Singapore Foodie Adventures Part 2 – Lunch, Dinner, ​and Everything In Between

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Happy Thursday everyone! I am back with my 2nd instalment of the Singapore Foodie Adventures/Travels.

Of course, Singapore offers a variety of food and certainly ticks the boxes in many ways. In Singapore, you can dine for S$2 or S$400, their food is a true demonstration of cooking excellence, comfort and authenticity.

What I love about Singapore and Singaporeans is that they live to makan (‘eat’ in Malay) and the islands ethnic diversity is certainly expressed in the food offerings. You don’t have to travel far around Singapore to discover some of the best places to eat. Singapore’s cultural diversity has resulted in a vibrant food scene and the Singaporeans have created a true explosion of flavours across the island.

With this being my 3rd time in Singapore, my approach was a lot more relaxed this time around. I ate a lot at home (to spend time with my family) and I occasionally ate out. When I have visited Singapore before, I have gone ALL out and explored the food on a whole new level. Check out my previous posts here: Jessica Explores Singapore Part 2 – Foodie Adventures

However, this time around I wanted to document some of my new foodie finds. I haven’t even scratched the surface of Singapore in terms of food and it is an ever-growing land of culinary goodness.

Hawker Centres

Colour, spice, and all things nice.





Although, I didn’t experience a true Singapore breakfast this time around; I am familiar with their multicultural breakfasts. I have two firm favourites when it comes to Singapore breakfasts – No. 1 is Nasi Lemak – rice fragrant with coconut milk and served with ikan bilis dried anchovies, sliced omelette and cucumber. And No. 2 is Kaya Toast – kaya being a local jam made from coconut, sugar and egg. Both of these can be found at the local hawker centres – which cover Singapore!

Hawker centres are a collection of cookhouses which are usually found at food markets, in the basement of shopping centres or in the open air. This is a cheap, delicious, and authentic way to dine in Singapore.

Very close to the Singaporeans hearts is the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice; I have eaten this many times in the hawker centres and it truly is the best Singaporean comfort food (in my opinion). Chicken rice is simple: succulent and juicy chicken meat poached in stock and served with fragrant rice that has been steamed with ginger, garlic and healing chicken stock. The chicken rice is usually served with a variety of dips; chilli sauce, ginger paste or sweet black soy sauce – soy sauce is my fave! 

Top tip: from my own research, I have found that the best hawker centres to visit are the Tekka Market, Maxwell Road and Lau Pasat Festival Market.

Top tip and low-budget idea: if you are thirsty, you can ask for ice water in any restaurant. This drink is usually served free of charge to accompany your meal. Many tourists forget to ask and buy bottled water instead! Their water is perfectly safe to drink.

Have a search online, gather information books and learn more about the Singapore food scene!

Fresh Food Markets

Locally sourced goodness which is healthy and totally refreshing.






As I have said, Singapore is a true explosion of colour. What I love the most about exploring Singapore is submerging myself in the culture that surrounds. Although Singapore is very manmade, sometimes it is nice to discover elements of the city that are orientated around tradition and authentic living. Little India was a true flavour experience.

From a health perspective, I always like to source fresh ingredients where I can and stay healthy on holiday. Not only are the fresh markets an awesome way to sample local produce but it can be a cheaper way of eating and snacking on-the-go. Usually, fresh markets are dotted around Singapore. If not, local shops sell fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and much more.


Dining out

Bar Bar Black Sheep – Multi-ethnic deliciousness



A 10-minute walk from my location was Bar Bar Black Sheep. This bar offers Thai, Western and North Indian cuisines in a casual and relaxed setting overlooking the Robertson Quay. This is the perfect location for families and big groups of friends. Not only will the menu please everyone in the group but the food is extremely affordable.

With over 150 food items on the menu it can make the choice particularly challenging, so on this particular evening, I opted for North Indian food. The Northern Indian menu alone features 60 dishes. Besides the classic Indian dishes – Chicken Tandoori, Fish Tikka, Butter Chicken, Naan, and Briyani, there is also an impressive selection of vegetarian dishes! My favourite dish was the creamy lentil dahl – packed full of flavour and richness. The naan bread is also something to brag about; freshly made, fluffy and the perfect utensil for scooping up the remaining juices!

From the curries to the sauces, everything from the kitchens is made fresh daily, this is what stood out to me. I have experienced fresh comfort food at it’s finest. Even in the humid climate of Singapore I still crave a little taste of comfort.

For these dishes in particular – Rating: 7.5/10 

Aloha Poké – The perfect brunch and snack spot

Taste the freshness of Hawaii in Singapore.



