What I Eat in A Day – Eating Out, Homemade Salad Dressing and My Favourite Granola


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Eating Out, Homemade Salad Dressing and My Favourite Granola

Hi, everyone! This week I am bringing you another ‘What I Eat in A Day’ themed post. I love these types of posts and I love watching YouTube videos themed around this topic. Seeing how other people eat inspires my cooking. I think it is interesting to see how other people nourish their bodies too! Eating a wealth of nutrients is incredibly important in order to stay healthy, feel awesome and have lots of energy.

I don’t follow a strict diet, I do not count ‘macros’, and I do not weigh my food. I just eat what I want, when I want and I always make sure I am fuelling my body according to how I feel. I also ensure I am eating lots of deliciousness and that I am keeping my diet varied; fats, carbohydrates, protein and micronutrients. I eat nutrient dense meals 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time (however, this does alter depending on my situation). I don’t restrict anything from my diet unless it makes me feel sluggish. My diet has been a trial and error process to see what works for me and my body. I am not a nutritionist, I just share what works for me, in hope to inspire and share some good vibes.

Eating the way I do, will not make you look like me. However, trying other people’s recipes is exciting and certainly delicious. Everyone is unique and our bodies respond differently to different things. Some days I feel ok eating more carbohydrates, however, on other days I like to lower my carbohydrate intake because of how I feel. I am very in touch with how my body responds to food. I appreciate every mouthful of food, I take my time to digest the food I am eating and I always ensure I am eating enough and fuelling my body correctly. I am an active person so it is important for me to ensure I am fuelling my ‘car’ according to how much ‘fuel’ it uses up. Just like your car, it cannot function without the correct fuel, your body is the same.

We only have one body to live in, so treat it with goodness, kindness and care. Do not restrict, eat the cake you like, eat your vegetables and appreciate your food. We are very fortunate to have access to an array of nutrients, we should not take this for granted.

Let’s get onto the good bit! My food!

2 things I have changed with my nutrition

  1. I have incorporated more savoury breakfast options – every morning I have breakfast, it’s my favourite meal of the day. I have been mixing up my breakfast options recently to help me with my sweet cravings and to help keep my diet varied, delicious and interesting.
  2. I have upped my intake. Since being at university, I have increased my overall intake throughout the day. Not only do you have to fuel your body but you must fuel your brain in order to be productive, positive and energised. I have been eating a lot more to ensure I am focused and full of fuel.

*Throughout the day I am always drinking water, green tea or peppermint tea. Hydration is key for my motivation and energy levels* – Tea Talks – My Addiction​


breakfast 1breakfast 2breakfast 4

ENERGY EGGS – Sweet, salty, wholesome and colourful.

• 1 whole egg • 2 egg whites cooked in coconut oil – seasoned with cinnamon, pepper, ginger and salt – I add cinnamon to sweeten my eggs, it’s honestly delicious! • spiralised courgette • avocado – adds healthy fats and creaminess • wilted spinach •  Rolla Granola Caveman’s Bite granola – sweet, peppery and wholesome • Real Handful trail mix – I picked some dried cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds from the mix. I add seeds and dried fruit to my eggs for a little sweetness, and a little crunch. Honestly, it’s a true taste sensation • a generous spoonful of Jake’s Boost Superboost Spread – for healthy fats, protein and flavour – the perfect accompaniment to my eggs and vegetables. Want to know my thoughts on this spread? Check out my previous post: Sunshine Smoothies – My Favourite Smoothie Ingredients and Toppings •

*This would be a pre-workout meal accompanied with some homemade brown bread, quinoa, oats or sweet potato. I always incorporate carbohydrates before my workout for extra energy*.

Mentioned: Jake’s Boost | Real Handful | Rolla Granola



SYNERGY SALAD – Crunchy, sour and spicy. An injection of summer!

• Spinach • steamed courgette – my favourite vegetable at the moment! • steamed broccoli • steamed sugar snap peas – they add sweetness and a subtle crunch • pomegranate seeds – they add sweetness, crunch and a pop of colour • tomatoes • chicken breast chunks seasoned with lemon, garlic, ginger and pepper • sesame seeds • and to finish off this gorgeous salad, I made my own homemade dressing: the full recipe is here: Jake’s Boost Salad Dressing.

Afternoon Snack


SNACK TIME – Savoury, sweet, crunchy and aromatic. 

I like to keep my snacks varied, light and colourful. At around 3 pm, I hit an energy slump and I can sometimes crave sugar. I always try and choose a variety of wholesome delicious snacks to keep my energy levels maintained. For example, homemade leftover curried chicken from the night before • leftover steamed broccoli • sliced avocado • sliced cucumber • a generous serving of the Rolla Granola Caveman’s Bite granola •

Evening Meal – Cartford Inn

“The Cartford Inn, originally a 17th-century coaching inn located at the historic crossing of the River Wyre, is a multi award-winning pub, restaurant and boutique hotel. At the heart of rural Lancashire, the location boasts enviable views of the surrounding countryside, looking across to the quietly beautiful Bowland fells” The Cartford Inn.

