Self-Care Tool Kit Seeing a Theatre Show

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The image was taken in Ibiza.

Don’t Let Life Suffocate You

This week, I want to talk about self-care and being in control of your schedule. Prioritising self-care just like you would with any other important errand. Self-care is crucial and it definitely doesn’t get prioritised the way it should.

What I want to begin with is outlining one thing; you should always do your best, in all aspects of your life. Your diet, your fitness regime, your relationships, your work, your gratitude towards life, your self-care, keeping clean (both yourself and your living space) and much more. Remember, doing your best will vary and doing your best won’t be the same from one moment to another. Remember, things are changing and your current situation will evolve from one week to the next.

For you to perform at your best, it will only occur when you’re feeling energised and revived. When you’re feeling a little low on energy your ‘best’ may be one degree under. In order for you to do your best, your mood must be enhanced and you must feel in a state of happiness or positivity. Your everyday moods can change and small things can impact on your overall outlook for the day. If we become more grateful, healthier and more accepting our ‘best’ will be achieved more easily and will be maintained.

Regardless of the quality of your ‘best’, always try your best and nothing more or nothing less. If we push beyond our ‘best’ we can become overworked and exhausted, which can ultimately result in a negative outcome and it can delay the process to progression (progression in all aspects of life; a weight loss goal, a promotion at work or passing an exam at school). When you overwork yourself, you deplete your body and go against your bodies love for itself and it will take longer to achieve your goal. If you do less than your best, it can lead to comparison, frustration, guilt, self-judgment and regrets. No matter what we go through, we should never have regrets. Do your best, be grateful and embrace every moment and stage of your journey.

If you do your ‘best’, you will live your life more completely and you feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment. You will become more productive and you will become closer to your dreams and your inner ambitions. Doing your ‘best’ doesn’t mean you expect a reward, you are doing it because you’re passionate about life and you’re passionate about progression.

Miguel, D. (1997) ‘The Four Agreements’.


In order for us to achieve our ‘best’, we must allow our body to relax and unwind. Over the past few months, I have realised that prioritising self-care and self-love can significantly increase my productivity levels and it has enhanced my mood, my work approach and my mind towards fitness and eating well.

I have been making some small changes each week to enhance my quality of self-care and I have been ensuring I rest, I eat well, I enjoy myself and I always do my best.

As part of my self-care series, I am going to discuss ideas and tips on how to look after yourself. Some of the tips will be simple everyday changes and some tips will be occasions that you can organise to ensure you take a monthly rest and make memories.

Anxiety and depression have controlled my life on several occasions. When I was in the depths of depression I began to realise that a key component that helped me control my anxiety and depression was occupying my mind with a positive activity. However, the activity had to be something that was fun, it had to involve me submerging myself in the experience and it had to create another positive memory. After all, memories are there to be made.

Self-care Tip No. 1 – Go and See A Theatre Show


All of the images of the show are press images. Exclusive to The Grand Theatre Blackpool.

Also, listing things you want to achieve each month is an awesome way to motivate activities; for an example: see the latest film, attend a concert, bake for your family, hold your first dinner party etc… Honestly, the more you fill your life with fun, the more you’ll feel fulfilled. Try your hardest in all elements of your life to ensure you achieve a wonderful sense of balance. Self-care is essential. Don’t neglect your love. I did and I went into a downward spiral which became uncontrollable.

The one thing I wanted to achieve in November in terms of self-care was to attend a theatre show and dance the night away to my favourite music. As soon as I saw the Thriller Live theatre show on sale, I knew I had to attend the show and grab some last-minute tickets.

I was filled with excitement to attend this musical celebration of Michael Jackson’s life and I was totally overwhelmed. The show was held at the beautiful Grand Theatre Blackpool, this hidden gem is a grade ll* listed building in the heart and soul of the Blackpool town. This towering theatre is incredibly stunning from the outside and from the inside. I was filled with a nostalgic feeling of magic when I walked up to the theatre, there is something truly special about this building and it definitely radiates a beautiful aura. Perhaps this is because of its history and its hidden talent that is waiting to be discovered inside. As the lights shone down on the theatre it truly added a touch of magic to the ornate building. The Grand Theatre Blackpool has history, character, beauty and northern charm. This is the perfect way to spend an evening in Blackpool.

