, accept the ‘now‘, move on… Eat some delicious food, move your body in a way you can and ease a little slack. A new day is just around the corner, so you’ll be ok. Life can take over, we can indulge a little more than usual and we can become exhausted. These are the times you should listen to your body and be in tune with your feelings.

Find What Works For You: This is so important, finding what makes you feel motivated and what makes you feel awesome. This may take some time, but remember, this is all part of the learning experience. I adore weightlifting, boxing, yoga and running but some days, I don’t always want to do them so I will listen to my body and move my body in a way I feel motivated to. Try different things and try to step out of your comfort zone, is it swimming, walking outdoors, running around your city, classes, spin, or watching YouTube videos that get you motivated and moving? Weightlifting was always something I found scary, as soon as I got a personal trainer and did it with a friend, I loved it and now I approach the weights room alone. It all takes time.

Set Goals: When my motivation dips slightly, I always work on my goals and my purpose. ‘When you feel like quitting, remember why you started’. Whether it’s getting a diary and ticking it every day you go to the gym, finding a work out buddy who pushes you every single day or working on your push up or pull up technique, remember, health goals should be key and the aesthetic goals will come afterwards. Your weight does not define your health, it’s how you feel (in my opinion).

Wear The Correct Outfit: Treat yourself! Get yourself some new leggings and some new gym kit, I guarantee this will make you feel more motivated and you’ll feel more comfortable. Buy clothing that makes YOU feel awesome and that doesn’t always have to be the most expensive kit. Wearing the correct trainers to prevent injury is always a good option too. Be wise and wear the kit you adore and the kit that supports your exercise.

Mind Over Matter: Schedule your workout like you would anything else. Remember, you never regret a workout, get those positive feelings running through your body and give your body some energy. Yes, working out actually gives me more energy for the day and it prevents me from feeling lethargic. Every time I leave the gym I feel invigorated, excited and totally thankful for my body. Endorphins are unbeatable!!! It’s getting to the gym some days that can be challenging. Don’t give in. Get up. Get out and GET THAT WORKOUT DONE. 

I hope you liked this week’s blog post. Sometimes, when the weather is slightly cooler here in Blackpool, my motivation levels can definitely fall and I can become overwhelmed by my work and my routine. Prioritising healthy eating and fitness, are two things that have contributed to my self-love and they have really helped me become stronger, both mentally and physically. Whenever I have felt depressed, lonely or isolated I have always gravitated towards fitness and healthy eating and it’s always made a dramatic impact on my life and it’s always helped me pull through the other side.

We underestimate the power of a good diet and moving our body. Not only is this important for our overall health, it can improve our mental health too and I am the living proof of this. Amazing things always take time, don’t do the shortcut way and always stand true to yourself. Would you really let someone else abuse your body if it was in your control? Why abuse yourself then? Food and exercise can provide inner healing and it should be appreciated. Be kind to yourself always.

What are your fitness tips? Leave them below, I would love to know!

I hope this post has provided some inspiration and motivation!

The leggings which I am wearing in this post are heavenly, all links are under the images.  The location for these images was from a recent trip to Spain, a full KaliYoga Retreat review is coming very soon!

Jessica, x

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