3 Things I am Grateful For – 100th Post On My Blog!

3 things i am grateful for.jpg


Image Location: Ribby Hall Spa Hotel | Photographer: Matthew Herrington Photography

Hello, everyone! I am back with another blog post and this time I am sharing another gratitude list with you. I want to inspire, share my gratitude and encourage you to search for the greatness in the surrounding opportunities. Sometimes, we can all become swamped in emails, work, relationships and ‘life’ and we never sit back and appreciate what surrounds us. The little things really do matter and they make a huge impact on the larger things in our life. You may not be aware of these small things but you should identify them and appreciate them if you don’t already.

Taking time out to create a gratitude list is a positive activity and will have a positive effect on you and your mindset. You could begin each day with a gratitude list, each month or each year. Whichever way you choose to do it, do it your way. Being grateful is different for everyone and what I am grateful for may be different to your choices, however, it could inspire the way you look at these aspects too.

Strangers Saying Hello 


Image Location: Ribby Hall Spa Hotel | Photographer: Matthew Herrington Photography

This may sound a little strange but more recently people in my local gym have made the effort to talk to me. They have made the effort to introduce themselves to me and they have made the effort to make me smile. These small gestures make the gym a lot more pleasant, they make the gym a team activity and it makes it a less daunting environment for new people. I go to the gym to primarily work out and unwind, however, talking to new people and sharing ideas is also a great way to connect, gain knowledge and step out of your comfort zone.

You may be unaware but the majority of people in the gym are nervous, they may be out of their comfort zone and they may be working really hard towards a specific goal. Smiling at somebody can make their whole day. We aren’t usually aware of the small gestures that people make. However, I know that if somebody smiles at me, it makes my WHOLE day 10x better. So, from now on I will return this gesture. It made a positive impact on me so I want to make a positive impact on somebody else in return. Radiate positivity and kindness and it will blossom back to you.

The Earth Is Our Pharmacy



All images above our taken from my Instagram account – follow me for some more foodie inspiration!

Now, I am no nutrition expert (however, in the near future I want to study this at a high level) but I think we can all agree that food has a huge impact on us as individuals. It can make us feel certain emotions and it can bring people together. What I mean by this title is that food can heal, it can fuel and it can cause happy memories. All are things that feed happiness and result in happiness. Good nutrition, from my own experience, can increase your energy levels, it can help fuel your workouts, it allows you to make more appropriate decisions, it can help fuel the brain to result in positive outcomes and it can reduce the symptoms of various conditions – the common cold being one, which everyone gets! Food takes control and it helps achieve ‘balance’ within your life.

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I love my green vegetables but I love my pizza and chocolate too. I make sure I nourish my body with nutrient dense foods and I treat myself every now and then. Food is fuel, food is to be enjoyed and food is amazing. It isn’t the enemy! I have gone through times where I have been scared of food and it has controlled me and my decisions, now it fuels my decisions and it helps me achieve my goals. Food gives us the energy to achieve our goals and ambitions. It is important. How much do you want to achieve your goals and ambitions? If you are making any drastic changes to your diet, see a health professional first to ensure it is the best decision for you. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, it isn’t boring and the benefits are incredible (from my own experience).


Warm Tea, Loungewear and Relaxing



Image Location: Ribby Hall Spa Hotel | Photography: Matthew Herrington Photography


I feel like the majority of us live a life that is fast, productive and exhausting. Although we may love our routine, sometimes it can become taxing, it can overtake our bodies and it can result in exhaustion (this week has been one of these weeks for me!). Having ‘time out’ is crucial. Not only will it help you become more productive but it will allow you to rest, re-energise and allow you to spend some time on ‘you’. Remember, ‘you’ are the one being productive, ‘you’ are the one providing the luxuries and ‘you’ are the one who is working hard towards ambitions, goals and dreams. Let yourself rest, let yourself have some fun and let yourself re-energise. I absolutely love a HUGE cup of warm water, tea or hot chocolate, it transforms my mood and makes me feel instantly cosy and content inside.

Loungewear is another one of my favourite things alongside activewear – Lounging Around In My Favourite Loungewear. Put on your favourite loungewear, make yourself a warm drink and do something ‘you’ love every now and then. It isn’t wasting time, it is giving something back to ‘you’.

I hope my gratitude list for this month will inspire your gratitude list. What are you grateful for? The small things or the slightly larger things. We can be grateful for food, fresh air and to have a roof over our heads. Something that we ignore every day, should be acknowledged and appreciated. Kindness, gratitude and passion are key!

I hope you all have a productive weekend, remember, take some time out, unwind and re-energise.

Jessica, x


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