What 2016 Taught Me

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Happy Thursday!

With the end of the year soon approaching it creates the excuse to reminisce on the year that is sadly leaving us. 2016 has been an incredible year for me and it has allowed me to develop so much as a person. I have cried, I have become frustrated and I have smiled so much. I have learned, I have changed my direction and I have gained strength. 2016 has been the best year yet and it has certainly changed my perspective on things. There are still some things I want to improve on and I don’t regret any decisions I made in 2016, everything truly happens for a reason and I have now learnt to accept ‘change’ and ‘failure’. *Failure is not a negative phrase, I believe it is a change in direction – read my blog post here Failure? = A Change In Direction*

After reading this I want you to think about what you have gained from this year. I want you to be grateful and I want you to realise how hard you have worked. We all cry and we all become sad sometimes; but this is part of the life cycle and it is what makes us strive even harder for progression. Progression does not occur over night, however, if you set  solid foundations, 2017 may just be your year to succeed! Whether that’s getting the promotion at work, graduating, launching a new business, loosing weight, becoming mentally stronger, becoming body confident, starting a family or speaking to new people! All of your targets aren’t far away; stay passionate, work really hard and enjoy the process. Remember, it won’t be easy! But my goodness, it will be worth it.

Whatever I Set My Mind To I Can Achieve


This year has shown me that if I tell myself I can do it, I am half way there.

  • Travelling to Singapore on my own, graduating my foundation degree, starting my blog and social media and collaborating with brands, attending book launches and blogger events, interviewing Madeline Shaw and much, much more!

I have faced many challenges and I have continued to stay positive. It has been hard but I have truly enjoyed every moment! I have taken control of my decisions and I have gained strength both mentally, and physically. I am so grateful for what I do and the knowledge I have gained. All it takes is drive, passion and hard work! And you’ll see progress. It doesn’t have to be a boring process. My blog and social media is a gradual process, so is my degree and my travelling, but that’s the amazing thing about progression, it constantly evolves.

Travelling is Essential For Broadening The Mind



This year I have travelled to Singapore, Rome, London and many more places. Some by myself and some with companions. It has been so much fun. However, travelling to Singapore was my main achievement. It showed me that I am capable of stepping out of my comfort zone and I am capable or flying half way across the world on my own. I am wise, I am confident and I am organised.

Travelling to Singapore opened my eyes to the endless opportunities outside Blackpool. It broadened my mind and allowed me to strive for higher things. My goals towards my career instantly changed and my goals are not on the other end of the spectrum. I am striving for higher achievements. Travelling somewhere new allows you to learn about a new culture, discover new hidden gems, speak to new people and explore new opportunities. Sometimes, we can be come creatures of habit and travelling is something we can’t always afford. I am so grateful for the Singapore travel opportunity. I can’t wait for more adventures soon.

Food, Exercise and Laughter is Good For The Soul


A balance of all three is crucial for me and my inner happiness. Achieving ‘balance’ is everywhere at the moment and it is taking over social media. However, ‘balance’ to me is an individual concept. It is a concept that combines different components and it achieves overall fulfilment and happiness for the individual. Amongst many other concepts this year I have discovered how much food, laughter and exercise can transform your mood and your performance. I have improved my diet – eating more wholesome foods, I have begun training to reach new goals and I have made it my goal to have fun along the way. Laughter is so important, it improves your mood and it makes the massive ball of stress vanish!

Food is fuel. Food feeds the brain, the gut and your performance. The better you eat, the better you perform. Appreciate your body, it has to deal with a lot of things, at least treat it in the correct way. Exercise allows you to explore new places, it challenges you and it can be so much fun! You can gain muscle, become faster at running or you can unleash your inner yogi. *I also eat pizza, chocolate, donuts and much more! Everything within moderation. No restrictions and NO deprivation.*

What we have to understand is that we complain, we are afraid of ‘failure’ and we are scared of ‘change’. We have to banish these bad terms and we have to continue to stretch as individuals, we have to continue pushing and striving for progression and we have to keep going, even when things get challenging. Who said it would be easy? No one. Only you can create change. Only you can change your direction. You are in power. Make 2017 amazing and have fun. Create memories, step out of your comfort zone and achieve the impossible; even the word ‘impossible’ unleashes the concept – ‘i’m possible’.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year and has helped me develop as a person, you mean the world to me and more. Without my amazing support frame, things would be a lot more difficult and progression would have been a little slower. I am so grateful, always.

I think you’re awesome and I know you can achieve amazing things in 2017! Have a little faith.

Jessica, x

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