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Singapore Foodie Travels Part 1 – 2017

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Singapore Foodie Travels Part 1

 Brunch – 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you’re anything like me, the thought of eating new cuisines and new flavours gets you very excited. In August, I travelled to Singapore to visit family and I also had some well-deserved time-out. Before I went to Singapore, I made a note of some eateries I wanted to go to and I also made a note of nearby food places that provided healthy ingredients and nutritious meals.

Top tip: if you’re wanting to eat delicious food, eat like the locals and stay on track; do your research prior to your trip. Hunt down the best ice cream! Find the best salad bar and research the local fresh produce markets. This way, when you arrive there is no stress and you’re totally prepared for some deliciousness.

What I found very useful was looking at where other bloggers had been to eat. This highlights the best places in the town and this also allows you to find the best Instagram spots.

I ate a variety of foods whilst I was away. I had traditional English food which was cooked at home and I ate out occasionally too. I experienced a huge selection of different foods and it was delicious. Singapore is very diverse, it is continually growing and everything always changes there. I have been visiting for the past three years and the food is always evolving. It’s wonderful; a true foodie heaven!

If you aren’t sure what you fancy to eat, Singapore will inspire your taste buds and Singapore offers something for everyone; the fussy eater, the big eater, the extravagant eater and the healthy eater.

The first part of these blog posts will cover the places I visited for brunch. I am a lover of sweet and savoury breakfasts so this varied throughout my time away. Have a read below to see where I ate brunch.

Homemade Breakfast

After a mid-morning workout, I would head out to the local cafes and bistros for some food. On the occasional day I would source some local ingredients and have breakfast at home, this would usually consist of – salad, fresh fruit, porridge, and eggs. A healthy balance of fats, carbohydrates, and protein – the perfect breakfast to keep me going until lunchtime.

Luckily I was staying in an apartment which was situated on Robertson Quay, this is a five-minute walk from the local supermarket which had an array of gorgeous foods. My cousin also made some homemade banana bread; it was amazing!



Project Acai

When I last visited Singapore I discovered Project Acai in the Takashimaya shopping centre on Orchard Road and I couldn’t believe the deliciousness I had discovered. Check out my previous foodie post here from last year: Jessica Explores Singapore Part 2 – Foodie Adventures. Whenever I go abroad I am always on the hunt for healthier options and if you’re craving something sweet, energising and fresh then Project Acai is for you as it provides an instant hit of delicious sugar without being processed.

Project Acai uses the world’s first and only Fair Trade Verified and Certified Organic acai berry from the Brazilian Amazon. They blend the superpower berries to create their delicious signature blend. They offer a variety of acai bowls and deliciously thick smoothies. Completely dairy-free and vegan-friendly with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. 

This brunch and snack spot is very small, so if you’re on your own this is perfect! However, take-out will have to do as there are only three bar stools available at this location.

I chose the Orginal Flower Bowl – delicious, colourful, refreshing and wholesome. Sweetness, crunch and the warmth of raw cacao nibs – they really have ticked all of the boxes. The only downside, I don’t like bee pollen it has a floral taste and can sometimes overpower the flavours in the dish – however, it does make things look beautiful!

Rating: 8.5/10

Blended açaí base – topped with banana, granola, fruits, and superfoods such as bee pollen, cacao nibs, goji, coconut shavings, and chia seeds.




 Artisan Boulangerie Co. ABC

Even in Singapore, I crave comfort food. Having a slow start to the day? Need something wholesome and tummy hugging? I have it covered! Baked eggs are what you need. When I am in the U.K I make this a lot but ABC has definitely made the best baked eggs I have ever tried. Rich, indulgent and packed full of flavour.

Their menu offers a lot from sweet to savoury brunch dishes served until 2 pm. They also sell fresh pastries, pasta, burgers, fresh cakes and desserts and the yummiest coffee and tea. I went to the ABC across the road from where I was staying on Kim Seng Road.

