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High Protein Caramelised Banana Flapjacks

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Happy Friday everyone! This week I am bringing you a recipe. I am a lover of flapjacks and bananas, I wanted to combine my two favourites and create a recipe that is versatile, wholesome and a healthier alternative to refined sugar flapjacks. I love oats, I usually have porridge for breakfast in the cooler months and I am also a lover of granola.

Now autumn has approached us, it’s time to switch the flavours around and experiment with ingredients. These flapjacks will energise you in the morning and will comfort you after a long day at work. These flapjacks are high in protein and high in carbohydrates, the perfect pre or post-workout snack. This recipe is versatile and the ingredients can be swapped for your alternatives. Don’t forget, baking is fun and you can totally experiment!


To add some extra protein and flavour to the flapjacks I have used a sachet of Whey Box protein. I have tried many protein supplement brands before and I have only ever really liked Whey Box. This is because it doesn’t give me digestive discomfort and the consistency is really delicious. Whey Box protein is Gluten free, GMO-free and Vegetarian. The milk is sourced from grass-fed cows; meaning, no additional ingredients that we are unaware of.

I don’t use whey protein for my main source of protein, I use this for convenience and added flavour in certain recipes. Protein powders, for me, are something I don’t consume in abundance. I use them every now and then when I need some sweetness or a quick hit of protein. I love the Whey Box protein as it’s affordable, delicious, convenient if you are travelling and it comes in the most adorable portion sizes – no mess, no lack of protein!


As you will have seen if you have visited my blog before, I have used this protein in a variety of recipes and it’s been a success! It doesn’t separate and it doesn’t add an artificial flavour. Previous recipes: Protein Powered Rocky Road | Courageous Crumble – The Whey Box and Rolla Granola Crumble Recipe | Sweet Omelette Recipe – In Collaboration with Whey Box.

Previous review: What is Whey Box

Whey Box is a subscription service which delivers flavoured protein sachets to your door every month. Have you ever purchased a huge tub of protein powder, spent a ridiculous amount on it and got bored of the flavour after a few weeks? If this is you, maybe it is time for a change. Whey Box offers you the choice to customise your box every month by selecting different protein sachets from their collection of 10 different flavours! Yes, 10 different flavours! That means you will never get bored of your breakfast, post-workout shake or smoothies.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 18.42.24.png

The protein I used in this recipe is – Banana flavoured. The protein can be taken out of this recipe and substituted for extra oats. I used the full 30g sachet in my flapjack recipe.

Ingredients and Method

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 18.46.34.png

I hope you liked this week’s blog post! I have been enjoying some time in the kitchen baking my favourites and experimenting. Especially in the cooler months, being in the kitchen is definitely a place I seek comfort and relaxation. If you re-create this recipe, please tag me in your creations! @positivelyjessicaward

Want to see more recipes? Let me know!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Jessica, x

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