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It is that time of the week again and I am back with another blog post! This time it is travel and adventure inspired. I loved writing about my trip to Singapore back in the summer so I couldn’t wait to share this adventure with you all. My trip to Rome with Adam! This blog post will be more of a photo gallery, so you can see Rome through some selected imagery. Rome was beautiful and I spent some time away from social media when I was there. I didn’t document much of my trip because I needed some ‘time out’ but I have captured as much as I can.

I have travelled to a few places now and I have always admired the true beauty of a destination, across the globe or a few miles away. Everything has true hidden beauty waiting to be discovered; we just have to explore a little further and find the hidden gems.

I was kindly surprised by my boyfriend in November! He surprised me with a wonderful trip to Rome and some Roma Vs Milan football tickets (yes, I am a secret lover of football and the atmosphere at football games, it makes me feel incredible!). This was a genuine surprise and I didn’t expect to be exploring much more in 2016 after my trip to Singapore. I couldn’t believe it and I am so grateful for this travelling opportunity. I love exploring new places and making new memories. It was an amazing holiday and identified a lot.

The lead up to Rome was hectic but it was most definitely worth it. We did our research and made a list of places we wanted to visit (mainly tourist locations and attractions) I also made a note of the Lindt shop and the most amazing gelato shop Venchi. All other foodie locations were not noted; we wanted to explore Rome and eat our way around in a traditional way, by discovering hidden gems in the back streets.

Rome has a very special place in my heart now. It made me experience a whole host of emotions, both positive and negative. It has brought me and Adam together and it has made me appreciate my current surroundings at home. Rome is an incredible place, it is highly religious and spiritual, but you don’t have to be religious to visit there! This destination caters to everyone and it is a beautiful place. The views are breathtaking, the architecture is mesmerising and the culture is one to be admired. I loved every minute of it and it was the perfect way to end 2016. A year that has been the best yet.

Let the image gallery commence!

We explored Rome by foot and used the underground for transport from our hotel to the main centre of Rome. The underground is a must! It helps you avoid traffic and it is extremely easy to use. We organised our tickets at the station when we arrived and applied for the 72 hour ticket, it worked out well for our stay.

Me and Adam explored the attractions we wanted to see the most; this may alter depending on who you are as a person and what interests you. The areas we explored the most were (I may have missed a few out!)Basilica Di San Pietro, Colosseo, Arco di Tito, Palatino, Arco di Costantino, Pantheon, Vittoriano E Piazza Venezia, Piazza Di Spagna, Fontana Di Trevi, Musei Vaticani, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Palazzo Di Glustizia, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona,  Stadio Olimpico and Ponte San Angelo.




The Food

We made a small list of local delicacies and also some ideas for transport; whenever you visit somewhere be sure to try out their local delicacies, it helps you understand their way of eating and it is the perfect excuse to eat lots of delicious food as well as sampling the local produce. We ate A LOT of food whilst we was in Rome and it was wonderful. We definitely gained a few pounds! A few pounds of laughter, memory making and of course delicious carbs; provided from the pizza and the pasta. We ate gelato, pizza, pasta, fish, mixed meats, cheeses, olives, tiramisu, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pancakes, lots of chocolate, we made our own customised magnum and ate some macarons! & much more. We definitely indulged and had the most amazing food experience.



Being football hooligans, taking in the sights and feeling very smiley after eating lots of tiramisu. Some lovely images that captured our moods. Thank you Adam for this incredible getaway it really helped re-energise me and it ended 2016 in the best way.


Rome was incredible and I don’t have one bad word to say about the place. It surprised me and exceeded my expectations. We threw a coin in the Fontana Di Trevi, I lit various candles around Rome for my family and friends and I was overwhelmed when I was blessed by the Pope on the Sunday we arrived. It was magical. I couldn’t believe how busy it was and how lovely the people were there. I am so glad I got the chance to visit Rome and become a true tourist, I can’t wait to visit again soon…

I want to thank my boyfriend for taking me on a magical adventure and for supporting me. He is my true travel companion, I feel very blessed. The best Christmas present.

I hope you loved this blog post! I love talking about my adventures. This time around my approach to social media and capturing my holiday was a lot more relaxed. I have captured the highlights as much as possible. However, some moments were lived in and weren’t captured the way I wanted them to be. Don’t forget; when you go on holiday, you MUST live in the moment. Memories last forever and should be cherished, images can be lost and deleted. Rome was definitely a holiday for memory making.

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Bring on 2017 and more adventures; hopefully travel inspired.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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