Singapore Adventures – Haji Lane

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Happy Thursday everyone! Let’s step back in time to my holiday in Singapore and let us explore colour, creativity and street art like never seen before. Singapore has an eclectic mix of neighbourhoods and there is something for everyone. Singapore has the higher end shopping districts or the quirky and hip hidden gems; whichever you prefer, you will be impressed. If you love vibrant imagery, you’ll love this blog post! I have kept things short and sweet. Let the images do the talking.

Before I visited Singapore I did some research on the best places to visit. Although the tourists love Haji Lane, it is still very unique and can be easily missed if you’re in a cab.

I wouldn’t recommend Haji Lane for brunch… However, their choice for lunch is endless and they offer some delicious sweet treats – freshly baked oatmeal cookies, lots of gelato ice cream and the smell of freshly ground coffee lingers in the warm air.

Top tip: I would get there for when the shops open. You will miss the midday crowds and you will be able to take lots of images before the tourists find their way in. Always research the opening times of your favourite places, you don’t want to arrive too early.









Think indie, quaint and avant-garde and the destination: Haji Lane will INSTANTLY spring to mind. This stunning narrow lane has the best reputation on all of the blogging and photography websites. Haji Lane is in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood of Singapore. In recent years, the vibrant Haji Lane has gained its reputation for its eclectic mix of independent fashion boutiques, Middle Eastern eateries, and the coolest nightlife.

Haji Lane is all about the experience. Some shops are slightly expensive, however, Haji Lane is the perfect place for images and a lunch pit-stop. Even if you leave without buying anything, I know you’ll feel satisfied anyway. For me, Haji Lane filled me with creativity, inspiration and it really brightened my mood. I love people watching, I love capturing the picturesque sights on my camera and I love the window shopping, this was enough for me and I had a wonderful time!

Every Instagram picture you capture here will be impressive! 








As you enter the decorated lane you will feel like you are entering a whole new world. From the Peranakan architecture, to the smell of freshly baked goods, the beauty of the lane is beaming with creativity, colour and old charm. Each store along the lane offers something different and unique. Each store is a whole new shopping experience and boasts the authentic Singaporean vibe. You don’t have to be cool to shop here, but you have to be eager to explore the neon colours that surround!

In this hipster enclave, you will realise the small community of workers who have created this gorgeous shopping and dining lane. As you enter each store the shop owners call cheerful greetings when you enter, not only is this lovely but it also highlights the personality of the shop owner and encourages you to explore. Oh! Don’t forget, you may come across the odd cat sleeping on the street and they are extremely photogenic!












I have visited Haji Lane many times and each time I have a different experience. Be sure to enter each store and embrace each experience. Don’t browse the shops at Haji Lane with conventional expectations, be open-minded and I am sure you will discover some true hidden gems!

Top tip: Instagram is a great research tool if you’re short on time! For a true Instagram perspective search within the location or hashtag section of Instagram: Haji Lane, Singapore, Singapore brunch (as examples) and you’ll be spoilt for choice! Not only does this provide you with an insider view of the destinations but it also highlights the best places that bloggers and writers adore.

I also went to my local library and had a browse through the travel books. Of course, the Lonely Planet Singapore exploring book is wonderful, but sometimes, you may discover more topic orientated reading if you browse the shelves in a library: food in Singapore, culture in Singapore etc.

Be prepared, hunt down the places you want to see and compile a little itinerary. The people in Singapore are extremely friendly and approachable so you’ll never have to walk far for some travel advice. Remember, the locals know the best places, so get talking and don’t be shy.

The websites that helped me explore Singapore online

(if you have any good websites or blogs, please leave them below!)

Visit Singapore

Time Out Singapore

Business Insider

Lonely Planet

I hope you liked this week’s blog post! I am a lover of sharing my travel images and I love sharing my travel adventures with you. I hope you feel inspired and I hope you have placed Singapore firmly on your travel bucket-list. It isn’t to be missed!

Happy Thursday everyone. The weekend is soon approaching (yaaaaay!) Enjoy!

Jessica, x

3 thoughts on “Singapore Adventures – Haji Lane

  1. Healthy and Psyched says:

    A photo of Haji lane popped up on my facebook memories thing yesterday. It’s been 5 years since I moved to live in Singapore (for 8 months!). I really love your photos – I wasn’t into photography when I lived there so I only have 1-2 touristy shots.

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