Exploring Flavours From Around The Globe With SUPA

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Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I am back with some inspiration and some flavours from around the world. If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that I am a keen traveller, I love tasting food from around the world and I am always on the lookout for the best foodie destinations – In the U.K and abroad! Singapore, Rome, Paris… I am yet to expand my passport and travel to more places. Check out my previous posts here: Jessica Explores Rome | Jessica Explores Singapore Part 2 – Foodie Adventures.

This week I am bringing you a product mention post. As a foodie lover, I am always wanting to sample new brands, I am always wanting to experience new ways of cooking and I am always wanting to incorporate new flavours within my food. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the wonderful SUPA team and have been showered with wonderful gifts from their subscription boxes.

As I have previously stated in blog posts, I would never promote a brand I did not believe in. I would never promote a brand I didn’t love and I would never share something on this positive area of the internet I didn’t try myself.


A lot of people are unaware of the diversity of flavours that are readily available at our finger tips and how food can really transport you somewhere else. A little effort, a little creativity and a little time and ta dah! You have a dish inspired by your favourite destination. The two boxes I am sharing with you in this review is the Japanese box and the India box. Think – sugar, spice, warmth and freshness. Think Japanese cherry blossom and star anise… & you have the two wonderful boxes I have opened from SUPA.

Let’s delve deeper into the subscription box service and what they offer before I explain about my hidden treats within the boxes. 3 simple steps are the basis of the SUPA subscription: 1. “Explore the World” – the team explore the world to identify the most powerful natural foods. Their focus each month is on a specific culture or country. 2. “Hand Curated” – each month the SupaBook is packed with a selection of wonderful superfoods and a hand curated recipe book (featuring beautiful illustrations and a full breakdown of the ingredients in the box). 3. “Delivered to You” – the SupaBox is delivered to your door in a luxury white box which is magnetic, perfect for storing your food goodies! Oh, and order before 3 pm for the box to be dispatched on the same day!

I totally love the idea of this travel themed subscription service and I think it is an accessible way of receiving unique ingredients to jazz up your dishes and dinner parties at home. When I opened both boxes I was overwhelmed by the diversity of products. Let’s have a little look…

May – A Taste of India


The month of May box was inspired by the taste of India – “the country with one of the most diverse culinary histories, full of bright colours and exciting, powerful foods”. I love the concept of travelling and exploring the world, in hope to try every delicacy I can! I love Indian food and I hope one day I can visit India for myself, something draws me to the flavours, the culture and the colours there. Something very deep inside makes me put this destination on my bucket list.

However, for now, these unique superfoods will inject my dishes with colour, spice, Indian comfort and creativity. The SUPA team have done the research and they have handpicked a selection of delicious natural products for you to try and benefit from each month! – Honestly, it couldn’t be more delicious. This subscription box could not be any more perfect for me. The May subscription box featured: Star Anise, Pink Himalayan Salt, Saffron (heavenly!), Turmeric, Moringa Powder and Beluga Lentils. Variety, colour and taste bud popping! Of course, I couldn’t help but make my homemade curry with the delicious turmeric.

June – A Taste of Japan


The month of June box is inspired by the taste of Japan – freshness, colour, simplicity and creativity. Japanese food is wonderful and it is one of my favourites. I love the way Japanese food is cooked and prepared – seared, boiled or eaten raw: keeping all of the nutrients and flavours LOCKED in. Also, don’t forget; Japan has the lowest levels of obesity, cancer and depression… I think their eating habits is a contributing factor to this, but who knows. One thing I always try and outline is that food is fuel. Food is crucial and it has a huge impact on us as individuals. Our mindset, our skin, our energy levels, our health and much more. We are what we eat.

Also, another thing that is considered to contribute to the national health in Japan, is the importance of the No. 5 or also known as the ‘Power of Five’  in short = it is a concept applied to all traditional meals; when cooking food the Japanese use all five senses, they use five colours and apply five ways and five attitudes. I love traditional concepts like this and it is something that is worth considering when you next make a meal, experiment, embrace every moment of the cooking process and appreciate the ingredients, flavours, smells and colours. The June box ingredients were: Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Sesame Seeds (yummy! Topped my rice paper rolls with these for added crunch & flavour), Matcha Powder, Cherry Blossom and Tofu. Yummy, diverse and authentic.


What I love about subscription boxes is that they are a great way to sample new ingredients, they make the most wonderful hassle-free present for your foodie friend and they are a perfect surprise each month! Honestly, this is one of my favourite subscription boxes I have sampled. I absolutely love the hand illustrated recipe book which comes with each box, it is personalised, it adds an authentic touch and makes each box a piece of artwork. If you are unsure of the benefits of the ingredients and the ways in which you can use them, SUPA has created both sweet and savoury recipes which are included in the recipe book.

A huge thank you goes out to SUPA for collaborating with me and for cheering me up with some foodie deliciousness. Food is most definitely the way to my heart *take note*.

Want to get to know SUPA more? Stay up to date with their adventures using the following links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

I have really enjoyed sampling these boxes and I have loved experimenting with the ingredients. Being in the kitchen getting creative makes me so incredibly happy.

Where do you want to travel to? And what is your favourite cuisine?

Want to collaborate? Drop me an email!


I hope your week is filled with happiness, love, gratitude and accomplishments. Celebrate every victory, relax, breathe, eat well and appreciate every moment, even when things don’t always work out.

Jessica, x

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