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Fuel Your Inner Athlete – My Top 3 Favourite Snacks From Energy Snacks

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Fuel Your Inner Athlete – Energy Snacks


Happy Sunday everyone! This week I am reviewing my subscription box from Energy Snacks – A Nutrition Box packed full of exciting goods including protein powder, protein powdered snacks, sports gels, recovery drinks and much more. I absolutely love working with new brands and discovering new products, it is extremely satisfying and fascinating to see new evolving brands in the industry. When I was contacted by Energy Snacks I was extremely intrigued to see what their boxes offer. Subscription boxes are popular and they fall under every category. I love subscription boxes because they’re great for gifts, they’re a great opportunity to sample new products and they’re a surprise each month in your post box. I absolutely love receiving deliveries, it is like Christmas every day!

Energy Snacks have created a subscription service for you to apply for a one-off box or for a box to be delivered every month; you choose. You aren’t tied to a contract and you can choose which suits you and your needs. I absolutely love this concept because then you can choose if you want a box one month or perhaps only purchase a box when it is your friends birthday or for a Christmas treat. Their boxes contain 12 different sports, nutrition and energy food products which will fuel the inner athlete in you every month or for a one-off treat!

“Sports nutrition and energy snack monthly boxes are packed with hydration, energy & recovery products. We work with leading and up-and-coming brands to offer a wide variety of nutrition for everyday workouts and endurance training. 
Boxes are available on subscription or as a one-off”.

If you want to learn a little bit more about their brand and see if their subscription box service is something you want to try – head over to their website using the following link – Energy Snacks Website

I don’t usually consume sports supplements as I like to get my protein sources from natural ingredients – chicken, fish, eggs etc and I don’t tend to need supplementation. However, I love trying new things and I love experimenting with new products. I enjoy snacking in the afternoon and post-workout and this months box included some delicious snack bars as well as a ‘GU Caramel Coffee Wafel’, it was delicious and it was one of my favourites. I have picked three of my favourites from this months box which I will talk about a little bit about below!


GU – Energy Stroopwafel – Caramel Coffee flavoured

Sweet, chewy and indulgent. This wafel transforms mid-afternoon snacking into something extremely exciting and re-energising. Think… Morning coffee with a hint of caramel syrup, yes it’s incapsulated into this snack and it tastes awesome. This is a great snack to have before working out, during or perhaps as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Packed full of essential amino acids, electrolytes and carbohydrates. The perfect way to eat this is by making yourself a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and leaving the GU Energy Stroopwafel on top of your hot cup allowing the heat to melt the caramel syrup inside of this delicious snack. Gooey, dense and subtly rich! I also crumbled this over my morning oats and it was delicious, experiment with your snacks!


Mule Bar – Energy Bar – Apple Strudel

If you know me, you will know I am a huge lover of the cinnamon spice. I love the smell and the taste! This chewy bar is sweet, crunchy and extremely warming. Cinnamon provides anti-inflammatory properties and injects warmth into everything. Again, this can be enjoyed before working out, after or as a mid-morning snack. I can assure you, this bar will help put those sugar cravings at bay. Of course, if you love apple strudel, you’ll love this. I can also guarantee you’ll know every ingredient in this bar! Making this a natural, healthy and wholesome snack.


PowerBar – Powergel Shots

Now, these are completely new to me! Energy supplements aren’t something I am usually drawn to but I couldn’t resist tucking into these gummy sweets flavoured with cola. The ingredient list isn’t too bad considering the idea behind these Powergel shots, they were sweet, re-energising and the perfect pick-me-up for before a morning workout. Nothing like getting yourself in the mood via some cola sweets! I wouldn’t have consumed the whole packet and 1 sweet was certainly enough to pick up my spirits. These contain a good amount of caffeine, but due to this I wouldn’t be able to eat these all of the time, caffeine doesn’t always agree with my digestion but I am so impressed with these little shots. For somebody who needs an instant burst of energy during their workout, or afterwards, these are the brilliant size for your sports bag, as well as all of the other products featured in this box.

I primarily train during the mornings (weight lighting based, no cardio) but as my workload becomes more intense workouts may be scheduled to the afternoon to ensure my mornings are used working at my laptop. These energy gels and shots are great for mid-workout or for a pick-me-up before heading to the gym in the afternoon. Sometimes we hit the afternoon ‘slump’ and want to grab a handful of sweets. Start your day with a wholesome breakfast and you’re half way there to beating those cravings. I loved receiving this box and it has allowed me to try out some new products, as well as learning more about sports nutrition and supplements.

For more information check out their website and social networks:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

I couldn’t be more thankful for receiving these goodies and I am so pleased to have been able to collaborate with Energy Snacks, I can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future. I know their products will most definitely help fuel your inner athelete! They cater to everyone; running, weightlifting, strength training or even the inner yogi. They have ticked every box! Why not purchase a box and share it among your friends, it is a great way to purchase stocking fillers this Christmas.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to strive for your goals. Keep energised and positive, always! If you fancy a chat, don’t forget to email me or contact me via social media.

Jessica,  x

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