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There Is Only One Whey To Be – The Whey Box Whey Review and Discount Code!



Happy Whey Box Week everyone! This week I am bringing you my FAVOURITE protein brand. A delicious powdered protein that can be incorporated into smoothies, juices, yoghurt, oats, cooking, baking and much more. I thought it was important to share my opinion on this brand because I have sampled various other protein supplement companies and I have never been truly happy with the results until now.

I don’t use whey protein for my main source of protein, I use this for convenience and added flavour. I primarily get my protein sources from chicken, fish, lentils, beans, eggs and Greek yoghurt. Natural sources before supplementation. This is the way I prefer to do it, as it works for me. However, if you find it particularly challenging to reach your protein count each day, a supplement may be worth considering (check with a health professional before making any drastic changes!). Protein powders, for me, are something I don’t consume in abundance. I use them every now and then when I need some sweetness or a quick hit of protein.

Whey Box tick every box for me, *see what I did there!?* – But seriously, they do. They have managed to pack flavour, nutrients and goodness into a small sachet which can be carried anywhere on-the-go. Having your protein on-the-go has never been so simple!

What Is The Whey Box?

  • Whey Box protein is Gluten free, GMO free and Vegetarian.

Whey Box is a subscription service which delivers flavoured protein sachets to your door every month. Have you ever purchased a huge tub of protein powder, spent a ridiculous amount on it and got bored of the flavour after a few weeks? If this is you, maybe it is time for a change. The Whey Box offer you the choice to customise your box every month by selecting different protein sachets from their collection of 10 different flavours! Yes, 10 different flavours! That means you will never get bored of your breakfast, post workout shake or smoothies.

I got the chance to sample some of their flavours and my favourite one from this mini collection is Chocolate Orange; subtly sweet, creamy and super energising. What I love about their protein is that it doesn’t cause my stomach to cramp, it doesn’t spike a sugar rush and the flavours don’t taste artificial and processed.

Here is an example of the ingredients, how to store the protein and the nutritional information you may want to know:


Which flavours should I choose? For example, you could select one of each flavour for your subscription box and try each one before deciding on a favourite. These subscription boxes are the perfect gift for your fitness friend, your foodie friend or for somebody who is new to healthy living and fitness. They’re affordable, convenient and extremely versatile.

Are you travelling somewhere this year? Whey Box has created these sachets so that they are travel-friendly too. Travelling to work, the gym or abroad. Meeting your protein target has never been this easy until now.

“Whey Box is fundamentally about one thing: convenience. We wanted to create a product that was easy to order, easy to keep and easy to use. Once signed up, this box will hit your doormat every month without you ever having to re-order.

Every brand claims it, so we might as well too! But seriously, we know you’ll love the flavour. We’ve created 10 for you to choose from so that boredom never gets the better of you. Even after you’ve signed up you can log in to your account and change your preferences at any time.

Not content with ‘just’ being a protein brand, we’ve added each flavour to almost every porridge, smoothie and healthy bake out there.

As a result, we’ve got loads of tasty recipes to share with you. We’d love you to share your own recipes with us!” – The Whey Box.

How to use Whey Box protein? Some small ideas!

  • Mix your protein sachet with almond milk (or another milk alternative) or water, for a post workout shake.
  • Build your own smoothie for pre or post-workout.
  • Mix your protein sachet into your morning oats!
  • You could also include these protein powders within your baking! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Protein muffins, protein brownies, protein flapjacks. The list is endless and it means that your sweet treats will also help you reach your protein count too. Watch out for a recipe coming soon!
  • Make a hot chocolate! Using the Chocolate protein powder, Mint Choc protein powder or the Chocolate Orange protein powder. Mix with some hot milk and enjoy.
  • Remember to experiment with your protein choices and the way you consume the protein!
  • Whey Box are loved across social media and the Internet is a great way to share ideas and see how other people have used their protein. To keep up to date with the Whey Box and watch their adventures as well as finding recipe inspiration use the following links below:

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I only ever review products that I truly think will benefit my readers. I am 100% honest and I would never share false reviews or products. I want to share honest, reliable and positive content always. If you want to collaborate please use my email or social media for contacting:

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Want to try out the Whey Box protein for yourself? Use my discount code at the checkout for £5 off a one-off box or for £5 off a Whey Box subscription for 6 months in a row!


Jessica, x

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