Travel & Fitness – The ETL Way

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Travel & Fitness & My ETL Bootcamp Experience

Happy Sunday beautiful people! This week I have been reflecting on my time in Singapore from a health, fitness and wellness perspective, it has been lovely. Before I went to Singapore I had a clear aim in my mind of where I wanted to be physically when I arrived home after the holiday. I packed my training plan in my suitcase in hope that I would continue it abroad. My training plan involves 5 weightlifting days and 1 cardio day, I could talk about this in a separate blog post perhaps? However, when I arrived I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t edge towards that plan at all.

Pain is not an option in Singapore, physically and mentally. The heat takes all the pain away, in particular, it helped me cope with some issues inside that I have been meaning to deal with. It also helps with physical pains regarding joints and bones. This was identified when my mum visited Singapore and realised that her usual aches and pains were reduced due to the sheer tranquillity of Singapore and the positive vibes people continuously radiate. Of course, the weather contributed to this factor largely. Singapore is a beautiful place to visit and should definitely be at the top of your bucket list. I have some blog posts coming up soon which talk all about the food I ate and some of the places I visited.



Regarding my fitness plan, I didn’t need this at all. For the majority of my stay in Singapore (10 days) I didn’t lift one single dumb bell! I tried to be active through site seeing, so instead of taking the bus or MRT I would walk an extra mile; although this can be extremely challenging in the heat so make sure you stay hydrated, have a fan, an umbrella for a form of shade and a flannel – to wipe away perspiration! I walked a lot whilst in Singapore and I believe that walking is an underrated form of cardio. I felt amazing after an early morning walk for breakfast along Robertson Quay and this eventually began to be a usual routine for me, which I miss so much now.

After exploring all day I would find myself extremely exhausted and I wouldn’t be in the mood to train or even challenge my body regarding fitness. I listened to my body and listened to what it was telling me. It was telling me that Singapore was an opportunity to rest, relax and learn a new skill rather than exhausting myself in the gym. Remember, when you’re at home you have all the time in the world to be in the gym! When I was in Singapore I latched onto every opportunity that was thrown my way, because experiences like this are invaluable.

When I was in Singapore I switched up my training routine largely, I trained properly twice whilst I was away. On one day I trained beside Marina Bay Sands, near the Formula1 Race Track with my cousin whilst he trained for his triathlon. I got creative and designed my own circuit: sprints, stair sprints, press ups, tricep dips on a bench, step-ups using a bench, walking lunges, star jumps etc.. Get creative! Workouts outside can be so much fun and it gives you the chance to truly get creative with your surroundings. The surroundings on this occasion were particularly beautiful. I breathed in the fresh air, mentally said thank you and embraced every moment.



Me & the class from Sweaty Bettys and Joe’s Bootcamp!

Another workout I did was with the ETL family – Eat Well, Train Hard and Love Yourself. I attended my first ever bootcamp and it was amazing, the workout I tried was the Sweaty Bettys and Joe’s Bootcamp! It challenged me, it was located in the beautiful Botanic Gardens and I spent a whole hour surrounded by beautiful human beings that filled me with positivity. I left the workout feeling re-energised and full of smiles, it was a great start to the day and when I return I really want to try out more of their classes.

Their brand ethos and mantra is something I continue to embed within myself now since I have returned from Singapore – EAT WELL. TRAIN HARD. LOVE YOURSELF. Without self-love, what is the point? 12 Tips for Self-Love.

ETL is ‘Run by Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Cheryl Lin, Eat Train Love is a Personal Training and Nutrition Consultancy that takes a practical, holistic and sustainable approach to health and fitness’. 

When I met the founder Cheryl Lin, she truly turned my mindset towards fitness and wellbeing around. Meeting her was self-confirmation, it embedded the importance for self-love even further and showed me that without loving myself, what is the point in attending the gym and eating well? Self-love is something I have struggled with since I was a teenager and it is something I am working on every day. Cheryl is a beautiful soul and I feel truly blessed to have met someone so passionate about self-love, eating well, training hard and being happy and positive always. She radiates positive vibes and puts 100% into everything she does for her clients, it’s a lovely concept she has. Everybody needs to meet Cheryl! Her mindset is incredible. I am still wanting to meet the rest of the ETL team!

“The main goals of Eat Train Love are to: 

  • Empower individuals to make positive changes in their lifestyle
  • Educate about sustainable nutrition and foods that nourish and heal
  • Create healthy relationships and perceptions about food, body image and exercise 
  • Inspire passion through fitness experiences that are challenging, motivating and fun.”

*Watch this space for more ETL adventures* In the meantime, use the following link to learn about ETL for yourself – Website



Marina Bay Sands & The Art and Science Museum


Singapore – Formula1 Race Track

Remember, sometimes holidays are for relaxing and unwinding, creating memories and enjoying yourself. Fitness shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all, it should enhance your current situation and always make you feel amazing, if it doesn’t, change it. Try something new, step out of your comfort zone and be with new people. Doing the bootcamp and doing circuits outside of MBS were both highlights of my holiday and they both allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Because I pushed myself and stepped out of my usual routine I discovered beauty, positivity, new people, new surroundings and I now have two memories I can cherish forever! Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone may be challenging, but it is totally worth it. Just give it a go and have some faith.

I had a wonderful time in Singapore and from a fitness perspective, it was out of this world, literally! I completely relaxed and I am now ready to approach the gym in a different way now I have returned to the UK. The gym is my place for unwinding, but don’t make it boring, always creative and happy.

I hope you loved this blog post as much as I loved creating it, watch this space for some more Eat, Train, Love inspired posts – featuring food & workouts! It is not to be missed. I hope you all have a wonderful week and don’t forget to step out of your comfort zone.

*My Singapore travel and food blog posts are coming soon!*

Jessica, x

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