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‘True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.’ Audrey Hepburn (Quote featured above).

‘Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle’

Hello, beautiful people of Positively JW! This week I am back with the blog post all about my thoughts on The Healthy Body Kit subscription service. This arrived through my door a few days after I got back from Singapore, it was a lovely surprise! In all honesty, I am a lover of subscription box services! Especially good quality ones packed full of exciting new products. The Healthy Body Kit pack their boxes with health, fitness, wellness and organic skincare items, they encourage a full body approach to health and wellbeing.

The Healthy Body Kit have collaborated with brands that share the same ethos. This means that all items are completely trustworthy and come from reliable sources. Some of the items featured in this months box I have heard of previously pukka and Conscious Chocolate but the other brands were a huge experiment for myself, which was exciting! They ask you each month for YOUR THOUGHTS on the items in the box and ask you to complete a survey which is completely optional but allows you to give them feedback, resulting in a more selected box next time around. Not forgetting, eat box comes with a description card, explaining all of the products in your box.

Subscription boxes are great for gifts and are a lot more affordable than creating your own box of items! They’re a chance to try out new products before buying a larger size, they are a monthly surprise through your letter box and are a great way to re-vamp your wellness and fitness collection. They’re a lot of subscription box services on the market at the moment and some of them offer similar things, so what does The Healthy Body Kit offer that’s different?

‘The Healthy Body Kit is a monthly subscription for women who have a keen interest in Health, Fitness and Organic Skin Care.

Each month you can receive a selection of amazing products delivered directly to your door. We only select the very best products for our kits and aim to provide you with a selection of fitness, health and organic skin care products to try in the comfort of your own home.

The Healthy Body Kit is more than just a subscription box. Each month you will also have access to our online resource ‘A Healthier You’.

A Healthier You’ is available to all of our Healthy Body Kit members. Each month you will have access to a 30-day fitness plan, new recipes and amazing discounts for some of your favourite brands.

We hope you love our Healthy Body Kits as much as we do!’

Worried about paying monthly for the box or perhaps just want to try out samples as a one off? They even offer a service which allows you to customise your own box, no subscription required; this particularly stood out to me as this allows you to pay for one box and send it as a gift, it allows you to create a personalised gift card also for the recipient.

Let’s have a look at this months box! August.






Bohemian Beauty

Tisserand Aromatherapy

‘A unique collaboration combining Tisserand’s botanical expertise with the rich heritage of National Trust. No Parabens, No Glycols, No SLS/SLES’.

‘Deep and resiny, this blend evokes an afternoon unwinding in the majestic shade of the great cedars of Calke Abbey or Tredegar House’.

This beautiful little roll-on perfume is the perfect size for travelling or for your handbag on-the-go, the packaging is beautiful and really represents the scent of this product Cedar Retreat! What I absolutely loved about this product was that it is made from 100% natural ingredients including coconut oil, natural essential oils and natural botanical extracts. It also contains extracts of cedar, clove and sandalwood which is known for its relaxing properties. The smell of this perfume is a breath of fresh air and allows you to completely unwind and de-stress. This is perfect for on-the-go if you find yourself in a stressful situation and you need something to instantly take the edge off it, then this is for you. Although, this is a beautiful product I thought it was slightly overwhelming for an everyday use and should be used either before bed or when you need some relaxation.

Conscious Chocolate – Goji and Coconut 

‘Conscious Chocolates, the original raw vegan chocolate, have been enjoyed throughout the world since 2004. Our chocolate combines premium quality and health without compromising taste. All of our delicious vegan chocolate bars are entirely handmade and hand-wrapped’.

Could chocolate get any more delicious? When it is raw, hand-made and certified as organic, vegetarian and vegan. The sweet, tangy pop from the goji berry and the creaminess of the coconut are two elements that combine together to make this little bar of goodness a handbag, lunchbox and evening favourite. Conscious chocolate is also free from gluten, dairy and soya. Chocolate bars are usually sugar laden and we wouldn’t even consider looking at the back of the packet because sometimes they taste so good… However, why skimp on the ingredients when they have included some delicious superfoods and 100% natural ingredients and taste better than usual supermarket treats. Conscious chocolate contains sweeteners only from agave nectar! Natural, sweet and delicious. The only thing I didn’t like was the size of the bar! Can I have some more, please?

Native Unearthed

‘Explore Native Unearthed’s Crystal Deodorant with Mangosteen  – A crystal deodorant infused with Mangosteen, a unique fruit bursting with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamin C’.

