I Have Been Shortlisted for The Health Blog Awards!



Vote for me to be BEST Health Blogger of The Year!

Oh my goodness! Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to my blog, or if you’re new here, hey there! Happy mid-week, I hope the past few days have been productive, positive and most of all, fulfilling. Yes, today, I am feeling very excited and uplifted! After a difficult few months, I decided to take some time away from my blog (2 weeks to be exact). I also took a side step away from social media and breathed a sigh of relief. Not because I don’t enjoy this hobby (blogging), but because I became incredibly overwhelmed and needed some downtime.

I went away and graduated *squeals!!!*, organised paperwork, drank champagne, cuddled friends and family, made memories and I have now embarked on a new journey. A journey of mental and physical healing. I can’t wait to share more details with you all very soon; but for now, I feel ready for the next stage in my life and I am totally ready for another challenge. This leads me to the basis of this blog post: I have been shortlisted by the Health Bloggers Community for the award BEST HEALTH BLOGGER OF THE YEAR – I feel full of gratitude and at the moment, the whole thing seems a little like a dream.

Before I delve deeper into the meaning of my blog, who are HBC?

The Health Bloggers Community is an online platform for bloggers to share, learn and collaborate with other bloggers and brands. It is a supportive space for you to share your blog posts, discover new bloggers and discuss the latest topics trending in the health world.

What are the Health Blog Awards?

This awards ceremony is a collaboration between That Protein and Health Bloggers Community. The awards are a celebration of the flourishing and ever-growing community of health bloggers from all around the world. The 2017 awards are focused on the UK market, as well as including one Irish category and one EU category – (diversity is essential). The winners will be decided using a public vote and a panel of judges.

  • 70% of the vote is decided by these incredible individuals…Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.57.28.png
  • 30% of the votes are decided by you! The general public. You have until the 2nd of August to make your votes count, so not long! Don’t waste time and vote for your favourite.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.55.14


Why should you vote for me?



Where did Positively Jessica Ward begin?

When I was at school I suffered a difficult time with my weight, confidence and health and it made a huge impact on my social life and acceptance as a person. I was put in a position at my school and college where I felt unworthy because of horrible comments. I listened to these comments, and they began to eat away at me – I was suicidal and suffered from deep depression. However, despite this, I strove to radiate positivity, motivate other people, and focus on making other people smile. I did this because I was suffering from depression and I didn’t want people to know. Making other people happy was something that made me feel good and covered up the fact I hated myself. I continued to spread positive messages, motivate people and inspire people to love themselves. However, I wasn’t doing anything to help myself or to love myself from within.

One day, I woke up and realised I needed to make a change. I stepped out of my comfort zone to leave that dark place behind me in the past and that was when I created Positively Jessica Ward; a location for all things positive. I now practise what I preach and continue to share the real side of my life as well as sharing highlights, downfalls and difficult situations. I am a passionate blogger and journalist, an avid explorer and foodie and fitness lover. I am equipped with a first-class degree in English: Communications at Work and I have written for an eclectic mix of clientele. Here on my blog, you will find my travel adventures, my approach at always incorporating a positive edge, foodie finds and recipes, product reviews and lifestyle tips. Through my own struggles with weight and bullying, I have now created a space on the internet for motivation, inspiration and positivity – a true escape from the outside world.


Through my own struggles with mental health and physical health, I believe that if I won this award it would help me spread my message as an individual. I want to help people feel inspired, energised and positive. I want to make people realise that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes, yes, you do have to create your own light. After studying for my degree and struggling along the way, I have balanced all aspects of my life and I am now equipped with the correct tools to hold this award with gratitude and use it to the greatest of my abilities.

I fill with happiness when other people engage and read my content, that is why I love being a health blogger. To me, blogging and health are much more – it means different things to different people and the dimensions of health and blogging are endless. Blogging is a connection, it is a communication method, it is a way of radiating energies and it is a way of spreading a positive aura across the globe in a few simple steps. Health is a way of nourishing and appreciating your body, it is a way of enhancing your life, it is a way of feeling absolutely awesome and without your health, you don’t have much. I just want to help people and I hope this award can make this possible.

My Blogging Inspiration? 

I am open to allowing anything to inspire my writings, but one of my favourite writers and speakers is Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama – although Dalai Lama does not have a direct blog, his writings are translated and available across the internet – he even has a Facebook page! His words of wisdom inspire my writings and I use his positive energy throughout my written articles to inspire others. I love his approach to humanity, love and passion. I think blogging is a wonderful way of connecting with all individuals and sharing the importance of equality. Although I may not win this award, being nominated for the award has been a success and an award in itself. Just like Dalai Lama said: “The seed of goodness is found in the soul of appreciation”.

I want to thank the wonderful team at HBC for shortlisting me. This is a huge achievement for my blogging career so far! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I have a huge passion for this hobby and it makes me feel alive inside. I hope my writings continue to inspire my readers no matter what. Award or no award.

If you are attending the event, or want to attend the event, grab some tickets using the following link: Health Blog Awards 2017 (if you see me at the event, please come and say hi and lets get some pictures together!) – I will be documenting the whole process here on my blog once the ceremony is finished. I am so grateful for the support, it means the world, thank you.

Vote for me to be the Best Health Blogger of The Year using the following link below: 


Watch this space for another blog post coming soon! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Want to read the article I did for the HBC magazine? Use the following link to do so: How To Be Positively Proactive.

Jessica, x



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