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Positively Pesto Chicken and Sundried Tomato – Comfort Food

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Happy Monday everyone! I am back with another blog post and this time I am bringing you a savoury recipe. A recipe that can be customised to include your favourite ingredients and a recipe that creates a delicious meal that works for lunch and dinner. This recipe can also be a source of meal prep for the next few days – double up the mixture, or if you’re cooking for 1 – use the leftovers and store them in the fridge. This recipe was created for 4 people; everyone in the family was delighted with the outcome! And it went down very well.

The key ingredient in this recipe features a wonderful pesto mix from Saclà Italia, this pesto truly infuses this dish with Italian authenticity. Think of bathing in the sunshine in Italy, breathing in the warm air and smelling the sweet aroma of cherry tomatoes. Honestly, this pesto has been created through passion, creativity and through true Italian love. As we are aware, the Italians take huge pride in their food and they are very produce-driven.

The Italians love using the goods from the land and they are very passionate about creating comfort food for the family. Italians are food orientated and family orientated; the perfect combination! Just like the brand Saclà Italia. No one will argue with the fact that food in Italy is out of this world. Well-made, rich in taste and flavour and guaranteed to leave you feeling 100% satisfied. Italian cuisine is truly wonderful.

Saclà Italia is an Italian pesto and pasta sauce brand. Saclà was founded by Secondo and his wife Piera in Asti, Piedmont in North-West Italy in 1939. Saclà still has its authentic edge and is still run by the founding family. What I love about this brand is that all of their products are created in Italy and are based on traditional recipes, using the freshest ingredients to maximise flavour and maintaining the freshness of the overall product.

They don’t just offer pesto sauces, they also offer antipasti, cook’s pastes, a free from selection and much more! After being a huge fan of their original No. 1 Classic Basil Pesto, I couldn’t wait to try more of the range.

Also, their pesto comes in lots of different flavours! In 2011, this range was voted the UK’s favourite ready-made sauce by Good Housekeeping readers (an awesome achievement and definitely represents the popularity of this deliciousness). The pesto range alone features 8 pesto recipes and two organic choices. Oh, let’s not forget! They come in the most adorable little glass jars; these can be recycled and used for storing nuts, seeds, pasta or also make an awesome desk organiser.

“We Italians love tomatoes so much that we affectionately call them ‘red gold’. The juicy ones that we pound into this rich sauce have been dried for around seven days under the warm Italian sun to intensify their flavour, before being blended with fragrant Italian basil, Grana Padano cheese and pine nuts” – Saclà.


One of the ingredients in this recipe is the Saclà No. 2 Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto  

No added: MSG, GMO, Preservatives, Wheat and Gluten.

This pesto is available in supermarkets! – However, if you aren’t a fan of pesto, simply leave it out and substitute it for a pasta sauce or extra tinned tomatoes.

Without the key ingredient, you will miss out on the true sweetness and goodness. This pesto transforms any dish! Warming tomatoes, juicy peppers and succulent chicken, forget your Saturday night takeaway, this is the perfect comfort food.


Ok, let’s get to the good part!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 19.36.47.png

I hope you liked this week’s blog post! I love getting creative in the kitchen and I love eating the outcome too 😉 – don’t be frightened to try something new!

Experiment, use your favourite flavours and get your family involved. Nourish your body with the nutrients and make your dishes delicious. Eating healthy isn’t boring, it isn’t time-consuming and it doesn’t have to lack flavour.

Check out my Recipe page for more information.

Jessica, x

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