Need to escape? I have found the perfect destination in Lancashire! Yes, it’s round the corner and it certainly has some hidden delights. The Cartford Inn is on my list of FAVOURITE restaurants. It is my go-to place whenever I have friends staying over or I have an occasion to celebrate. Their menu offers an array of culinary delights. The Cartford Inn is situated in the most beautiful surroundings and it’s fair to say that the owners Patrick and Julie Beaume have really produced something special. Flavours from around the world, an interior that expresses their personalities and an atmosphere that makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. They have ticked every single box.

When I have finished my meal at The Cartford Inn I am always craving for more and I already want to plan my next visit. I am a lover of flavours, textures and colour and they have combined these three foodie elements to produce food that should be classed as an artform. Their food is a masterpiece and it is something to be proud of, their chefs are incredibly talented and it is an honour to meet them and eat their creations. Not forgetting, the customer service is always impeccable and they are never at fault. Friendly, vibrant and soul touching members of staff. You can tell that the whole business is formulated around creativity, love and passion, it is a true delight to see. Of course, I hope to return very soon! – If anyone would like me to do a full review on The Cartford Inn, I sure will!

To celebrate me finishing my exams at university I chose The Cartford Inn as my evening destination; relaxed, delicious food and the perfect location for celebrating in a relaxing fashion.



Crispy Snails with Roasted Garlic and Ndjua Mayonnaise

Firstly, how beautiful is the presentation of this starter. The true representation of spring and summer! Vibrant, wholesome and creative. The crispy snails were crunchy, juicy and sweet. The ndjua mayonnaise is warming, spicy and extremely flavoursome; it accompanies the crispy snails perfectly and adds a unique dimension to this dish. If you fancy something different, then definitely give these a try! I shared these with my mum and dad and we were all delighted with the taste sensation these little gems provided.


Sea Salt and Black Pepper Squid with a Tomato and Parmesan Relish

Homemade, fresh, sweet, salty, sour and certainly delicious. This dish was flavour rich and encompasses the true taste of fresh seafood at its finest quality, all of which is sourced from Fleetwood. Ok, whenever I visit The Cartford Inn I ALWAYS order this starter. In fact, on many occasions, I have ordered a double portion of this deliciousness and eaten it with some chips and created my own ‘posh fish & chips‘. However, on this occasion, I did want to save room for my main course, *although I would never say no to an extra serving*. Crunchy on the outside and subtly soft on the inside, squid is rich in protein and makes a flavourful addition to almost any meal. The relish packs a sweet and tart punch and it is the perfect dipping sauce for the squid, definitely the best squid I have ever tried! Don’t forget, a squeeze of lemon is essential, it adds the perfect amount of tang and ties all of the elements of the dish together perfectly.

Main Course


Miso-Glazed, Pan-Fried Cod and Octopus with Pak Choi, Grilled Aubergine and Black Garlic Potato Purée

Wow! I was so impressed with this dish. The presentation was something to be admired. The freshness of the fish was incredible and this dish certainly took me somewhere else. The flavours added a new depth to my taste buds and took me on an adventure across the plate of ingredients. Careful consideration has been made to ensure every ingredient on this plate served a purpose. The flavour combinations intertwined with one another and resulted in a wonderful mouthwatering outcome, I was left craving for more! I would definitely order this again. What a wonderful end to a wonderful evening.

I was completely overwhelmed by the dishes and I am certainly planning my next visit soon. For more information about The Cartford Inn please be sure to check out their website: The Cartford Inn (all opinions are my own and this post has not been sponsored). I celebrated in style and I want to thank The Cartford Inn for providing the most wonderful setting for my celebrations; the perfect way to de-stress ready for my finals. (I have now finished my finals and have received the majority of my results. I am overwhelmed. Since visiting The Cartford Inn on this occasion, I have been back! & yes, I did order the same main course, I couldn’t resist!).

I ate out and I didn’t restrict my choices. I didn’t starve myself the next day and I DID NOT feel guilty. Food is to be enjoyed. Our bodies are the temple of our lives and they are to be nurtured and fuelled with goodness. My soul was hungry for some delicious food and I was definitely going to feed that craving. Don’t restrict your food choices. Embrace new food, experiment with your ingredients and appreciate every mouthful you enjoy. Acknowledge other people’s hard work and thank a restaurant or eating establishment whenever they have served well. Honestly, they’ll love it! And any good restaurant is always willing for feedback.

Where should I go to next for a meal?

What was your favourite meal from my day?

I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope I have inspired your food choices. Colour and nutrients are key but always leave some room for cake and the soul hugging food.

All my love and positive vibes,

Jessica x

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