“When you visit one of our outlets, you’ll smell our fresh baked pastries and loaves of bread. You’ll hear the whirl of baristas labouring over the perfect artisanal coffee. You will see real kitchens in place of assembly lines and feel the warmth from our ovens working all day long”.

“They’re the traditions we established four years ago that we passionately follow today”.

Quotes are taken from Artisan Boulangerie Co.

Shakshuka Skillet – fresh tomatoes, baked eggs, basil, light chilli strips served with Turkish pide and chimichurri salsa.

Rating: 9.5/10




Strangers’ Reunion

This hidden gem is truly tucked away in Singapore, it is a small and cosy brunch, snack and dinner spot. Their aim is to make you the best coffee possible and serve the most delicious food that keeps your tummy satisfied. Not only is their decor beautiful; fresh, rustic and comforting, their food is delicious; nothing I have ever tasted before!

The freshest ingredients in a hip neighbourhood. Couldn’t be any more perfect! Brunch is served between 9 am and 5 pm at Strangers’ Reunion, so there’s no need to rush down over the weekend – take your time, enjoy the surroundings and take a pit-stop here.

Strangers’ Reunion offers some of the best Western cuisines in Singapore. Serving an array of dishes that are suitable for family gatherings, large groups, catching up with friends and colleagues or for a quiet spot on your own. From duck salad to açaí bowls it has everyone pleased!

This cafe is located in Blair Plain Conservation Area along Kampong Bahru Road. This place is the home to the two-time Singapore National Barista Championship winner Ryan Tan. Not only are they rumoured to have amazing coffee, their selection of muffins and cakes fill the fridge at the front of the cafe; overflowing with sticky caramel sauce and dense in colour and chocolate goodness.

On this occasion, I chose the delicious açaí bowl, I couldn’t resist! & Y E S it was amazing. Topped with honey granola, coconut, strawberries, goji berries, blueberries, seeds and much more! The best açaí bowl I HAVE EVER EATEN – a bold statement I know.

Rating: 9.5/10it was missing some peanut butter, of course! PB is my favourite.



This bustling brunch spot is set in the heart of CBD and offers some of the best brunch delights I have ever seen. Not only did their name intrigue me, their reputation spoke volumes! Everyone loves to take a pit-stop here for a breakfast sandwich, a fresh juice or for a stack of their homemade pancakes.

Sarnies are passionate about their produce and the quality of their ingredients. Grass-fed beef, chicken free from hormones and bacon cured in-house – How amazing! Not only does this ensure you’re eating the freshest ingredients and you can trust the quality of your meal, it means it is worth every penny and you’re guaranteed a delicious meal every time.

Their concept is simple and their atmosphere is relaxed. Although this place can get fairly busy at times, this just represents its popularity and makes it a trustworthy brunch spot. Sometimes it can be hard to find a place to sit, so be prepared! Reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.

Inside it is cosy, hip and certainly cramped to the rafters with illustrations on the walls. They have utilised every space for seating; want a quiet brunch spot? This isn’t your place. Perfect for families, couples and for catching up with friends and colleagues. I went here on a Sunday morning and it had a bustling vibe but was relaxed. I left feeling re-energised and fresh! My tummy was very happy too…

I chose the pimp your breakfast; sourdough toast, smoked salmon, poached eggs, mixed greens and roasted tomatoes – Rating: 8/10.

I also sampled my cousins’ pancakes; aren’t they the prettiest! – pancakes with mixed berry compote, salted caramel and Greek yoghurt. The salted caramel sauce was sticky, rich and very sweet! However, the berries balanced the flavours out perfectly and brought this whole dish together. – Rating: 9/10.




I didn’t eat breakfast out a lot but the places I did visit were delicious and I wish Blackpool had more to offer on the breakfast front. However, nonetheless, I ticked off some places on my foodie list and I can’t wait to visit again.

The açaí berry is my new addiction and smoked salmon will always be a firm favourite of mine at breakfast.

If you try any of these places please let me know and tag me in your pictures!

What is your favourite brunch dish? I would love to know!

Jessica, x

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