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Goodie bag to take home! Featuring their awesome apples, smoked almonds, their amazing smoked salmon and a beautiful savse juice – my favourite! Boost Your Day: Savse Smoothie Review

This week has been exciting! I have gone back to university, I have written my Singapore blog posts and I have attended a blogger event in Manchester. It has been a wonderful week so far. When I received the email invite for the Chop’d blogger event I suddenly became extremely excited and I couldn’t believe I had been selected! I love food and when I researched the brand and its ethos I couldn’t wait to explore further into their Manchester location. We got to learn about their philosophy, explore their Manchester store, have a master class in the kitchen and sample some of their 100% fresh produce. No nasty ingredients included!


Who are Chop’d?

Build a better salad

Chop’d are a deli/cafe serving delicious salads, stews, soups and snacks in the heart of London with 12 stores across the capital and they have now opened up their new store in Manchester (this is so exciting!). When I met the team at the Manchester store I instantly knew that they had a passion for what they do. They want to produce food that is delicious, wholesome and is full of nutrients and vitamins. They want to give something back to their customers and show everybody that money isn’t everything, in fact, food that makes you feel good is.

Their work ethic and drive to succeed and produce the best food is the best thing to see in a company. They work extremely hard to select the best produce to maximise flavour and they make sure every mouthful is full of delicious nutrients and vitamins. “We’ve always cared about good food, which to us means real, natural food with flavour, made from ingredients that haven’t been mucked about with”. They believe that selecting food when it is in the season is the best time to select ingredients and they don’t skimp on the portions either! They want to make sure that your experience at Chop’d is the most memorable and the most delicious. They put the customer first and they would never serve food that isn’t loved by their children, this means that Chop’d is suitable for the whole family!


Their tomatoes which are sourced from Sussex are the true definition of homegrown. They’re juicy, vibrant in colour and extremely sweet! They are the perfect salad component and would work well with all salad options. What I loved was all of their different colours, tomatoes in the colour of the rainbow, what a wonderful thing! I usually stick to smaller tomatoes because the larger ones always seem to have a horrible consistency… However, these tomatoes did not. They were tender on the outside and soft and juicy in the middle and they were PACKED full of flavour. They certainly didn’t skimp on the samples. Absolutely delicious.


I am a huge sweet tooth and I love fruit, especially when it is fresh, locally sourced and served with love. Chop’d apples were the best apples I have ever eaten! & I have eaten A LOT of apples. In fact, I eat them every single day without fail topped with peanut butter and cinnamon. However, Chop’d apples don’t require toppings, they’re simply delicious on their own chopped into chunks or eaten on-the-go. The perfect sweet snack for an afternoon pick-me-up. I kindly got to bring one home with me. I love them and now I want to source my apples from Kent or order boxes of them from Chop’d!

“Why ship them halfway across the world? So our apples come from the Brogdale orchard in Kent and our chickens come from Essex. We buy heritage tomatoes from Sussex during the summer and asparagus only ever when it’s in season locally (from the same farm that supplied the Royal wedding!) We use most of the same suppliers today as when we started because if you find someone who produces the best ingredients, why not stick with them?”


After the tomatoes and apples, we visited the jerk chicken and fresh salmon station where we got to sample the finest ingredients, again produced with 100% love and 100% natural ingredients. Their fresh chicken accompanied with their jerk chicken paste was extremely mouthwatering, fiery and warm! It had a lovely kick from the chilli and a slight touch of sweetness. This paste can be purchased separately or as part of the jerk chicken salad, which I was told was a customer favourite from Chop’d; I definitely know why! Their salmon was my FAVOURITE and it was heavenly. Fresh, juicy and no flavour was lost, every mouthful was stunning. I was very happy! & so was my tummy. I am so impressed with Chop’d and their selection of sourced ingredients, they have taken every little component into consideration and each salad is dressed with love and homemade touches.


Build Your Own Salad  choose your base –

 Choose your base – I chose mixed leaves, but you can also choose brown rice, couscous, salad, sundried tomatoes, Mediterranean vegetables – the lot! The list is endless at Chop’d and they have a great variety to suit your taste buds.

3 Vegetables – On this section, you can choose greens, lentils, beans, sweetcorn, cucumber peppers and lots more! I chose the edamame beans for extra crunch, sweetness and colour and an egg for extra protein.

1 Deli item – I chose two! Which is for an additional price put worth every penny. I couldn’t simply choose one. Their deli items are delicious including their amazing salmon and chicken, chorizo, falafel, avocado and of course, lots more! I chose salmon and prawns. As they are the best ‘feel good foods’ and they make me feel very happy! Plus, I loved their salmon so I had to have even more.

If you want any toppings you can, of course, choose cheese or seeds or extra toppings shown below! I chose black sesame seeds for extra crunch.

When your salad is produced you have the option of dressing your lunch with one of their many dressings. Their dressing are not sugar laden, they don’t contain any nasty chemicals and they don’t mask the flavour of any of the salad ingredients. Their dressings enhance the natural flavours of the produce and add the finishing touch to your creation! I added the French dressing as it is one of my favourites.


Their salads are made in a large mixing bowl to ensure all of the ingredients are well combined, this means that the bottom of your salad won’t have missed the dressing and it will be packed full of juicy flavour. Each salad is made with love and perfection and is served in a recycled plastic box with a lid, perfect if you’re on-the-go and need to take lunch back to the office. You should definitely pay Chop’d a visit when you’re next in Manchester or London and experience their salads. Salads will never be the same again! I love their ethos and their approach to salad making.

My lovely salad creation! The ‘Feel Good Salad’ Packed full of healthy fats, greens and colour to ensure that you feel satisfied, positive and happy after consuming the box of goodness. Every mouthful of my salad was a taste sensation and it didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to return soon and bring my whole family.


Keep up to date with Chop’d by following their social media:

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I want to thank the lovely team at Chop’d for inviting me along and for being so generous, it was a wonderful evening and I met some beautiful ladies. I love going to events and meeting new people, learning about new brands and being surrounded by the things I love. I couldn’t be more grateful, I couldn’t wait to share this foodie find with my readers! I hope you loved this blog post as much as I did writing it and capturing the delicious food.

Keep up to date with my foodie adventures over on my social media, I update it every day!

Jessica, x

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