Fragrance-Free – Paraben free – Alcohol-Free

I am always on the search for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate my underarms and sometimes it is challenging without paying the price. This, however, is a brilliant full-size product! And is made from naturally occurring mineral salts and cooling Mangosteen. This contains no nasty ingredients and this has caused no irritation in that area. The natural salts don’t cause an itch, in fact, they prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria which prevents body odour; this is combined with the beautiful healing qualities of the Mangosteen. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was because it had no scent, just because we have sensitive skin does it mean we have to compromise and lose out on the added beauty of natural scents, sometimes that worries me… However, it ticks all the boxes apart from that!

Moa – The Green Balm

‘Our original product, The Green Balm is a 100% natural multi-purpose healing/beauty balm, and some might say, it’s a miracle!’

This little pot of goodness smells beautiful! You can instantly smell the healing properties this provides. This little pot is packed full of MOA’s hero herb yarrow which has been used for centuries to heal and repair, keep a little pot handy for any little crisis. This can be used for so many things and this is what I love about this, rather than having 10 different products which have similar properties, have one pot that does everything for you! I think this product would tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people, no negative feedback for this one!

The whole family can use The Green Balm even if you have super sensitive skin. It has many beautifying remedies and it’s a vital part of any outdoorsy first-aid kit, ideal for taking on holiday or camping when space is precious.

What does it do?

Soothe dry and itchy skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and minor rashes – Help heal minor cuts, grazes, blisters, bruises and burns on all the family – Zap those pesky insect bites and stings – Treat chapped, weathered lips and kiss goodbye to the dreaded cold sore! – Apply to sore, red nostrils when you have the sniffles and mix with a little hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat – Use between the toes to help combat athlete’s foot; it’s a ramblers dream-cream! – Calm inflamed skin after shaving, waxing or threading – Help fade scarring or stretch marks after pregnancy – Soothe new tattoos or piercings, whilst helping to avoid infection – Moisturise, soften and nourish dry hands, nails and cuticles.

Coco Hydro 

‘Instant Coconut Water! Dehydrated at the source so water isn’t shipped around the world. Coco Hydro is coconut water on-demand. Just mix with water for Coconut Water, anytime!’

I loved the size of this product and the concept, this is a great product that can be enjoyed on-the-go alongside a bottle! Great for the gym, travelling, for children, at work or even added to smoothies and drinks for an extra kick-start in the right direction. Coconut water is PERFECT for hydration, so this is the ideal little sachet for the gym or on holiday, mine is pineapple infused! But this comes in the original flavour also.

Pukka – Clean Greens

‘Clean Greens is an organic daily blend of 11 super-rich green foods including Nettle, Kale Sprouts and Wheat Grass Juice’.

I am a huge lover of anything super food powder based and can be incorporated into your smoothies. I love smoothies and smoothie bowls and I love enhancing natural flavours and nutrients by adding a natural powder. This sachet, in particular, contains ‘grass juice, leaf, vegetables, seed sprouts, Seagreens®, freshwater plants and digestive herbs. Made with some of the nature’s finest herbs, grown in fertile organic soils it captures the incredible essence of nature’s bounty’. What I also loved about this product was that it is

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Wheat free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Added sugar-free
  • Soya free

How perfect is that! It ticks all the boxes. It is a great supplement for your healthy lifestyle but this is not a meal replacement and I think it should be enjoyed alongside something else or incorporated into a drink, meal, or smoothie.

Green Frog Botanic – Geranium & Peppermint Body Wash

‘Made from certified organic soapberries, grown sustainably in the mighty Himalayan mountains of the East, where for centuries they have been used for washing the whole body. These magical berries, used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema, soft, sensitive and dry skin, leave your body superbly clean and really respect the PH of your skin.  There is no nasty chemicals, parabens, sulphates or Palm oil’.

Although the texture of this product is beautiful and glides across the skin perfectly and naturally washes away odour and dry skin I don’t particularly like the scent. However, the fact that this little product contains so many magical ingredients that naturally help the skin I can’t help but also love this product. This didn’t irritate my skin and it didn’t leave me feeling ‘squeaky’ clean, it left me feeling refreshed and re-energised. It is soothing, soft and refreshing.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to try these products out and sample them for my blog, I was so pleased when I received this box of goodies and I couldn’t wait to explore the box further and learn more deeply about the products. Honest reviews are something I work extremely hard on to provide natural and honest content for my readers. All the products were, of course, beautiful but some of them didn’t tick all of the boxes for me, they may for you, though! It is trial and error, that is the wonderful thing about these boxes. Sample good quality products, smell delicious and eat delicious food! What could be more inviting?

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