Blackpool Grand Theatre is one of the few remaining theatres of great architectural character, designed by Frank Matcham. It has an amazing 4-level auditorium with 1,100 seats! The Blackpool Grand Theatre offers an eclectic mix of shows from ballet, quality drama, comedy to dance and much more. They offer a little bit of something for the whole family.

As you enter the building, you are greeted with the traditional woodwork and an array of beautiful faces greet you! (The wonderful staff). All of the staff were keen to help and shared light on some of the shows which were being held at the theatre. If you arrive early you can browse the memorabilia that is available to buy from the show and you can even grab yourself a program. I have never been one to purchase a program for any show, I usually see them as a waste of money. However, on this occasion, the program helped me understand the process of the show.

This will be said for every show, programs are an investment. They allow you to fully experience the show to its fullest potential, you also gain a souvenir and can learn about the cast and the history of the theatre show, a truly educational experience.





Images from above, are taken by me.

I arrived 15 minutes before the show and we were shown to our seats almost immediately.  As we got comfy in our seats, I admired the beauty that was around me. What I love about the Grand Theatre is that they have kept the original beauty within the theatre and enhanced it with modern stage lighting and props. Imposing in appearance, this Theatre is truly Grand. I highly recommend that you take a LOOK UP when you sit down. Admire the beautifully gilded plasterwork, the baroque ceiling and the cavorting cherubs. I was seated on the ground section, this allowed for a wonderful view! However, they also have cantilevered balconies allowing every seat a clear view of the stage.

Honestly, wherever you are seated, you are guaranteed a good view. So no bad seats are available in this theatre! The interior is consistent throughout the theatre and it lavishly enhances the long and lively history of the theatre. Without even seeing the show, I couldn’t believe the beauty of the surroundings. A true piece of architectural beauty.


After admiring the beauty of the theatre, I took some time to reflect on my experience. I also browsed through the program before the show. I felt extremely humbled to be able to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life and celebrate his true musical success. The Grand Theatre is a true place where memories are made. There is truly no better way than to combat your mental health other than surrounding yourself with positivity and creativity.

Being in control of your actions and your mindset can take some time, but as soon as you’re aware of what lifts your mood, you’ll be able to slowly recover and relax. Although the night consisted of lots of dancing and singing, it was truly relaxing and beautiful.

I will never forget the day that the King of Pop left our lives. He left a true hole in the world, however, his spirit has lived on and has continued to inspire generations. His creativity, his love, his humanitarian efforts and his musical talent has filled so many lives with love and peace and he continues to shine brightly in society and bring joy to so many ages. It was refreshing to see so many different types of people in one room, celebrating one thing; the magic of Michael Jackson and his life. I was emotional throughout the show, as it made me realise how beautiful Michael was and how he touched so many souls. I honestly don’t think anyone else has been capable of this before. I didn’t think I would get emotional, however, the experience was truly realistic and an electric take on his life and journey as a musical artist.

Michael was often seen in the press as a negative influence on many people. However, his true fans knew the real him and supported his life and his decisions. I was one of them and so were my family. I grew up listening to his music and I remember dancing to his chart hits in the living room with my brother. ‘With number one hits from the age of 11, stripped of his childhood, he went on to become the most famous person in the world’. However, he remained grateful, kind and warming. He helped hundreds of disadvantaged children and he helped many organisations by giving them the right to use his facilities at his home in Neverland Valley. Honestly, experiencing this show was extremely positive and definitely helped me feel uplifted and re-energised.
The Thriller live show includes over two hours of non-stop hit songs from Micheal’s singing career and has appeared in over 31 countries already! “It was my vision to create a show that would bring just some of the magic that is Michael Jackson to an audience of all ages and colours” Adrian Grant – Original Concept and Executive Director. The show was a mixture of his solo career and his early years with Jackson 5. The talented singers, dancers, live band, the production team and the crew have designed the most wonderful show and it was truly thrilling and magical – just like Michael himself.
“We hope this celebration will be just one small part of the Michael Jackson legacy” Adrian Grant”.
For more information on the shows at the Grand Theatre Blackpool – check out the following links below:

What should I do for my 2nd instalment of the self-care diaries? Comment below, I would love to hear your ideas.

Jessica, x

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