Sunshine Smoothies – My Favourite Smoothie Ingredients and Toppings

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Happy Monday everyone! Need some smoothie inspiration? Want to know my go-to ingredients to make the perfect smoothie (including the yummiest toppings)? Well, look no further! This week I am back with a supercharged smoothie recipe, packed full of goodness, veggies, protein, sweetness and energy. What more could you want? If you’re anything like me you live for the summer, you love refreshing drinks and anything colourful makes you feel happy. I hope this blog post inspires your breakfast choices and injects your day with a little colour.

Smoothies tick all of the boxes for me, they can add a pop of colour to your day, they can re-energise you and they can be packed full of goodness. Putting sweet and savoury items in your smoothies is a great way to balance flavours and nutrients – spinach and banana, as an example. Whenever I create a smoothie, I sometimes swap the ingredients around and I may add extra of something and less of something else, but it is all about experimenting and finding your favourite alternative. Sunshine smoothies don’t take long to make and they’re the perfect on-the-go breakfast! Or if you have a little bit more time on your hands, you can pour them into a bowl and decorate them with your favourite toppings.

I always like to include vegetables within my smoothies, it is a great way of adding extra nutrients without the added flavour or texture. Whenever I add vegetables to my smoothies, I always add a piece of fruit to balance the flavours accordingly, this is personal preference. However, if you’re not a fan of vegetables, get them packed into your smoothies and disguise them, don’t miss out on those vital nutrients just because you dislike the taste. I promise you, you can’t taste the spinach in these smoothies, the spinach just injects the smoothie with a funky colour and amazing superfood properties aka it is a powerhouse of nutrients, what did Popeye live off, he has been inspiring children since the 1930’s to eat more veggies, his muscles didn’t just appear! Spinach powered muscles, haha ;).



The Basic Recipe for A Sunshine Smoothie

  1. 1 ripe frozen banana (the browner the banana, the sweeter it is! Don’t throw them, freeze them. The banana has to be frozen if you want a creamy texture, just like ice cream).
  2. 1 sachet of Whey Box protein powder – this adds creaminess, additional protein and extra delicious flavour. I have reviewed their products and I love them! Read my previous blog posts for more information – There Is Only One Whey To Be – The Whey Box Whey Review and Discount Code!
  3. 1 handful of ice, this adds extra ‘bulk’ to your smoothie, enhances the creamy texture and adds a touch of coolness, refreshing and delicious!
  4. 1 handful of spinach or kale, experiment with your vegetables and get creative.
  5. 1 liquid of your choice, this can be either water or milk. I love almond milk! It is thick, refreshing and adds additional nutty flavour. Add enough liquid to ensure the mixture blends together, however, don’t add too much! We want the consistency to be thicker than usual, so the toppings don’t sink to the bottom when you pour the mixture into a bowl.
  6. 1 nut butter of your choice, my favourite at the moment is the Super Boost spread from Jake’s Boost – this spread is vegan, gluten free and contains no added sugar or salt, it is 100% natural and it is 100% satisfying. This spread, in particular, was created to maximise your performance as an individual, including activities such as walking, climbing, weight lifting and running… How incredible is that? Perhaps I need a life supply of this stuff. I will be uploading some recipes super soon featuring this delightful pot of goodness so watch this space for more information! Or for more information on their brand and my thoughts check out my recent blog post: What I Eat In A Day – Healthy Meal Ideas.

Smoothie bowl No. 1 – the same ingredients as listed above, however, no green vegetables were included. The protein of choice was from Whey Box: strawberry (subtly sweet, indulgent and is definitely the taste of spring! This works perfectly alongside the frozen banana and berries).


Smoothie bowl No. 2 – I added spinach and kale, a mixture of the two for extra vegetable goodness – 1 handful of each, washed and wilted (wilting the vegetables is optional but I feel as if my body digests the green leafy vegetables the best this way. Wilt the greens and allow to cool before blending). For the toppings: I added raisins, berries, seeds and Rolla Granola for crunch, colour and extra carbohydrates – slow release energy at its finest.

My Favourite Toppings

  • Fruit – pomegranate, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries! Anything that adds a pop of colour and packs a punch of sweetness, I am a fruit-acholic! If that is a thing…
  • Trail Mix – mixed nuts, seeds, coconut chips and dried fruit, again, this adds texture, protein and deliciousness. My favourite portion sized trail mixes are from Real Handful, they’re natural, diverse and tastebud-popping!
  • Granola – of course! My favourite. And it wouldn’t be normal to mention granola without mentioning one of my favourite brands Rolla Granola – two types of granola have been captured within this flat lay, both of which are from Rolla Granola and are exclusive, watch this space!
  • Nut butter – add a dollop of nut butter on top for extra indulgence.
  • Nutribrex – gluten free cereal packed full of nutrients, sweetness and slow release energy. You can blend this within your smoothie but I choose to crumble it on top for added crunch.




I loved writing this blog post and I loved capturing the images because it meant that I got to eat all of the props afterwards, being a food blogger definitely does have its perks! I hope you loved the blog post this week, I hope you take some foodie inspiration away from it. If you do re-create any of the recipes from my blog please be sure to tag me in your creations, I would love to see them!

For £5 off your next order with WheyBox, use my discount code at the checkout! – POSSJESSBOX.

Mentioned: Rolla Granola | Real Handful | Whey Box | Nutribrex | Jakes Boost | Alpro

Get creative, get colourful and don’t forget the veggies! 

I hope you have a wonderful week – I have an exam on Thursday so the stress levels are high, but I am remaining focused and positive. Whatever happens, happens. See you all next week!

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Jessica, x

















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