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Lounging Around In My Favourite Loungewear

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Happy Thursday everyone!

The winter months have been cold and have most definitely caught us all my surprise. However, if you’re like me, the cold weather is the perfect excuse to wrap up warm and invest in some good, quality loungewear. Loungewear that will keep you warm, comfortable and can be worn outside. All of these concepts stand out to me and make me feel particularly keen to explore loungewear a little further. Loungewear isn’t always stylish and it sometimes is a hidden guilty pleasure. However, Onepiece has transformed the concept of ‘loungewear’ and have made it a fashionable, diverse and evolving alternative.

I was kindly contacted by Brandbassador and in order to receive a free Onepiece item of my own choice, I signed up to the website and worked with them on a social media collaboration and mention. This was such an exciting opportunity for myself and I feel incredibly overwhelmed. Onepiece are a great brand and I couldn’t be more thankful for Brandbassador contacting me and offering their amazing service. I will run you through who Brandbassador are and what they offer below.


Brandbassador is the leading social commerce platform for everyone who wishes to engage with cool Brands and while doing so earn money, get free products and join exclusive competitions”.

Brandbassador is an influencer marketing platform and they help internet influencers, like myself, receive new products free of charge in order to share them with my readers in return. I was personally invited to join their team of influencers, however, you can join their team using the following link. All you have to do is fill out a variety of details and wait to be approved. I wouldn’t promote a company I didn’t support; they’re 100% secure and verified. ‘Our platform connects influencers to brands, and vice-versa. We have 27,000 current “Brandbassadors” using our site, and we are launching our app next month’.

For more information check out their website and social media platforms linked below:

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram


“Simple ideas are often the greatest; whilst searching for the pinnacle of slackerwear, the idea of tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper ended up in what would become the OnePiece Jumpsuit, the very core product of the brand. Some said it would look stupid, some said it wouldn’t last, most people agreed it wouldn’t work out. However, always going against the grain, we followed our utopian vision of creating the most innovative and premium leisurewear” – Onepiece.



Onepiece thrive on the idea of breaking boundaries. They have broken the boundaries of loungewear and with that mindset they created Onepiece, which was launched in 2007 on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Oslo, in the words of Onepiece: “nothing truly great ever came out of following the rules. To win some, you have to lose some”.

Their collections encapsulate the essence of lazy Sundays filled with warmth, comfy loungewear and relaxation. The brand has most definitely created the concept of ‘slacking’ a true art form and every Sunday should involve this concept.

After the collaboration of ideas and some pitfalls, Onepiece was born and it is now a worldwide phenomenon. Their re-engineered jumpsuits are most definitely diverse, they break the boundaries of comfort and will transform your mood. I spent my whole life not fitting in and this brand has transformed the concept of the ‘out-group’ and have made it a worldwide transformation. They have proven to me, that if you don’t ‘fit in’ make yourself work hard, strive for progression and build your OWN empire, despite what people say.

“In our crusade against rules, norms and anything not perfectly comfortable; we are the originals, the experts and the dedicated. We are not here to jump in and out of any trends or to stay ahead of any curve. We are here because we love what we do and we believe in what we represent. We’re the slackers, the standouts and the fashion misfits. Someone has to be the one sitting furthest back in the classroom – and in the fashion industry, that’s us”.

Now Onepiece are a global generation of ‘slackers’ – they have some pretty awesome ideas ahead of the future. They have 10 Concept Stores and counting, over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries and over 1 million fans worldwide, including me! Grab your friends, order a Onepiece and transform your lazy Sunday. Join the ‘slacker’ tribe today!

Learn more about Onepiece using the following links below:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | YouTube | Pinterest | SoundCloud | Tumblr

This week I am showing you my new  Onepiece Original Slim Onesie Navy Melange in hope to inspire, motivate your loungewear choices and express my excitement for this piece of clothing!


The Onesie

This onesie is now a wardrobe staple of mine and I don’t know how I have survived without one until now. I am a huge lover of being comfortable and warm and without those concepts in my wardrobe, I am not happy. It doesn’t require much. Layering, warm fabrics and not forgetting wrapping everything up into one simple layer, using one zip. Their idea is most definitely innovative and it makes getting dressed in the morning, a lot easier!

This onesie hugs my figure and insulates my body, without becoming too hot. The breathable fabric caters to movement and extra layers; both underneath and on top. I would usually wear a top underneath this onesie and layer on top with a scarf and coat for extra warmth. The zip pockets are a good size for iPhones or the essentials and don’t create added bulk at edges of the seams. These pockets are secured with zips and they’re crafted in such a way that they won’t become loose. The elasticated cuffs  add a trendy edge to the onesie, they create a slim line silhouette and keep every inch of warmth encased within the onesie. Who knew a jumpsuit/onesie could become so stylish?

Their branding is sophisticated and doesn’t overpower the whole outfit. Let’s face it, their products do the talking. Don’t forget! This onesie also includes a hood, for extra hibernation. All of these concepts have transformed my idea of ‘loungewear’! And Onepiece have now created items that can be worn all day long!

Love the idea of owning a onesie or an item from Onepiece? Use my discount code at the checkout for 15% off!  – POSITIVELYONEPIECE

Location and Prop Information

Laptop: Mac

Mug: Cath Kidston

Chocolates: Ribby Hall Holiday Village Chocolates

Books: Worry Relief Journal | Naturalista | Deliciously Ella Everyday

Eye Mask: OnePiece

Onesie: OnePiece

Thank you 

I want to thank the wonderful team at Brandbassador for this amazing opportunity and a huge thank you goes out to Onepiece for being so incredibly generous. Generosity doesn’t come around often and kind hearted people are hard to find; grab kindness wherever you can! And radiate kindness in return. I have had so much fun creating this review and I am so overwhelmed by their response.

A huge thank you also goes out to Ribby Hall Holiday Village. They provided the beautiful backdrop for this photoshoot. The images were captured in their luxury Spa Hotel; the terrace room with a view, it was absolutely stunning and I definitely will be revisiting soon. Their Spa Hotel terrace room was warm, inviting and the perfect location for this ‘Sunday Slacker’ themed photoshoot. Relaxation like never before, which definitely suited the ethos behind Onepiece. Their facilities are extremely diverse and they cater to the whole family across the Village. On this occasion; I used their Spa to capture these images. It was a brilliant day. For more information about their Spa treatments and rooms: Spa Hotel Accommodation – Adults Only | Spa Treatments | Dining At The Spa Hotel.

I would also like to thank Matt Herrington Photography for capturing these shots and for helping me create some amazing content. He truly knew what I wanted from this shoot and his ideas were modern, creative and personalised. I couldn’t be more thankful & I will be working with Matt again in the future, be sure to watch this space!

Meet Matt!

“I’m a Lifestyle & Wedding photographer based in Lancashire. I found my love for photography whilst assisting my dad in his event business. Whilst learning how different events work such as parties, conferences and weddings, I started to develop my interest in learning more about the technical aspects of photography. I ended up shooting my first wedding when I was 13 years old and setting up my wedding photography business when I was 16. 100 plus weddings later, I am still massively loving what I am doing and I’m excited for the future of my career.

Throughout all the years I’ve been photographing, one love of the job remains the same; meeting people! I love getting to know people, helping them feel at ease and comfortable, then showcasing their true personalities through my camera!

I’m only in the initial stages of my career, but I simply can’t wait to see what the future may bring”.

Contact: Website | Facebook: Matt Herrington Photography | Email:

Want to collaborate? Please email me! –


To keep up to date with my adventures be sure to check out my social media! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will be back soon with another blog post.

Jessica, x

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