Travel-Friendly Breakfast – Breakfast By Bella

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Travel-Friendly Breakfast – Breakfast By Bella

Happy Thursday everyone! This week I am back with another foodie related post and I am talking all things breakfast inspired. Granola, more granola and even more granola! Three different types of granola, all with different flavours but all with the same aim: to ensure eating on-the-go is easy, delicious and fulfilling. I was kindly contacted by Breakfast By Bella and Jessica, the founder asked me to review her wonderful range of granolas. If you are familiar with my blog and social media, you will be aware that I am completely obsessed with granola (in fact, it is my addiction and I eat it every single day! Shop bought and occasionally, I will make my own). Granola is versatile, makes an awesome mid-afternoon snack and it always makes a wonderful breakfast, salad sprinkle and crunchy crumble topping.

I have sampled many granolas from many brands and I do believe I am now a true connoisseur when it comes to granola (is there a job to be a ‘granola expert’ ? Because I am going to apply!). Granola can come in lots of different consistencies, it can contain lots of different ingredients and you can get sweet and savoury granola. The granola I am reviewing and sharing on my blog today is the sweet variety. Some sweeter than others, but all of the granolas contain no refined sugars, they are all vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

When it comes to choosing a granola, I prefer the ingredient list to be limited. I want the ingredients to be as natural as possible and I don’t want these two elements to result in a bland breakfast option. Jessica has created some wonderful granola’s which are rich in flavour, texture and aroma. It has to be said, I love the natural packaging she has used: it is re-sealable (no soggy granola!), there is an easy-to-read ingredient list and the granola is piled high inside!

When the parcel arrived it was packaged securely and was decorated with the Breakfast By Bella branding (a beautiful blue label! Fresh and vibrant – just like the granola). I couldn’t wait to dive straight in and sample the goodness inside…

Breakfast By Bella

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

What caught my attention of this brand was not only the beautiful branding and Instagram page but also the concept behind the brand. I am a lover of travelling and sometimes I have to eat on-the-go. Breakfast By Bella is inspired by Jessica’s breakfast struggles on the daily commute as well as in the office (snacking on sugar-laden cereal) and never truly feeling satisfied after breakfast time. She has also considered her struggle with food and weight acceptance and has channelled this throughout her brand, she now understands and appreciates the importance of good quality food.

Jessica created the brand to ensure people had a healthy breakfast option for on-the-go. Your daily commute can be delicious, energising and wholesome. No scrambling for a bowl and spoon in the office kitchen like Jessica experienced or spending so much money on breakfast, you have no money for lunch! (I think everyone has this problem. We spend the majority of our money on food). Breakfast By Bella is extremely affordable, delicious and contains no nasty ingredients.

“Here at Breakfast by Bella, we aim to bring you products that are refined sugar-free and made with gluten-free and organic ingredients, containing none of the nasties associated with artificial preservatives and colourings.

I now realise that what you eat shouldn’t be a diet or a worry, but a lifestyle. As common medical conditions including stress, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (just to name a few) become more recognised, I truly believe food can be your medicine”.

Jessica, the founder, has a nickname ‘Bella’ which came from her maiden name ‘Vella’. Her husband started the nickname as he began calling her ‘JessaBella’ and then over time it became ‘Bella’ for short. And, tada-aah! We have Breakfast By Bella.

Peanut Butter Me Up







Organic gluten-free oats • Organic peanuts • Organic rapeseed oil • Organic agave syrup




This is the one granola I was the most excited for! I am a huge peanut lover and if it was acceptable to eat a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting or a whole bag of peanuts, I totally would. This granola has the rustic aroma of toasted peanuts with a subtle sweetness of agave syrup. The texture of this granola is crumbly and flaky, however, throughout the granola, I came across larger clusters of sweetness which was a wonderful surprise. This is my favourite granola from the variety. This is a warming and sweet granola – perfect for a fruit crumble topping, sprinkled on a salad or sprinkled on a bowl of porridge for added crunch. If you are a true peanut lover, this is the granola for you.

