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#COREBLIMEY – Active Women Launch Party – Myprotein

myprotein event.jpg


Me and a selection of the Myprotein ambassadors, true female empowerment right there! Missing the other West Twin though!
Me and the wonderful Sophie – Sophie works for Myprotein and kindly invited me to the event.


#COREBLIMEY – Active Women Launch Party – Myprotein

Today, I am reminiscing about my time at the Myprotein Active Women’s range launch party, it certainly was a day to remember and was a day full of female empowerment, good vibes, strengthening workouts and delicious food. All of these concepts are my favourite and they certainly made this the best start to the day. I was extremely fortunate to have been invited along to the event and meet the wonderful people behind Myprotein. I learnt a little bit more about their ethos as well as learning about their approach to female empowerment through supplements and delicious snacks.

The event was held at the stylish and chic Hale Country Club, this was the perfect location for this launch; beautiful surroundings, stunning food and the most amazing gym that would motivate anybody to workout! I definitely want to return, to explore further.

Before attending the event I was kindly sent some wonderful activewear. I was so grateful and happy with my parcel when it arrived! Their sportswear is made from the best fabrics to improve your performance, the colours that they have selected are extremely vibrant and rich and their range of activewear caters to everyone. I am so pleased and I can’t wait to sample more of their range.


Logo Tights / Sports Bra / Workout Vest

Active Women Range

Their products are still affordable and they most definitely cater to everyone’s needs. Their products are specifically designed to help women with different goals and achievements. Whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or improve your cardiovascular strength, they have all areas of the spectrum catered for. This is what I love! They want to cater to a larger audience, in order to empower every female. Female empowerment is about bringing females together and creating a team network, not leaving out individuals.

All of the products include:

    • Vitamin & mineral fortification designed for the female body.
    • Great taste with unique and indulgent natural flavourings.
    • Added dietary fibre to aid digestion.
    • High-quality protein content.
    • Natural caffeine to increase focus.
    • Added Vit C to reduce fatigue & support the immune system.

“Reaching goals are something that we take seriously – whether it’s losing weight, building muscle and tone, improving running progress or even embarking on a full-body transformation. Challenges are our forte as Team MYP have worked hard over the years to provide the perfect selection of sports nutrition products, a high-quality clothing range and an advice hub to support your journey, whatever it consists of” (MYP).

Their new products combine empowerment, good quality ingredients and the outcome of producing a positive performance in the gym. Their products aren’t high in processed caffeine, they aren’t sugar laden and they don’t contain lots of unwanted calories. I have always been scared of trying protein products because of their ingredients and their high-calorie content. However, Myprotein has transformed my original opinion and I am extremely impressed. Their products are packed full of natural flavourings, added vitamin C to reduce fatigue and lots of dietary fibre to aid in digestion, meaning that the sluggish feeling should not appear.




Put those mid-afternoon cravings to one side, Myprotein has it covered. These protein bites are delicious! They are packed full of flavour and make eating crisps a lot healthier. These include over 10g of protein per pack, under 100 calories and 80% less fat than your standard supermarket alternative. I am so impressed.


These cookies taste delicious! Gooey, indulgent and sweet. The flavour combinations are also one of my favourites – cranberry and white chocolate and lemon and chia seed. Both of which include: 25g of protein per cookie, 80% less sugar than standard shop bought cookies and 70% less fat than your usual processed favourites.

Are you new to fitness and new to supplements? This doesn’t matter! They cater to every individual, even people who have been training for years. They want to nourish your body with good ingredients and help with your mind in order to achieve the best outcome.

“We have your back to nourish both your body and mind in whatever health and fitness direction you’re passionate about taking”.

Learn More – Active Women MYP

“Weight loss? Try our Impact Diet Whey Protein as a delicious breakfast to kick-start your day, indulge in our Low-Carb protein bars and feel great in our uniquely-styled gym wear.

Muscle tone? Nourish your muscles with one of over 50 delicious flavours of our bestselling Impact Whey Protein alongside a Protein muffin, wafer, clusters or get your muscle-recovering protein from our tasty Ice-Cream mix!

Improve running time? Refuel your body with our coconut water-enhanced energy powders from our brand new Endurance range – also packed with electrolyte goodies and all-in-one recovery bundles!

Want to know more? Read about all about your nutritional and training needs on our advice hub, The Zone”.

