Christmas Gift Guide – Foodies, Book Worms, Entertainers and Interior Design Lovers

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Oh, my goodness, where has the year gone?! I can’t believe Christmas is soon approaching and the present ideas are flooding our minds. If you’re like me, you’re a lover of Christmas and you adore embracing the festivities of this time of the year. The thought of Christmas soon being over brings sadness. So, you grab Christmas with both hands and make the most of every moment.

Ever since I have been a little girl, Christmas has always been very magical in my house. My mum decorates the house like Santa’s magical grotto, she bakes seasonal treats and she burns beautiful scented candles that smell of cinnamon and cranberries. Honestly, Christmas is my happy time and it helps me unwind ready for the new year. I am very grateful to have a wonderful family and I adore spending Christmas with my close ones.

I spend all year thinking of gifts and the excitement fills my bones. I want to make Christmas special for everyone and I love giving gifts! I am creative, I am personal, and I am thoughtful. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to experiment and be kind. Remember, not everyone has a joyful Christmas. So being kind can be a subtle gift and can most definitely improve someone’s day.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on people. Homemade gifts are beautiful and finding bits and bobs from around the house and re-homing them can be a wonderful gift too; gifts that tell a story are always special. If you don’t like to make things, I have also included some shop bought presents too. I am on a budget this year, so I am being as creative as I can with my resources.

Also!!! Decorating your presents can make them look beautiful. Add personalised touches like leftover Christmas decorations, photos and quotes for added love and creativity. The gift that continues to give. You can re-use newspaper to recycle and keep things budget friendly, wrap your presents in the newspaper and then decorate with bows, ribbons and string – use pieces you find around the house. Has someone bought you a gift? Re-use the wrapping and accessories for your own presents.

For this gift guide, I have considered the foodies, the entertainers, the interior design chicks that channel good vibes and the fitness lovers. I have hand selected these Christmas gifts because I adore them!

For The Fitness Lover – Protein Powder 


For the avid fitness lover, protein powder is always a good option! The subscription boxes from Whey Box can be a monthly subscription or you can order an individual one-off box. You can customise the box for your friends desired flavour or you can receive their whole collection. What I love about their protein is that it doesn’t cause my stomach to cramp, it doesn’t spike a sugar rush and the flavours don’t taste artificial and processed.

Whey Box protein is Gluten free, GMO-free and Vegetarian. The milk is sourced from grass-fed cows; meaning, no additional ingredients that we are unaware of.

Alongside this, you could attach one of my protein recipes with the protein sachets! This is a wonderful source of baking inspiration and also adds a thoughtful touch to the gift. Browse my protein recipes here: Pimp Your Porridge – My Favourite Porridge Toppings – High Protein Caramelised Banana Flapjacks – Protein Powered Rocky Road – Sweet Omelette Recipe – In Collaboration with Whey Box – Courageous Crumble – The Whey Box and Rolla Granola Crumble Recipe.

For A True Evening of Fun


The image is taken from the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

For a true surprise, why don’t you get tickets to your friends/family members favourite show! Not only is this really exciting, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Memories are made and a whole evening can be created out of this present.

Blackpool Grand Theatre is one of the few remaining theatres of great architectural character, designed by Frank Matcham. It has an amazing 4-level auditorium with 1,100 seats! The Blackpool Grand Theatre offers an eclectic mix of shows from ballet, quality drama, comedy to dance and much more. They offer a little bit of something for the whole family.

The shows that make me very excited!

Cinderella – JJ Hamblett (Union J) who will star as Prince Charming, Melanie Walters (Gavin and Stacey) as Fairy Godmother, Olivia Birchenough (Channel 5’s Milkshake) as the beautiful Cinderella and Jamie Morris and Tarot Joseph returning as the Ugly Sisters as well as Steve Royle (BBC Radio Lancashire).

The Nutcracker performed by The Russian State Ballet of Siberia.

