Gratitude Granola – Autumn Warmth, Spring Spice


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Gratitude Granola



Happy Sunday everyone! I am back again with another recipe, this time it is inspired by my huge love for gratitude and granola. If you know me well enough, you will know that I am a huge lover of granola and cereal. I love it with almond milk, on top of ice cream or with some coconut yoghurt. Granola is diverse, tummy loving and delicious. Homemade granola is even better, it contains no nasty ingredients and can be packed full of nutrients. I have created a recipe that provides warmth, wholesome goodness and happiness.

I have added subtle sweetness using dried fruit and honey, which of course can be substituted for alternatives. Experiment with your granola ingredients and get creative in the kitchen. If you do re-create this recipe, please take some images and share them with me! I would love to feature them on my website or social media.

Be Grateful

What are you grateful for today?

Initially, I was inspired by my huge love for gratitude lists. They have helped me a lot in terms of mental strength. Creating a gratitude list doesn’t require much effort or thought.  Create some granola, grab a cup of tea and take 5 minutes to jot down the things you are grateful for; food, water, friendship, to be able to breathe, nature… They can be simple concepts, but concepts you couldn’t live without.

Being grateful is something that has helped me accept ‘change’. It has helped me accept challenges and it has helped me move forward as a person. Every day we wake up, we should be grateful to even be alive and we should be grateful to be able to earn money, be educated and eat some food. Some things become so easy in our lives and we don’t acknowledge the simple things, which is so sad. Life takes us by surprise and sometimes it can become overwhelming. Take some time out to relax and write a gratitude list.

Being grateful breaks down walls that seem like challenges, being grateful makes the hard times easier and being grateful makes this thing called ‘life’ a better place to be. If we appreciate the ‘small’ things, can you imagine how the ‘big’ things will make us feel! Everyone’s gratitude list will be different because we are all individual and we all have our own opinions and feelings and that’s amazing. (Another thing to be grateful for – the ability to voice our opinions and the ability to feel emotions) it is that simple!

Recipe Time! Ingredients and Method

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I hope you loved this blog post! I absolutely love being in the kitchen and experimenting, it really is my ‘happy place’ when I am at home away from university work. I hope you’re prepped for the week ahead and have adopted a positive mindset. If you need somebody to talk to, don’t forget I am always here – via social media or email.

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I hope you have a great week!

Jessica, x



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