Be Happy BB Brownies – Updated Recipe

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Be Happy BB Brownies

Happy Thursday! Another day, another delicious recipe. This time it is for the chocolate lovers out there. I am sure there is a few! Me being one of them. I absolutely love chocolate and I always have, since I have adopted the healthy ‘lifestyle’ I haven’t made drastic changes and I definitely haven’t cut anything out from my diet. Chocolate makes my soul incredibly happy and I eat it almost every day. This does not mean I eat a whole chocolate bar and feel sick, it means I have balance, I listen to my body and I fuel my body accordingly. I eat these types of foods within moderation and sometimes, yes, I do overeat but it is about achieving happiness and balance and NOT guilt. I embrace every moment of my meal and I feel grateful for the food I eat. Guilt does not come into it.

Occasionally, I will indulge and eat some dairy milk or milky way, they’re my favourites also and I truly believe having a balanced approach to food, is the best way as it is maintainable! When it comes to baking I like to incorporate nutrients where I can and transform family favourites, chocolate brownies being one of them.

Although the sugar content will still be fairly high in these brownies, they aren’t processed or shop bought. They’re homemade with love and care! And taste delicious and offer some additional nutrients, unlike shop bought processed brownies. These brownies are decadent, soft and rich. They taste amazing on top of coconut yoghurt, sprinkled over your morning oats or just with a simple cup of tea.

The ‘Be Happy’ concept comes from the feeling we have when we create something magical, it rewards us with a sense of happiness and achievement. That’s why I love baking so much! Even when it goes wrong sometimes, it makes me smile and makes me carry on. Life, in general, should be perceived in that eye – when things don’t work out, smile, accept the ‘change’ and step onto the next stone, take a deep breath and have some faith. Of course, at the time we may feel down, but we have to continue to accept ‘change’ and accept the days that don’t go to plan, they are there for a reason and have an intended outcome, we just aren’t aware of it yet. Be happy, bake some brownies and feel a sense of achievement even when things don’t go to plan. Celebrate every victory.

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Recipe Time! Ingredients and Method

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I get the majority of my ‘superfood’ powders from Grape Tree Health Foods

It would make me so happy if you shared your creations with me! If you re-create these be sure to tag me in your creations @positivelyjessicaward – or send your images my way and I’ll share them on my blog and my social media!

I hope you all have a great week. Get yourself in the kitchen and experiment with food! I have suggested alternative ingredients above if you don’t have the ones I used ^^^.

Happy Monday everyone! Set some goals, achieve your to-do list and always stay happy.

Jessica, x

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