Delicious Travels – Healthy Snacks for Travelling

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been in the U.K a few weeks now, it feels nice to be back after visiting Singapore. Although I live for the sunshine, I am extremely excited for autumn and winter – I can’t wait to embrace the cosy seasons and embrace the warmer fashion; cable knit sweaters, and warm fuzzy socks.

When I travel abroad I love to delve deep into the local delicacies and I absolutely love trying new foods. I am a true foodie if you didn’t already know?! However, indulging can sometimes take over and we can crave normality. When I am travelling, sometimes healthy snacks aren’t always readily available and if you are going to a new destination you may be unaware of the food items they have on offer.

I like to carry some snacks in my hand luggage and pack some food in my checked baggage too. I like to have snacks for on-the-go whilst I am at the beach, touring a city or to have in the evening before bed. Who knows, if you stay at a hotel and there is nothing you like on the menu for breakfast, you could snack on some of your goodies in your bag. Hangryness is never a good thing, so be prepared and keep the hunger at bay!


When you are on holiday there is no set way you should eat. People always ask ‘how do I eat on holiday?‘ you eat exactly the same way you would in your usual location. But perhaps, experiment with your choices more and eat the local foods. Holiday’s are an awesome chance to try new foods and experiment with your nutrition. Relax, have fun, eat a variety of colours and nutrients and keep hydrated. What I have learned, is that holidays shouldn’t be one big binge – if they are, you will go home feeling dreadful and your energy levels will be low on holiday, meaning you’ll have no motivation to explore your surroundings.

I like to keep some normality within my nutrition when I am on holiday, although this isn’t always easy, being prepared with your snacks can help you. I have experienced many upset stomachs when I have been away and I have craved normality; so now, I am always prepared with the snacks my body loves. Also, you don’t know what the plane food will be like, so it’s good to have some yummy snacks on hand.

Let’s Get Prepared


I like to keep my snacks delicious, energising and wholesome. I have chosen pre-packaged yumminess to make this easier for you and for me. No baking involved, no cooking involved and no washing up involved… – Perfect, right?


Nakd Bars

First up is the amazing range of Nakd bars. These bars are made from just raw fruits and nuts which are blended together to make energising bitesize bars perfect for travelling. They are packaged in a compact way for extra freshness and they survive the warm weather too.

These bars are the perfect healthy pick-me-up if you’re on the go; they contain 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups, these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten-free. With a soft, chewy and indulgent texture, the bars will leave you feeling satisfied and will keep you full until your next meal. Let’s not forget, they also count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals.

This box of 4 cost around £2.50 and they can be purchased from your local supermarket. My local Sainsbury’s had lots of different flavours but I always have to choose the banana bread flavour; comforting, a true taste of autumn and the perfect accompaniment for a warm drink. These bars can also be crumbled on top of porridge, yoghurt or eaten with your morning muesli. Honestly, these little guys are perfect for everything!


Peanut Butter

Next up is my favourite of the snack collection; squeezable sachets of peanut butter by Pip & NutYes, you read that correctly. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, these sachets are decadent, flavoursome and so delicious. Not forgetting, these sachets are the perfect portion sizes for travelling… No eating the whole jar in one sitting *whoops!*. 

This is my favourite brand of peanut butter on the market at the moment. I love Pip & Nut because they have a simplistic ingredient list, they do travel-friendly products as well as the full-size range. Their flavour combinations are unique, versatile and exciting. This peanut butter can be squeezed on everything! I particularly like my peanut butter on sliced fruit, drizzled over yoghurt or even eaten on some toast.

When you’re on a flight you are always given a bread bun with your in-flight meal, eat the bread bun and drizzle it with some Pip & Nut – the perfect little snack to keep you going. Not forgetting, these sachets can be eaten on their own! Tear and squeeze; delicious.

Another thing that stood out to me about the brand was their core values as an evergrowing business:

  • We‘ll only put ingredients in our products that you can pronounce and recognise, no e-numbers, no preservatives, no additives. Just real food”
  • “There are good fats and there are bad fats. We embrace nuts because they‘re packed full of the healthy ones, and we avoid palm oil because it isn‘t”
  • “Getting a breath of fresh air does us the world of good. We make things that give you lots of energy so that you can get out there too”.
  • “Food should be fun and that’s why we endeavour to surprise and inspire our customers”.
Quotes are taken from the Pip & Nut website.


Granola / Porridge Oats

Travel-Friendly Breakfast – Breakfast By Bella

Breakfast, snacking or as a sprinkle on yoghurt. I am a lover of granola and oats – versatile, wholesome and they provide the perfect amount of natural energy. If you have seen my previous post in collaboration with Breakfast by Bella you will have seen that their granolas are definitely one of my new favourites. I didn’t take the whole serving of granola away with me, I simply popped some in a re-sealable bag and placed it in my suitcase for checked baggage. When you haven’t got a breakfast buffet and you are self-catering, being prepared with the basics can save money when you’re on holiday. Get some milk from the local shop or yoghurt and you have the perfect, healthy breakfast which doesn’t lack flavour or energy.

