I Am In A Magazine! & How I Honour My Past

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I Am In A Magazine! & How I Honour My Past

Happy Monday everyone! My excitement levels are beyond normal today – I have been featured in a magazine. But first, let’s catch up and let’s spread some positive energy today.

The past few months have been extremely difficult for me, I have struggled with depression, heartbreak and loneliness. It hasn’t been pleasant, it has been particularly challenging and it has really tested me as an individual. I am on a slow and steady road to recovery and I can feel myself making a small ounce of progression each day. I believe that when we are in a difficult situation or a ‘dark place’ we must have faith that it won’t last forever. Pain is temporary and difficult situations mould us as individuals. How would we develop, grow and learn without challenges, without new experiences and without experiencing life on our own for a while?


With that being said, I am a keen traveller. I want to travel the world, I want to try delicacies from the countries I visit and I want to experience new cultures. I want to learn new languages, I want to grow the dimensions of my thought processes and learn new skills from other individuals. I want to meet new people and work with different people, people who are unlike me. I want to experience all areas of life – poor & rich. I want to meditate, swim with dolphins, explore caves, breathe in the fresh air of a countryside, go trekking in a forest, have a picnic on a beach and all I want by the end of this… Is to be internally grateful. I want to share my experiences with my readers. But most importantly, I want to savour every experience for myself so I can reminisce in the future when I feel low, challenged or upset and remind myself that hurt, pain and depression doesn’t last forever. It is a process of progression and eventually, it becomes something that makes you stronger. Not weaker.

Overcoming challenges and having a positive attitude towards your progression is very important. The crazy thing is, is that we as individuals are capable of anything we truly set our mind to. Our mind controls our confidence and perceptions of situations. If you have control of your mind and thought process, you will become stronger, refined and will be ready to tackle tasks that come your way. Honestly, it takes time and it is a true skill to master, but it is mind – over – matter. 


Every situation, I believe, that comes your way is there for a purpose. To shape you, to challenge you, to make you realise something or to make you grow towards something more meaningful. Even at the time of heartbreak and upset, we may feel as if we are lost in a dark cloud, those dark clouds are always there for a purpose. Dark clouds refine the air, they make the brighter days more magical and dark clouds allow us to relax, re-energise and unwind. When the sun shines again, we appreciate the brightness, we appreciate the freshness and we always look at sunnier days as ‘fresh starts’… Understand what I am saying? If you are in a dark cloud now, like me, trust the universe that a brighter day is soon approaching. Don’t give up, keep pushing, keep achieving and keep believing. – Make that call. Send that email. Ask that question. Change that habit. Record that video. Take that photo. Say YES to that new opportunity. Tell that person how you feel. Book that flight. Read that book. Buy them shoes.

Although I do spend some time thinking about my past, I always try and admire how far I have come. Despite the ups and downs, I am still here to tell the tale and live the life I have always imagined. I am moulding a book of my life, one page at a time, to eventually tell my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I want to leave a remarkable example behind and I want to inspire and shine. Every second you dwell on the past, you steal from your future. Every minute you spend focusing on your problems, you take away the possibilities of finding solutions. Stop thinking about the things that are in the way, think about the things you want to enter into your life, radiate your energy and this will come flooding back.

Instead, use the challenges you have experienced and lessons you have learned from your past to help you rise to a new dimension. Allow your past to heighten your awareness and enlightenment.

“If you have suffered more than your fair share of difficulties in life, perhaps you are being prepared to serve some greater purpose that will require you to be equipped with the wisdom you have acquired through your trials. Use these life lessons to fuel your future growth. Remember, happy people have often experienced as much adversity as those who are unhappy” (Sharma, 1999).

Please understand, that if feel you have ‘failed’ or experienced change more than others, there is a good chance you are living more completely than others and you may be stronger than you realise. Those who take chances, dare to be more and do more than others will naturally experience more challenges and ‘failures’ (Sharma, 1999). But honestly, I would rather have the strength, bravery, ambition, dedication and a can-do attitude and fail than have never tried at all and feel unhappy, lost and inexperienced. I want to spend the rest of my life growing as an individual and seeking for new exciting challenges. I don’t want a life of comfort and mediocrity. Where is the challenge and excitement in that?

Brooker T. Washington said “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed”

Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community.

The Magazine Feature


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Today I am grateful for being featured in an online magazine in collaboration with Clickstay holiday villas, a holiday rental company (want to read their new magazine? Sign up for their mailing list online! Or alternatively, check out the blog post which features this article: Positively Jessica Ward on beating bullies and living life to the full). Opportunities like this don’t come around often and I am overwhelmed by their kindness, generosity and dedication as a brand. Since joining their team as a travel blogger, I have loved every moment and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. In the article, I discuss how to be healthy on holiday, how to overcome difficult situations and I also share the next destinations I would love to go to. If you enjoy the article, I would love for you to let me know! This is very exciting for me and something new.

Clickstay offer some brilliant prices and their selection of accommodation is extremely diverse and caters to everyone. They offer over 12,000 beautiful holiday homes in over 50 countries, including luxury villas with stunning private pools, ski chalets, chic city apartments and cute countryside chateaus and it is all compiled into one place = easy! – Clickstay.

I hope you don’t mind the length of this blog post, I just wanted to share some new things with you and share my new article. I am grateful, overwhelmed and filled with joy. I may be struggling at the moment, but I love this process of progression. Happy Monday everyone, I hope you have a fabulous week. I know you can do this.

Jessica, x

Want to collaborate with me and my photographer? – Get in touch! – jessicairenemarieward@hotmail.com

References: Sharma, R. (1999).
Onepiece photography featured – my photographer: Matt Herrington Photography.

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