Exercise 3 Ways – Walk, Lift,Laugh

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope the week that has just left you, was inspiring and productive for you. It is the beginning of a new week and that means it could be time to set your targets for the week ahead. Or, you might set one target! My targets each week are: to stay active, have fun and always smile. Sometimes, life gets in the way and these three things can become challenging, but that’s what life is really all about – challenges that change us and change our situations to lead us to magical new beginnings.

Exercise is sometimes a daunting subject for some people, but I must say… The gym isn’t the be-all and end-all! In fact, some people don’t like the gym and that’s ok. I have gone from doing Zumba once a week, to cross country 3 times a week to now; weightlifting 4-5 times a week, walking everywhere and enjoying the active lifestyle of exploring new places.

That means you have to experiment and see what you DO like. What works for you and what works for your schedule. An early morning walk? Yoga in the evening after work? An early morning HIIT session at your local gym? A 45-minute weight lifting session? Exploring a new city on foot? Taking the stairs instead of the lift? (See! Exercise isn’t that daunting). Get creative with your exercise!

This week I am going to share 3 things I love to do to stay active. The final one will have a little positive twist and will be sure to make you smile. Remember, Positively Jessica Ward is all about incorporating a positive edge, not everything has to be serious all of the time!



Packed lunch for the day of walking – lots of steamed green veggies, tomatoes and some steamed white fish. We also carried some nuts, fruit and some sweets, of course!


That’s right, I absolutely love walking! I love exploring new places on foot and I believe that if you explore more places on foot, you’ll discover new hidden gems. When I was in Singapore I explored the majority of the places by walking. When I was in Newcastle I explored the main attractions by walking; the same for London, Paris and Rome. But don’t forget, you don’t have to be somewhere exotic to explore your surroundings by foot. Get yourself to the local park, explore the nearby lakes, the seaside, travel and plan a hike. I recently did the walk around Ingleton Falls in North Yorkshire, my goodness, It was beautiful! It was a great workout and it created another memory. It was a wonderful day and it was much better than being in the gym. I packed some lunch, wrapped up warm and made sure I had the correct footwear and I began the beautiful walk.

Whenever the sun is shining, I feel the need to make the most of the day and get myself outside, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. In the winter months, wrap up warm, have a flask of tea ready and head off on an adventure!



I can understand that lifting weights isn’t for everyone and it can be very daunting heading into the gym and working out next to the weights (I never use to like lifting weights). I love weightlifting now and it has become a hobby of mine over the past two years, it has improved my confidence and it has made me physically and mentally stronger.

Weightlifting gives me an exhilarating feeling and it’s awesome! However, lifting weights can be done as part of an exercise class too. Grab some friends together and head down to your local gym. Body Pump is a new favourite of mine! It incorporates high reps, low weight and it is the perfect muscle burnout. Body Pump is great fun and the music is awesome, definitely an activity you can do with your friends. Weightlifting has helped me in so many ways, but I am always willing to mix up my routine and try out new classes. Remember fitness and exercise should enhance your current lifestyle, not bring you down and fill you with dread. Weightlifting is challenging, both mentally and physically, don’t be frightened to try something new. New changes lead us to unknown destinations and change is ALWAYS a good idea.




Photography: Matthew Herrington | Location: Ribby Hall Spa Hotel


Laughing counts as exercise doesn’t it? Laughing that much your tummy hurts (that is technically a ‘core’ exercise, what an awesome concept!). Remember, working out and staying active should be something fun, you should have the drive and passion for doing it; if you don’t, change what you’re doing.

Don’t forget to always enjoy the present moment, be in the ‘now’ and appreciate your surroundings. Use your current surroundings as motivation to progress further. Exercise isn’t my life, it is a small part of my life and it makes me feel good, that is why I do it. Some days I don’t feel like working out, so I won’t. I listen to my body and engage with my inner self. This is important in order to progress and be happy, from my own experience, it is a gradual process. Although embracing the present moment is important, don’t let your goals go to waste, keep the healthy balance of food, exercise and laughter. Get outdoors more and enjoy the crisp winter mornings, explore nearby locations, enjoy comfort food the healthy way and get creative in the kitchen –  Pumpkin Pleasers – Bearfaced Groceries – 3 Healthy Recipes | Be Happy BB Brownies – Updated Recipe | Courageous Crumble – The Whey Box and Rolla Granola Crumble Recipe

Let’s do this!

A short & sweet post this week because I am gradually reaching the end of my degree so the workload is high. If you do want to keep up to date with my daily adventures check out my social media channels which are linked in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page.

Indulge, have fun, keep warm and stay active. I hope you have a wonderful week!

What is your favourite way to stay active? I would love to know! Comment below! 

Jessica, x

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