Nutty Nosh







Organic gluten-free oats • Organic rapeseed oil • Pure Canadian maple syrup •  Organic cinnamon powder • Organic mixed nuts (almonds, brazils, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts)




My goodness, this granola has a nostalgic connection for me. As soon as I opened the packaging I was filled with an incredible feeling of ‘home’ – the cinnamon aroma filled the room. The smell of maple syrup and cinnamon reminds me of Christmas at my Nanna’s house (a really happy memory I always like to reminisce on. This is the first time I have been taken back to this memory through the aroma of some granola. This certainly made me smile. I couldn’t stop smelling the granola!). I was completely overwhelmed by the aroma and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

This granola is hearty and incredibly comforting. This granola also packs a real crunch, containing 5 different types of nuts covered in a sticky, sweet syrup with the added warmth of the cinnamon spice. Comforting, warming and definitely has autumnal and wintery vibes. Think of autumn weekend mornings, sat in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket with some candles burning… This is the granola that sets the tone and is the finishing touch to your perfect morning breakfast. I loved the granola with almond milk, as it transformed my almond milk into a cinnamon infusion. This would also make a glorious fruit crumble topping.

Cacao Crazy







Organic gluten-free oats • Organic raw cacao powder • Organic raw cacao butter • Organic coconut sugar • Organic rapeseed oil • Organic agave syrup • Organic cacao nibs • Pure vanilla powder

This granola is rich in a bitter cacao flavour, if you’re a true natural chocoholic this may be the one for you. I love chocolate, however, dark chocolate is a true hit and miss with me. Sometimes, dark chocolate can be too bitter for me. In this case, the cacao nibs weren’t milky enough for me. However, I absolutely love the idea of chocolate chips and adding another texture to the granola mix! As for the oats, they were seasoned perfectly with a subtle sweetness (coming from the natural coconut sugar). Not forgetting, the vanilla powder adds an aromatic, warm and floral addition to the granola.

This mix would be wonderful in flapjacks or incorporated with the other granolas for a combination of flavours. However, if you’re a fan of raw natural chocolate, this may be enjoyed with almond milk or yoghurt purely on its own. I would have preferred pieces of dark chocolate, instead of the rich cacao nibs, they were sadly too bitter for my palette. However, according to the other reviews, this is a popular favourite!


For me, I like to save money where I can, however, I don’t skimp on my food or the quality of the food I am eating. Remember, eating well is a sign of self-respect and choosing wisely will make you feel satisfied, you will feel energised and the food you buy will go further.

This granola is generous in its serving sizes and it kept me feeling satisfied up until lunchtime (per serving). The main ingredient in each of these granolas is gluten-free oats. Oats are a wonderful slow release carbohydrate and they contain a range of antioxidants and plant chemicals that help keep the heart and arteries healthy. They can help keep hunger at bay because of their wholesome and fibre rich content. They are a powerhouse of goodness and make these granolas the perfect start to the day if you’re hungry and need an energy boost.

The pricing of these granolas is extremely reasonable considering the serving sizes! From £3.95 – you can’t go wrong – pure, rich, affordable, healthy deliciousness.

Want to know more about the granola? Check it out for yourself… Using the following link: Breakfast by Bella

I hope you liked this week’s blog post. Want me to review your product too? Send me an email and let’s get creative! –

I absolutely love reviewing new brands and I love exploring new foods. I am an avid explorer and I am a true foodie, both make me feel alive. All of the opinions are my own and the reviews are 100% produced by myself. I would not promote or advertise a brand I did not believe in. Communicating a positive message is very important to me and I always ensure the brands I work with are wanting to achieve the same outcome, or have a similar ethos.

What is your favourite breakfast? Are you wanting to now try this brand?

Let me know what you think!

P.s – I turn 21 on Friday! *SQUEEEEELS*

Oh, my goodness. How time flies. Watch this space for some exciting content coming soon. My birthday will involve lots of cake, lots of pizza and lots of smiles. Keep up to date with my adventures using my social media channels.

All my love,

Jessica x

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