Chocoholic Fix The Healthy Way – The Chocolate That Has Changed My Evening Snack Choices


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Chocoholic Fix The Healthy Way – The Chocolate That Has Changed My Evening Snack Choices

‘Goodness for kids, joy for all’…

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week I am bringing you some chocolate love. Yes, I am literally in love with chocolate. However, this isn’t your ordinary chocolate… This is none-refined sugar, natural, organic, soy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly chocolate. You might think because it is ‘free’ from most things that it mustn’t be delicious, decadent or milky. However, you’re wrong. I did think this at first, I have tried many ‘healthy’ chocolates and I haven’t always been convinced or converted from my love for Gadbury’s Dairy Milk.. Until now.

Quick! Cover your eyes before you instantly crave chocolate. Honestly, if you could have smelt my living room when this arrived, you would have thought you were in chocolate heaven. The smell of this chocolate is incredible! Honestly. If you’re a chocoholic, like me, resisting the temptation to each ALL this chocolate is difficult. But, for this blog post, I held back. Luckily, I have a LARGE supply waiting for me.


This is no ordinary chocolate though! Did you know that a normal 50g bar of chocolate can contain 6tsp of refined white sugar, isn’t this horrific to think. We feed our children this and we consume this as well. How can this be good for us? Not only do we sometimes crave this but sometimes we are unaware of the sugar content these chocolate bars contain. Everything is ok in moderation; however, this is not the ideal snack for optimum performance and sustainable energy. Normal, refined sugary chocolate bars also contain caffeine and theobromine, both of which are disruptive stimulants – they can create brain stress, they can diminish your natural energy, they can dehydrate the body, they are incredibly addictive, they can cause energy spikes and much more. Of course, this is not natural and can cause a horrible cycle within the body.

BUT, don’t panic! Although I love ‘normal’ chocolate, I am now converted to Supertreats – the healthier alternative. Unlike milk, dark and raw chocolate, Supertreats is a carob based bar which tastes JUST LIKE ordinary milk chocolate but contains no refined sugar and no caffeine or theobromine. Creamy, indulgent and wholesome. Their chocolate bars are a mix of superfood carob and low-GI coconut blossom nectar. 

‘Supporting your natural vitality whilst satisfying your sweet tooth’.

But why Supertreats? The founder named this delicious chocolate Supertreats because she thought of the chocolate bars as ‘superfood’ treats… And ‘super’ is just how they make you feel. These bars are perfect for your handbag, perfect for your lunchbox and they are even perfect for the little ones. Don’t snack on this chocolate without sharing! Although, if you are anything like me, sharing food… Is not an option. This chocolate WILL leave you feeling satisfied after a few squares with a warm drink; no cravings, no unsustainable energy and it is the perfect pick-me-up.

Before we explore the chocolate and the delicious flavours… Let’s delve deeper into the brand ethos. I think it is incredibly important to learn about a brand and its vision before you purchase from them. See if the values of the brand resonate with your values and see if their concepts are what you are looking for. Honestly, if you learn more about a brand you will appreciate their hard work and dedication. You will appreciate the products and you won’t feel ‘guilty’ for spending a little extra.

Supertreats Key Elements


  • No refined sugar
  • No theobromine or caffeine (unlike chocolate)
  • Rich in natural vitamins and minerals
  • More calcium per bar than in a 100ml glass of milk
  • Sustained, slow-release energy
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Organic, ethical and sustainable
  • So yummy, you won’t even know it’s not chocolate

Ok, let’s talk chocolate! Grab a cuppa… 




If you love the taste of milk chocolate, then this is the bar I would choose for you! Silky, rich and incredibly indulgent. The naturally sweet carob is blended with the silky cocoa butter and a touch of coconut blossom nectar for added sweetness and indulgence. You wouldn’t even know it has no refined sugar in it! As the simple name suggests, this is as smooth as silk! Honestly.


Ok, who loves dried fruit, who loves fruit in general, who loves textured chocolate? ME! Then the Merry Berry is for you. This mix features the organic carob which is beautifully rich in flavour, this is then combined with smooth soothing cocoa butter and heavenly coconut blossom nectar. Mini-chunks of juicy, sweet blueberries are also added to the mix for additional texture and sweetness. This is the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up with a cuppa! The chocolate melts in your mouth and leaves the subtle sweetness of the blueberries behind.


Think chocolate orange combined with crunchy cinder toffee, but with no refined sugar. Their new Cheery Chia bar is absolutely delicious and it’s my favourite from the collection. I love citrus, I love crunch and I love texture in my chocolate. What’s inside? Mouth-watering carob, re-vitalising pure organic orange oil and the superfood that everyone is obsessed with – chia seeds. Rich, juicy and crunchy. The perfect on-the-go treat for all the orange lovers.

Which one will you choose?

Remember, I would never promote or talk about a brand I didn’t love. I would never promote a brand I did not sample first and trial. I only ever talk about the products I love, because after all, I want you to love my content and fall in love with the products I adore and try them for yourself. I want my content to be reliable and trustworthy, based on my own experiences and opinions. What works for me though, might not work for you. Everything should be considered in moderation and don’t forget, chocolate feeds the soul.

I love eating my chocolate on its own with a good cup of tea or sprinkled over some Greek yoghurt. Of course, these chocolates can be melted for the purpose of fondue or incorporated into your bakes. Want me to create a recipe? Let me know… Alternatively, melt it and pour it on everything in sight!

I hope you liked this blog post! I haven’t uploaded a review in a while but this brand definitely deserved to have the spotlight on them this week. I think they are marvellous and what they are doing is so great. Want to try the chocolate for yourself? Check out their list of stockists here: Supertreats Stockists. 

Want to keep up to date with their adventures? Use the following links below:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website

I hope you all have the most fabulous week ahead! What is your favourite sweet healthy snack?

Jessica, x

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