Tea Talks – My Addiction​

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Tea Talks – My Addiction

Both images: location: Ribby Hall | photographer: Matthew Herrington Photography

Happy weekday everyone! Who is ready for some comfort? Who is ready to make a connection with a warm drink? Who is ready to see my favourite tea flavours? This week I am bringing you my favourite teas from we are tea – yes, the simplest name, but their branding speaks volumes: simple branding and simple ingredients. Whenever I look for a good tea blend on the shelf in the supermarket I ALWAYS read the ingredient list on the back of the packet to ensure it is all 100% natural and trustworthy, I consume A LOT of tea and I have to make sure what I consuming in abundance is doing something good, not the reverse.

If you know me well enough, you will know all I drink is cups of tea and occasionally water… However, a good cup of tea is the way to my heart. I love all types of tea! I am a true tea addict, I hope to own an extensive collection of herbal teas one day, maybe I will dedicate a whole pantry to the addiction and I am sure we are tea will be featured amongst the variety! Is anyone with me on this idea? Ok, so yes, the obsession is real. In fact, my friends buy me herbal teas for my birthday and for Christmas! They know how to feed the addiction. True friends!

Ok, so let’s be a little serious. Why do I love tea so much? The real reason is: because it provides comfort. It makes me feel calm. It reduces my stress levels. It helps with an irritable stomach and it makes me feel like everything is ok. Sounds bizarre, I know. But I have always loved cups of tea. Tea has helped me deal with anxiety and nerves and it has helped me overcome some fears, something so simple, yet helps conquer something so complex.

My appreciation for the craft of making tea is beyond anything else, I appreciate the process and the beauty behind natural herbs and infusions and to collaborate and sample a brand such as: we are tea – I was so excited and pleased, in fact, they resonate with my ethos and their simplicity is beautiful and their ingredients are beyond anything I have ever tried before. Tea is beautiful, it is delicate and it is to be appreciated – it allows me to appreciate my British upbringing and it allows me to combat my inner anxiety, something which can be very controlling. Thank you, we are tea


So who are we are tea?

“Our journey into the wonderful world of speciality tea started way back in 2007 when we opened a tea shop in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral in central London. Our vision was to celebrate the British love affair with tea and to create a space where our customers could drink tea, eat cake and enjoy a moment, either alone or with friends, away from the of the hustle and bustle of the City”. 

“Although the tea shop no longer exists, it is part of our heritage and its spirit lives on in all that we do – we are still celebrating the British love affair with tea and still using design, innovation and collaborations to break down the barriers to speciality tea”. 

Top Picks From The Brand


  • They hand source the finest tea leaves, they handle the whole-leaf teas, herbs and flowers with true gentleness to ensure more of their essential oils are encapsulated within their blends.
  • Their tea bags are made from biodegradable corn starch, allowing the little herbs to infuse your water with pure goodness.
  • Their authentic blends are ethically sourced from all over the world; China, India and Africa (amazing!!)
  • They break the barriers of tea confusion! Their tea bags are organised by colour to allow the individual to pick the perfect blend depending on their mood and the flavours they are craving.
  • Their selected charity is Contact the Elderly this national organisation helps tackle loneliness and social isolation among older people (so so beautiful).
  • They take care of the planet and they are very conscious about being environmentally friendly.
  • “Our teas are great quality whilst also being ethically and carefully sourced, they are direct from growers and artisan producers around the world” “Being a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), we try our best to look after those who grow and pluck the tea for us. This means all our teas are sourced from producers who belong to the monitoring and improvement programme that is the ETP”.

My Favourite Picks So Far…


Moroccan Mint – Green Tea

Balance – this tea blend is the perfect balance of elements and has the hidden travel infusion also. Energising, refreshing and uplifting, the perfect combination for a mid-morning pick-me-up. The Moroccan mint infuses the tea with freshness, providing cleansing properties, whereas the green tea complements this process and heals the tummy.

Enjoy the tea in the winter for a warming soul-hugger or enjoy it over some ice for a refreshing summer alternative.

“We think that it tastes great – but don’t just take our word for it, our Moroccan Mint has won multiple Great Taste Awards!”


Peppermint Leaf Tea

Powerful and healing, two different concepts but provides the most amazing outcome. Need a tummy healer? Need to calm the nerves? This blend is the perfect one! Feel bloated and sluggish? The is the perfect accompaniment to your meal as these little bags of goodness aid in digestion and help you feel uplifted and relaxed. Fresh, pure and 100% natural. I appreciate their blends and their craftsmanship, little bags of gentle, calming beauty.


Protect – Fighting Fit

If you’re anything like me catching the flu is something that seems very scary, haha! It is something I try to avoid at all costs and this is because I am a workaholic and I hate having time off, I love being active, I love being able to eat and I appreciate my health a lot! These teabags are the protecting shield for the nasty bugs and germs that we come in contact with each day. The ingredients sound complex but they’re delicious; this infusion packs a punch but has a subtle sweetness and fragrant flavour: the ingredients are: Echinacea, rosehips, elderflower, olive leaf, calendula, hibiscus, holy basil – exotic, natural and enriching.

“We’ve partnered up with nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to develop and launch this range of delicious Super Teas. This functional range has been carefully developed so that it does good and tastes great”.

So that’s my verdict! They’re my favourite blends from the collection so far. I can’t wait to sample some more in the near future, I am sure I will! I want to thank we are tea for providing beauty, for providing nature-friendly goodness and for providing photogenic tea bags, who ever knew there was a thing! Their teabags are so awesome. Thank you, we are tea I am so grateful for this healing package.

Want to learn about them for yourself and check out their other blends? Well, fill your boots… Or should I say your cup/mug 😉

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I hope you liked this week’s blog post, want to collaborate? Please drop me an email: jessicairenemarieward@hotmail.com 

Jessica, x



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