3 Things I Am Grateful For This Month


3 Things I Am Grateful For This Month

It has been a while since I have shared what I am grateful for, but so many amazing things have happened over the past few months; I almost feel like I should share how grateful I am. Being grateful doesn’t require any effort, in fact, it requires 30 seconds of brain power to realise what it is that you are grateful for. I start every single day with a mental list inside my head, the list consists of things I am doing that day and the things I am eternally grateful for.

A gratitude list can consist of small things and big things! And the amazing thing is, the gratitude list is completely unique to you as an individual. Nobody needs to see this list, you can write it down or make a mental capture of the list so that it reminds you throughout the day, whichever you prefer. Sometimes, it is nice to note down the things you’re thankful for and have them as a reminder at your desk, so when you hit 3pm, you get a sudden urge to carry on working and it sparks off more motivation! Honestly, it does work.

Being grateful for the small things has helped my progress through times that are particularly challenging. Being grateful has allowed me to appreciate every moment in my life so far and it has made me aware of everything that is truly beautiful around me. Being grateful has made me accept ‘change’ and it has made me accept progression, not perfection. Being grateful is a whole new way of looking at things and it is such a positive outlook, in fact, it won’t cause you any harm, it will enhance your current situation and make you feel so amazing.

Even the smallest of things you can be grateful for. Food, love, passion, drive, dedication, water, air and lots more – these set the foundations of our lives and they are incredibly important to us. Why have we never identified them and why do we ignore them? We should be acknowledging these concepts every day and saying how grateful we are. If you do happen to create a gratitude list and you want to share it with others, please share it with me! It might inspire my choices next month! You could be grateful for material things; it is up to you!


Recipe for these chocolate brownies, coming soon!

The Passion To Cook Food

I am grateful for the passion I have towards food, to eat food, to make food and to explore new ‘foodie’ places! I am grateful that I have an inner passion and it is something that makes me incredibly happy. Whenever, I feel down I know that baking or cooking can lift my spirits and I am thankful to know that I have a release mechanism, as and when I need it.


I Am Grateful For Education

I am in my final year of university and since attending B&FC my whole mindset towards education has changed. I absolutely love learning new things and I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals, people who all have an inner passion and they want to pursue that passion by working hard. This was taken at my graduation in July and it was when I graduated my Foundation degree. I work extremely hard every day for my teachers, fellow classmates, for myself and for my family. Being educated makes me happy, it makes me feel a sense of ‘purpose’. I am grateful for my teachers, class mates and the university, all of these things have changed my life for the better!


I Am Grateful I Can Travel The Globe

I am grateful that I can travel the world and explore new places. Last summer, I travelled to Singapore on my own to visit family, it was a huge step forward for me but it was amazing. Since travelling on my own I have gained confidence, strength and I have gained a whole new perspective on things. Travelling does broaden the mind and it really does change you as an individual, in a good way! Travelling can be an expensive habit, however, travelling to somewhere new in your local area doesn’t have to cost much at all. Surrounding ourselves with new ideas and new people is something that should be looked upon as exciting. Where do you want to travel to next?

Happy Sunday everyone! What are you grateful for?

I hope you liked reading this blog post! I absolutely love writing for my blog and I love taking time out to appreciate the small things. For me, it is important.

I hope you all have a great week and manage to spend some time on your gratitude list. You could even write one out in the back of your planner or on your phone for a constant, positive reminder!

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Jessica, x

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