Chocolate Caramel Squares with Added Protein

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Happy Saturday everyone! I am back with another indulgent recipe. Rich, decadent and extremely comforting, these brownies are gooey and soft and are packed full of subtle sweetness. They make an awesome mid-afternoon pick-me-up or they also make a delicious dessert, for when the sweet cravings creep upon you in the evening.

I love these chocolate squares both warm and cold. I added chocolate chips for crunch and for added chocolate goodness. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’ll absolutely adore these. These chocolate squares can enjoyed on their own or eaten with yoghurt, ice cream or crumbled over your morning porridge.

Don’t forget, the chocolate chips and the caramel sauce is completely optional. You could swap the chocolate chips for chopped nuts, swirls of peanut butter or even raisins. Get creative, alter the recipe for your taste and have fun. Baking healthy treats isn’t stressful. It’s all a learning experience! So don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen.

These chocolate squares will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days… That’s if they last that long. They’re rather addictive! 

These chocolate squares are still high in sugar but I have tried my hardest to reduce the refined sugar content. They’re still an indulgent snack, but eaten in moderation they’re completely enjoyable. I have made some simple swaps – refined white sugar for coconut sugar, cocoa powder for raw cacao powder and refined sugar peanut butter for Meridian peanut butter; limited ingredients, 100% natural and absolutely delicious.

Did you know, raw cacao powder is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, fibre and minerals. Chocolate can contain a high level of caffeine, so just be careful and enjoy within moderation. In its purest form, it can be a wonderful source of energy and adds wonderful flavour to sweet recipes.


For added protein, I used a sachet of the Whey Box chocolate protein powder. This protein powder is delicious in porridge oats, stirred into yoghurt or used in a smoothie alongside frozen banana, ice, almond milk and berries. The chocolate protein powder from Whey Box is my favourite; it’s subtly sweet and adds extra creaminess to every dish!

I know this is a good quality chocolate protein powder because it is well-balanced in flavour and it honestly tastes just like melted chocolate, it’s heavenly… As you will have seen from my previous posts, I am a huge lover of the Whey Box protein – check out my review here: There Is Only One Whey To Be – The Whey Box Whey Review and Discount Code!

Caramelised chocolate, chocolate richness and balanced in sweetness. Yeah, these chocolate squares are rather special and I was extremely happy with the outcome! Check out the recipe below for more information…

Ingredients and Method



Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.08.51.png

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your baking. If you hold down on the image or click on the right key, you can save the recipe images and print them off. I think this is incredibly useful if you want to re-create the recipe more than once!

If you do re-create these chocolate squares, please tag me in your creations! I would love to see. @positivelyjessicaward – on Instagram! and @positivelyjess on Twitter.

Jessica, x

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