Enjoying my pre-workout shake ‘Let’s Get Fruity Cocktail’, this was absolutely delicious and it kick-started my workout in the right way. It was sweet, refreshing and packed full of natural goodness. One of their main ingredients in this pre-workout shake is coconut which is extremely hydrating and is a natural way of boosting your workout in a positive direction.
Recipe: 1 serving Myprotein Active Women Pre-workout (Summer Fruits Flavour), 50g of frozen berries, 1 handful of chopped mint & 50ml of coconut water. Blend all of the ingredients together! Calories = 79, C = 14g, P = 5g, S = 10g, F = 0g.

After enjoying my pre-workout shake, I got to sample some sweet treats. All of these treats below were created by the wonderful The Raw Artisan – a ‘Cheshire based recipe developer specialising in sugar-free, unrefined, indulgent raw treats’. They all include some delicious ingredients from the new range and also feature some superfoods including raw cacao, chia seeds and coconut. They tasted extremely indulgent but were, in fact, a healthier alternative to your processed sugary favourites. Don’t reach for the sugar-laden, processed snacks. Get creative in the kitchen and pack your treats with natural protein!






This was my favourite chocolate treat! It tasted just like a chocolate flapjack but was in fact packed full of chai, a natural anti-inflammatory.



After I sampled some chocolate, sweet treats and drank my pre-workout shake, I was ready to go! The pre-workout had kicked in and we all did our Core Blimey workout. This was a workout guided to strengthen and tone the core as well as dancing to some brilliant female orientated music, it was so much fun and it was definitely the best way to train your abs!


After the workout, we got to sample their post-workout shake and eat more of The Raw Artisan creations. It was the perfect morning! & the best way to workout and rehydrate in style. All of their products that have been showed in this blog post can be purchased online. I absolutely loved the Active Women Vegan Blend in pineapple and coconut! It was refreshing, hydrating and just like drinking a Pina Colada! The perfect post-workout snack.

Suitable for vegans! – 200ml of coconut water, 75g of frozen banana, 70g frozen pineapple, 50g of coconut yoghurt, 1 scoop of Myprotein Active Women Pineapple and Coconut Vegan Blend – Blend it all together! = Calories = 259, C = 39g, P = 23g, S = 26g, F = 2g.

After we were all re-energised it was time to listen to Tom Melody’s seminar about protein. Tom explained the importance of a healthy diet in order to increase our performance in the gym, heal our muscles and feed our mind with positive thoughts. Tom Melody is a personal trainer and a motivational speaker at the Hale Country Club and it was great to chat to him and ask him a few questions regarding protein and supplements.

“Over the past eight years in the industry, Tom has positioned himself as one of the best, working with multiple Premier League athletes and becoming one of the highest qualified trainers in the UK”.

The Power of Protein for Women

“Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders! Every individual needs it. Protein is a key macro-nutrient and helps promote strength. It could be the missing ingredient to the toned physique many active women inspire to have”.

“Protein should be paired with balance carbohydrates and healthy fats to support both your active lifestyle and physical and mental performance. Women have different levels of testosterone, that’s why women don’t build muscle at the same rate as men and won’t gain large amounts of ‘mass’. Protein can be found in eggs, tuna and protein powder! Get creative”.

I couldn’t leave Hale Country Club without sampling their finest breakfast choices. I chose scrambled egg whites and smoked salmon to end my morning at the Country Club. The best choice! Their food is absolutely beautiful and makes eating breakfast a true luxury. I definitely want to visit again and sample more of their food from the menu, considering I am a huge foodie it would make sense to do so.


I want to thank the lovely team at Myprotein for inviting me along to the event, I met some wonderful people and it was great to connect with like-minded individuals. I have never felt so welcomed by a brand! Myprotein truly thrives off the team network ethos and it is lovely to see. They all work well together and will continue to work well together in order to provide their consumers with the best quality products. I had the best morning and I was totally overwhelmed by the positive vibes. I learnt a lot from Tom and the rest of the team and I can’t wait to begin my fitness journey in a new direction.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with such a great brand.

I have documented as much as I could about the event but the Myprotein website is incredibly easy to use and offers some amazing facilities in regards to nutrition, fitness and well-being. They have recipes, workouts and suggested meal plans. A place for all things positive! Check out the links below for more information…

Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter 

I hope you love this blog post! I absolutely loved creating it and attending the event. It was so much fun. I hope to attend more events in the future!

I hope you all have a wonderful week & I hope you all continue to spread good vibes.

What do you like about the new Active Women range?

Jessica, x 

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