Unleash Your Inner Beast at Breakfast – Raw Gorilla Review


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Unleash Your Inner Beast at Breakfast – Raw Gorilla Review

‘All Raw Gorilla products are free from gluten, grain and dairy but bursting with optimum nourishment and flavour. We make sure to activate (soaked then lightly air-dried) our seeds and nuts to break down their natural preservative layer, making them easier to digest and more nourishing. In this way, the body absorbs all the goodness of these mighty nuggets of nutrition’.

Happy Tuesday everyone, today I am bringing you my review on the Raw Gorilla products. I was kindly sent some munchies and crispies to try out and let you all know what I think. Initially, when these arrived I was drawn towards their branding! The quirky slogans and vibrant packaging made me smile and it makes the products look fun, vibrant and child-friendly. Anything bright and colourful is child approved, especially with my little niece.

I am a lover of cereal and snacks so I was instantly enlightened by Raw Gorilla and their status in the health food industry – The UK’s first raw, paleo, sprouted, organic and vegan superfood breakfast and snack range. What an amazing concept and something to most definitely boast about! I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Whenever I try new products I like to learn the concept and ethos behind the brand and see what their ‘story’ is. Getting to know brands is sometimes important in order to make that connection with them and truly understand what it is you’re consuming. Delving deeper into the brand’s ethos can make you appreciate the product a lot more and understand the whole process of creation.


The Raw Gorilla Story

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‘Raw Gorilla is an honest and quirky, health focused brand that cares for your body and the environment. Being Soil Association accredited, we pride ourselves on using the best organic ingredients available whilst also being as sustainable as possible’. When I learnt about this brand more, I was pleasantly surprised that they were Soil Association accredited and it put these products at the top of my favourites list, this shows that they select the best ingredients to produce the best products for their consumers.

‘Raw Gorilla founder, Fraser Gregory, had a mixed start with cereals. He loved them with milk for breakfast but the after effect was lethargy and low energy due to the refined sugar, gluten and dairy’. As a little girl, I was brought up on cereal as it powered me through the first two hours at school. However, this is not sustainable and now it would never fuel my workouts or even satisfy me for an hour. Raw Gorilla has changed the concept of cereal into something fuelling, energising and delicious. Ordinary cows milk can be substituted for yoghurt, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk or even oat milk – the list is endless!

Fraser ‘founded Raw Gorilla to help make healthy and delicious raw food accessible to all. And so our grain free, vegan and raw products were born. Raw Gorilla is bringing a new approach to your eating habits’. Those processed breakfast bars and cereals need to be put in the bin, they don’t supply you with energy, they supply you with processed sugars. They shouldn’t be eaten in abundance. Eat the foods that enhance your performance at work, at the gym and in your family life. I know this from previous experiences, these sugar laden breakfasts aren’t the way forward. They are brilliant for a one off ‘treat’ but make breakfast wholesome and delicious, using natural produce.

Start Your Day in The Chocolate Way


Organic and Sprouted Raw Cacao Crispies 

These also come in two other flavours: Original containing – cashews, raw maca and lucuma fruit and strawberry-containing – pecans, organic strawberries and lucuma fruit. Delicious! They all follow the same concept and all contain sprouted buckwheat.

No, not refined, sugar-laden chocolate. Raw cacao, which is a yummy chocolate substitute. Raw cacao is rich in nutrients and vitamins including magnesium, and other essential minerals including calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese. All of these vitamins and minerals are packed into the gorgeous indulgent raw cacao sauce that is drizzled over the crispies and encapsulated into this yummy cereal.

These crispies are the perfect tasty breakfast – enjoy them with milk, yoghurt or even top your smoothies with them! They’re super light and won’t encourage the mid-morning bloat. These cacao crispies contain raw coconut chips, nuts, superfoods and sprouted buckwheat. They’re crunchy, sweet and nourishing. I was so impressed with these little crispies! But I must mention, they aren’t as sweet as coco pops, but I can assure you – they taste super delicious and contain 100x more vitamins.

Stop The Mid-afternoon Sugar Cravings – Superfood Snacks Are The Way


Maca and Cinnamon Munchies

I did like these little snack size munchies! In fact, they would be brilliant mid-afternoon or a topping for your porridge, yoghurt or your smoothie bowls. Simply crumble them up and sprinkle them on your breakfasts, snacks or even salads! I did expect the cinnamon to be a lot more prominent in these little snacks (I am a HUGE cinnamon lover and I do like cinnamon to be overpowering!) However, the cinnamon isn’t overpowering and adds a subtle hint of warmth to these snacks, I wish they contained more cinnamon, though! These snacks are chewy, sweet and perfect for the little ones. You could eat the whole pack in one go, or alternatively, divide them up and include them within your trail mix at your desk – that way they last longer! These little treats are supercharged in a natural way using maca – maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.


Raw Cacao and Lucuma Munchies

These were my favourite out of the two because they contained my favourite ingredient, raw cacao. Again, these are packed full of nutrients and vitamins and are refined sugar-free, paleo and made from 100% wholesome ingredients. Yes, the cacao powder is beautiful and indulgent but these do not taste like chocolate buttons, they’re subtly sweet and are guaranteed to give you a burst of natural energy. If you’re like me, you crave a snack around 3pm and need something sweet to keep you going! You only need a little handful of these and the craving will be gone. They contain chewy fruits, nuts and sprouted seeds! That’s the pure magic. This packet also contains lucuma powder, a superfood powder rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, and protein! It has a maple type taste and provides a natural sweetening to desserts without increasing your blood sugar levels, unlike many sweeteners that offer empty calories. Yummy! Raw Gorilla you have done well.

“Since its birth in May 2015, the response for Raw Gorilla has been incredible. In a very short time, we are sold across the United Kingdom and exporting to over 10 countries. Special thanks goes to all our stockists and fans. We will continue working hard to create deliciously healthy and benign food for you and the planet”. Raw Gorilla.

A huge thank you goes out to Raw Gorilla for sending me these yummy treats and for collaborating with me on this review! I have loved sampling the products and I have loved learning about your brand, such a brilliant concept. I can’t wait to see what they create next. These treats are family friendly and should definitely be incorporated into your weekday breakfast, who doesn’t want to unleash their inner beast in a good way? Get productive, enrich your day with nutrients and feel happy!

If you want to collaborate, be sure to drop me an email! I can’t wait to hear from you.


Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t forget that eating healthy and living a maintainable lifestyle is all about balance. Don’t deprive yourself of anything. Enrich your soul and body with the foods you enjoy and make sure to get them nutrients in where you can. Small gradual changes, is better than nothing, remember that. A positive mindset should always be implemented within your opinion towards food! Food is fuel and it is to be enjoyed.

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Jessica, x


One thought on “Unleash Your Inner Beast at Breakfast – Raw Gorilla Review

  1. Benjamin Keith Richardson says:

    Hola Jessica, great review of a great range of Crispies & Munchies. I have just thoroughly enjoyed a taste test of the full range myself 🙂


    Did you try eating the Crispies as a trail mix? My favourite was to devour them though was lightly drizzled with neutral tasting MCT Oil!


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