Plain porridge oats are also a good option for travelling. Again, they provide a good source of natural energy and you could make overnight oats, porridge in the morning or sprinkle them on yoghurt for some extra carbohydrates. When I am away on holiday I like to set myself up for the day by having a good breakfast, oats are always a staple for me. Away or at home.


Protein Powder

Whey Box has been the star of the show on my blog for a while and they are by far the best protein powder brand I have tried to date. I primarily use their protein powder because it agrees with my stomach and I don’t get digestive problems. When I have tried other protein powders I have suffered from digestive discomfort and that wasn’t pleasant.

I take protein powder away with me in case I am lacking my protein intake or if I need a quick hit of something delicious after my workout. These travel sachets are perfect for on-the-go. No spillages, the perfect portion size and easily transferable. I use the protein in my morning oats, mixed into yoghurt or stirred into some cold milk before bed.

I do like to get my protein from natural sources, however, when you are on holiday or travelling a long distance the options are very limited. As I believe, be prepared then you won’t be hungry or disappointed with the outcome.

Whey Box blog posts:

Protein Powered Rocky Road

Sweet Omelette Recipe – In Collaboration with Whey Box

There Is Only One Whey To Be – The Whey Box Whey Review and Discount Code! 


Chocolate and Nuts

Chocolate and nuts! The perfect snacking combination for in-flight cravings. When we arrive at the airport we are faced with lots of pre-packaged sugary treats. Although they might be something you crave, they aren’t always the healthiest option to choose.

Remember, you want snacks that will leave you feeling satisfied and full, no short bursts of energy and no sugar rushes. I have recently reviewed the SuperTreats range and from my review, you will see that I absolutely love their chocolate – so so delicious, rich in texture, creamy and extremely satisfying for the inner sweet tooth.


  • No refined sugar
  • No theobromine or caffeine (unlike chocolate)
  • Rich in natural vitamins and minerals
  • More calcium per bar than in a 100ml glass of milk
  • Sustained, slow-release energy
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Organic, ethical and sustainable
  • So yummy, you won’t even know it’s not chocolate

Chocoholic Fix The Healthy Way – The Chocolate That Has Changed My Evening Snack Choices

In the evening or when I am on the flight, I crave sweet treats and chocolate is always something I want. Having a healthier alternative is perfect! SuperTreats is the healthier alternative to Dairy Milk, in my opinion. Natural ingredients, no caffeine and it still tastes awesome. These little bars are the perfect travel size and are compact for the luggage bag. Be careful they don’t melt! *Whoops, you might have to eat them quickly 😉*…

I like carrying pre-packaged nuts with me as they’re delicious, they’re a good source of vitamins and minerals and they keep hunger at bay. Again, they offer an amazing source of energy when you’re tired, lethargic and feeling a little low.

Crunchy Snacks – Freeze Dried Strawberries and Bananas


You might think I am bonkers, but I am totally speaking sense when I say these little crunchy snacks keep the sweet tooth under control and they are the perfect yoghurt and porridge topping. Subtly sweet, packed full of flavour and 100% natural. I chose this flavour from the Nothing But collection because I LOVE FRUIT! Especially berries and bananas; the ingredient list only includes the main deliciousness: Freeze dried strawberry (66%), freeze dried banana (34%)HOW AMAZING!

As the name suggests, these packets are packed full of Nothing But natural wholesome ingredients. Available in 6 different flavours (three fruit ones and three vegetable ones – what would you choose?!) all of which are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. Nothing But are healthy snacks that can be enjoyed on the go or added to breakfasts. Oh! I mustn’t forget, these packets of goodness also contribute to having 1 of your 5-a-day. I got mine from Holland and Barratt. Check out their website to see where your nearest stockist is!

No added

  • Fat
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Colour
  • Preservatives
  • And never, ever fried

“Because our ingredients undergo a special process called freeze-drying, rather than being baked or fried, all that’s removed is the water. Lots of lovely vitamins and flavours are retained for a super healthy snack that never compromises on taste – perfect if you want something that strikes the balance between delicious and nutritious”.

The quote is taken from the Nothing But website.

One top tip! You must eat the bag in one sitting, if you leave the package open for a while they become soggy and not so nice. Eat them quick ;)! 

I loved compiling this blog post for you. I hope you feel inspired, prepared and I hope you are ready for your getaway. These snacks are also awesome if you work on-the-go or need some healthy treats to combat the hunger in the mid-afternoon. Resist the temptation of sugar-laden processed snacks and eat the foods that make you feel good.

I am heading to Ibiza very soon on a yoga retreat, I am so excited! I will be packing more delicious snacks with me.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I can’t wait to share more foodie blog posts with you soon. 

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Jessica, x

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