The smash hit Broadway and West End Musical – Legally Blonde

For more shows: Click here

For The Tea Drinker


If you’re anything like me, you adore drinking tea all year round, but in the winter tea makes everything that little more comforting. Tea makes me realise that everything is ok, it settles my stomach and it sends me off to sleep in the evening. Tea can also be refreshing, re-energising mid-afternoon and a good sweet tooth controller.

A wonderful gift would be some selected tea bags with a hand-selected cup or mug. Not only is this a wonderful gift for your tea drinking friend, but it could also be a subtle reminder to a friend that they need to take the time-out and relax. Anyone who is buying me a gift this year, tea is also a good option! *HINT HINT*.

My favourite tea brand is We Are Tea they source and hand-pick the finest tea leaves and never grind them down. This makes their tea powerful in flavour and you can most definitely re-use their teabags more than once! “Our “orthodox”, whole leaf approach retains essential oils. Loose leaves absorb water expanding as they infuse, allowing the water to flow through fully extracting vital vitamins, minerals and flavours. This results in a richer flavour”.

My favourite from the collection is their classic Peppermint Leaf Tea Infusion and their Sencha Green Tea. The Peppermint blend is a wonderful companion after dinner and before bed, it’s caffeine free and adds subtle comfort to your digestive system. The Sencha Green Tea blend is an awesome mid-morning pick-me-up, it’s packed full of subtle earthy flavour and is high in antioxidants and cleansing powers – “this green leaf from the Anhui Province of Eastern China is a must for every kitchen cupboard”.

“Our Ethical Tea Partnership makes us who we are. Facilitating strategic sustainability projects, rigorous health and safety standards and increasing farmer’s resilience to climate change.

We use 100% biodegradable cornstarch whole-leaf teabags. Additionally, we supply our B2B customers with compostable takeaway cups from London Bio Packaging. Our tea is also totally free of genetically modified (GM) organisms”.

For The Avid Chef – Customisable Tableware


From chopping boards to spoons and saucers, everything can truly be customised these days and this definitely jazz’s up ordinary kitchenware and makes it 100% personalised and special. No fighting over the cutlery or the best mixing bowl, you can now have your favourite quote, your blog name or your initials engraved or printed on your desired kitchen appliance.

This makes me very happy and adds a wonderful touch to food blog imagery! Instagrammers out there, this is the new trend for all of your wonderful recipes. I have browsed many websites, however, Not On The High Street  has some wonderful gift ideas! This is another present I have definitely popped on my list this year.

For The Interior Designer and Girl Boss


Let’s talk interior design and positivity. If you follow me on Instagram (@positivelyjessicaward), you will be aware that I love surrounding my space with positive items that inspire me and motivate me to work hard and produce content I am proud of. Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that we are strong, dedicated and we are totally capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to.

Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed and stressed out with work so a little reminder to keep pushing is always a lovely gesture. To radiate some positive vibes at your work desk I have found some gorgeous artwork that is affordable, it’s a locally created in Lancashire and it’s unique and certainly empowering. These are two of my favourite prints below from the wonderful Self Love Club.

For The Book Worm


If you’re anything like me, you’ll love diving head first into a good book and submerging yourself in the adventures hidden between the pages. However, sometimes a good light-hearted read is always good for the morning work commute or between breaks at work. I have found some wonderful little books which are affordable and they definitely radiate the good vibes I adore. They will cheer your friends up and they will provide your friends with some light-hearted tips to stay positive and fulfilled throughout 2018.

And Breathe – Rebecca Dennis

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz 

Modern Mindfulness – Rohan Gunatillake

I hope you liked this mini gift guide! I put it together quickly to provide some inspiration around this time of year. Life is certainly hectic for many of us in December so it’s always nice to have some inspiration at the ready to fuel your Christmas purchases.

I hope you manage to purchase your favourite pics and you have the most wonderful Christmas filled with hope, love and laughter.

I chose these items because I have loved them throughout the month of November!

Happy December everyone!

Jessica, x




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