Bless You! Soothing The Summer Cold

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 Bless You! Soothing The Summer Cold

Happy Sunday everyone! How has your week been? Have you been productive? I have been catching up with a mountain of errands. At the beginning of the month, I became a little poorly. I was bed bound for a few days and I was not feeling my usual, bright and colourful self. Because of the lifestyle I have chosen, I very rarely become sick or unwell. I eat well, I exercise regularly and I listen to my body; when my body needs sleep, I sleep.

However, the past few months have been the most challenging months of this year yet. They have pushed me and have definitely tested my limits. I have been waking up at 5 am every day and spending the majority of my day reading university English books or typing up essays. The essay writing would be followed up with a gym session and more studying and blogging. Honestly, it was overwhelming. The studying became part of me and it controlled me. I can say I am a dedicated ‘student’ and I did not give up. I gave my degree my best shot and now it is all dependant on the final marks; bring on June the 28th! (Want to know some tips on how to cope at uni? Let me know and I will do a blog post!).

On May the 19th, I dressed up and went out for an evening of fun, food and dancing with my friends from university. We spent the whole night eating and laughing, it was wonderful. I truly let my hair down. Howeverthe following morning, I woke up and I did not feel fresh. There was no hangover in sight, in fact, the pesky flu had captured me, sadly! A few weeks prior to this outing, I had been relaxing and unwinding from my studies and unfortunately, other areas of my life began to break and fall apart. Everything just got too much. I could not cope with not studying anymore (it was a good distraction for me and although it was tiring, I loved it), I could not cope with a broken relationship and I could not cope with the stress of ‘what happens next’ now I am a graduate and I am unleashed into the real world.

Being poorly helped me put myself on pause. I am the type of person to give everything my best shot, I never give up until something is completed to a high standard and I am ALWAYS on the go. I feel guilty relaxing and unwinding. However, I have now realised that relaxing is crucial for progression. Now my horrid flu has gone, it has made me feel stronger, more energised and relaxed – all because I HAD TO stop. I do believe that sometimes we catch these colds for a reason. To press pause, before we go on over-drive and explode. I have collated some ideas and tips together to help you get better sooner and to help you not feel guilty for taking time out. Healing your body is essential. Don’t rush this process. Even if you are suffering from a hangover, these tips might work too!

My Soothing Summer Cold Tips



Location: Ribby Hall Spa Hotel | Photography: Matt Herrington Photography in collaboration with One Piece: Lounging Around In My Favourite Loungewear


Eat Well = Feel Well 

Eat well and then the process of recovery will come by a lot quicker. Because I wasn’t going to the gym throughout the week I made sure I kept my diet in tip-top condition. I was eating ‘whole’ foods. Vegetables, fruits, good protein sources: chicken, eggs, fish and lots of healthy fats: nuts, seeds and avocado. I ensured I was eating a variety of foods that offered a variety nutrients and I ensured I was eating at regular times. Although, I did have a lack of appetite I made sure to fuel my body accordingly. Sometimes when you are poorly, you may just want to sit there and eat chocolate all day or you may be the reverse, and the thought of food can make you feel even worse. Whatever makes you feel better, do it. Remember, food is fuel. The fuel we provide our body with is essential for optimal performance. Don’t slack.

Do Not Restrict

Just because you aren’t training or don’t have the energy to train, does not mean you should restrict your food. Although you may be recovering or may be bed bound, your body needs the appropriate fuel to recover. Carbohydrates are essential! They aren’t something to fear. Eat according to your cravings and eat well. Make wise choices and fuel your body with healthy goodness. As I have previously said, the quicker you fuel your body with goodness, the quicker the cold will vanish! Honest, it has worked for me.

Stay Clean and Pampered

Yes, laziness can strike when we feel one degree under. The thought of showering and washing your hair seems like an impossible task (sometimes I feel like this even when I am not poorly). However, since I have been poorly, keeping groomed, clean and freshly dressed has made me feel so much better. Take a soak in the bath, put on some clean pj’s and paint your nails. I can promise you, this will improve your mood by 99%…

Breathe The Fresh Air

As soon as you feel able to, get yourself up and get yourself outside. There is nothing more healing than the fresh air outside. Take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out. Repeat this a few times. Enjoy the state of calmness, freshness and relaxation. If you’re having a low day, be kind to yourself and relax a little. This also helps me whenever I feel anxious.

Be in Touch With How You Feel

Question yourself. ‘Do I feel better?’ ‘How poorly am I?’ ‘Do I need to sleep?’ – Listen to your inner being. Is your body craving some comfort food? Is your body craving some rest? Listen. To. Your. Body. It is a temple and deserves to be worshipped. Don’t force your body and brain to do the things it does not want to do. Healing from the inside out is important.

Do Not Stress

If you’re like me, the thought of being bed bound and unproductive is a catastrophe. However, remember, rest is vital and we must listen to our body and the signals it gives off. For optimal recovery, do not stress. There is nothing you can do, just reduce the symptoms and stay calm. Breathe, eat some delicious food and rest. The sooner you look after yourself, the sooner you will feel better. As I have said, sometimes us becoming poorly with the flu can work in our favour – it can allow us to re-energise and recharge our batteries.


The remedies that helped me: lots of hot drinks – herbal tea and warm water with lemon. Lots of sleep and rest. A little chocolate here and there, this helped me stay sane and made my soul feel good, everything in moderation. Eat your homemade ‘tummy hugging’ foods, this will make you feel cosy and relaxed; roast dinner, homemade stew and soup, fruit crumble, porridge! Check out my recipes for some inspiration: Be-Youtiful Chocolate Banana MuffinsGratitude Granola – Autumn Warmth, Spring Spice | Be Happy BB Brownies – Updated Recipe | Tea Talks – My Addiction  | Courageous Crumble – The Whey Box and Rolla Granola Crumble Recipe 

Finally, Ease Yourself Back To The Routine

I have made the mistake many times before. Whenever I have been poorly and I finally get myself back in the gym I EXHAUST myself to the extreme; to catch up on the exercise I didn’t do. This in fact made me even worse and put me out of the gym for longer. I have learnt the hard way. This time around, the first session back, I attended a yoga class – this helped my digestion, my breathing and helped me stretch. The next day I then did some light weights to ease my body back into the routine. Remember, you are still healing until you feel 100% again. Take care, breathe and relax.

I hope you liked this week’s blog post! Although I have been poorly, I have used my time wisely. I have been baking, reading and catching up on emails. Don’t be hard on yourself this week.

What are your tips for staying energised whilst full of the flu?

Happy Sunday gorgeous people! I hope your week is so so fabulous.

Jessica, x

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