This bright and colourful dining outlet specialises in poké bowls. Bowls full of colour, flavour and Hawaiian goodness. Poké (pronounced “poh-kay”) is a Hawaiian surfer staple. Traditional poké comprises of seasoned ahi (tuna) tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and then served with rice, mixed salad, mango and other added extras.

The tuna is wonderful on its own, however, for a more wholesome meal – salad and rice are also a good combination. At Aloha I noticed their poké is always prepared fresh with generous amounts of tuna or salmon which are lightly marinated in their top-secret sauces. This can then be topped with a wide selection of add-ons and superfoods

These little bowls of yumminess are perfect for on-the-go and they are reasonably priced too! I chose the originally flavoured salmon with a base of salad and no rice. I added extra avocado, cucumber and edamame – it was amazing! The salmon was served beautifully alongside cubes of mango and green leaves. The perfect light meal for a mid-afternoon re-energise. Check out their website to see their locations around Singapore! This place is not to be missed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Juice Clinic



Let’s take a side step to Haji Lane and see what I discovered here. This hip and indie area of Singapore not only offers the best selection of shops but it also offers some beautiful artwork and awesome food choices. However, the prices are a little more expensive here.

However, on this occasion, I came across the impressive Juice Clinic – you can’t miss this place whilst browsing down the rainbow lane! The Juice Clinic is decorated in neon ink and graffiti, it’s rather impressive! I had a browse of their menu and I was hooked from pg. 1.

I chose the delicious chicken kebab which was served with rice and vermicelli noodles and a side of fresh salsa. This was a light lunch option for the heat and humidity in Singapore.

Rating: 8/10

Strangers Reunion 


As you will have seen from my previous food post –  Singapore Foodie Travels Part 1 – 2017 – I also stopped by Strangers Reunion for brunch and sampled their delicious smoothie bowl, one of THE best I have ever had.


After an evening of meditation, I headed here for an evening snack. I chose the duck salad complete with roasted sweet potato and beetroot. Vibrant in colour, texture and flavour. They really have ticked every box.

Rating: 9/10 – it was missing more salad! I am a lover of a big portion… Especially when the price point is higher.



“To us, food is passion; food is love.” – Cedele founder Singapore, Ms Yeap Cheng Guat

Eat Well, Be Well with Cedele. I dined at the wonderful Sentosa location and was shocked by their array of delicious healthy options. The perfect way to stay on-track whilst dining out. I chose a variety of options from the salad bar and I was so overwhelmed by how delicious this salad was. Even without a dressing, this salad was bursting with flavour and freshness. I couldn’t have selected a better place for lunch on this hot and humid day.

Their menu offers a HUGE variety of dishes! So check out their website for more information: Cedele

They handcraft honest, wholesome food with bold & authentic flavours. Cedele designs real food for its customers: food that nourishes the body and satisfies the soul – the perfect combination. They select the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure each dish is served to perfection. No artificial ingredients and all 100% natural.

Absolutely delicious! – rating: 9.5/10

Lewin Terrace 












And last but not least, let’s delve into the wonderful Lewin Terrace, the fine dining experience that is taken to a whole new dimension. A creative and interactive dining experience surrounded by the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park. As I walked up the steps to the restaurant I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding area; tranquil, fresh and extremely serene.

Lewin Terrace is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant with a produce-driven approach. For couples who are looking for a romantic venue to celebrate anniversaries or host weddings, Lewin Terrace promises an impressive and memorable celebration location.

On this occasion, I went with my 2 cousins, this was a wonderful surprise and something completely new to me. Although I have experienced fine dining before, I have never experienced something this creative and beautiful. The food was executed perfectly and each dish told a story or represented something very particular.

As we were served each dish, the waiter kindly explained the elements, the ethos, and origin of the dish. Not only was this an educational experience, it allowed me to sample new foods and flavours.

This is a higher price point, however, if you’re a true food lover, this may be the perfect chance for you to submerge yourself in the culinary delights of Lewin Terrace and sample cooking excellence.

Although not all of the dishes were to my tasting, I still enjoyed the experience and it was a true celebration of food. Rating: 9/10

Added extras

Fresh S$1 juices, indulgent pastries, large amounts of free mooncake, frozen yoghurt, cakes, cakes & more cakes and the occasional vegetable. Have a browse through my photo gallery.










Phew, we got there! Through all of that food, I eventually made it back to the U.K.

Well done if you made it this far through the blog post without feeling a little hungry. I am hoping to travel more next year and explore more of the globe; it’s my main aim.

If you liked this blog post, please let me know!

Jessica, x

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