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jessica explores newcastle




A few weeks ago I got the chance to go to Newcastle and explore some food places around Gateshead! It was lovely to get away from Blackpool and have some well-deserved time off from everything, even though it was only for two days. I loved it and it was great to go back to Newcastle and reminisce on some of my childhood memories and realise how far I have come since the last time I visited.

For the two days I was there I indulged, explored the sites and relaxed. It was great! The sun was shining and it felt like I was abroad, which is never the case in England. The weather was definitely in my favour; I love exploring new places and re-visiting places also, abroad and in the U.K. Exploring and doing something different is always great for creating new memories, taking time off and relaxing and re-thinking your goals and ambitions.

I love to indulge and eat the food I love, I don’t stick to a strict regime when it comes to my nutrition as I eat wholesome nutritious foods 80% of the time and fuel my body with the correct nutrients and 20% of the time I indulge because life is for living and food is to be enjoyed. When I was in Newcastle I ate whatever I wanted and I tried lots of different foods, I had a relaxed approach towards my nutrition and experimented with food because I am a HUGE foodie! And I don’t know when I will re-visit again so I didn’t want to miss out on any food opportunities.

For me, having a balanced mindset towards food and nutrition is something I am always working on. I love food and I love working out and keeping fit and energised. However, when I go away on holiday I like to FULLY relax in all aspects of my life, in order to re-charge my batteries and make some valuable memories. Don’t get swamped down with your nutrition and fitness, enjoy life, enjoy every moment and eat delicious food! Eat the things you love and remember, when you’re older these will be the memories you will reminisce on and smile about.

Walking is a great form of exercise and it was great to get away from the gym for a few days. Food is something I am so passionate about and I don’t always eat green smoothie bowls and rice, chicken and vegetables (although I enjoy eating those things) I will never turn down a pizza, some chocolate or some chips, especially when I am away with my friends or family.






(Metro Centre)


Delicious Wagamamas, my favourite go-to place. I tried a new dish on the menu, this time, a bed of jasmine rice, chopped spring onion, grated cucumber, juicy duck strips and a fried egg all topped with a drizzle of delicious low-salt soy sauce.

The Big Mussel – Seafood Restaurant

(Near the Quayside and main shopping centre)



Scampi and chips enjoyed with some traditional tomato sauce, no hidden vegetables this time! The chips were homecooked and cooked properly; chunky style. The Big Mussel seafood restaurant is a must! I enjoyed these beside the Quayside in a take-out box only a short walk away.

Swedish Deli



Discovering healthier places to eat is amazing! This was a Swedish deli which was situated on the Quayside, which is the perfect location for lunchtime. The top ^ Quinoa and chicken salad topped with lettuce, cucumber, chopped tomatoes, peppers and cheese. So delicious and the portion sizes were generous.


Freshly cooked rye bread topped with smashed avocado, roasted peppers and gooey feta cheese. This one was amazing and their avocado portions were HUGE. Worth every single penny and I would love to try out a few more things on their menu.


Delicate places for afternoon tea

What I discovered whilst in Gateshead was that cakes and sweet treats were hugely popular and whilst browsing the streets I encountered lots of beautiful tearooms offering the most amazing cakes, pastries and tarts. The smell of freshly baked cookies and cakes filled the streets and their attention to detail when decorating the sweet treats is to be admired. Look at the portion sizes!!! I wish I knew the name of this place so I could re-visit. Their afternoon tea also looked amazing & if you know me, I am a huge lover of tea & cake!



 Creams Italian Gelato

If you are paying a visit to Newcastle anytime soon you HAVE to pay a trip to Creams, it is absolutely delicious and it is not far from Grey’s monument, in the centre. It is absolutely delicious and their ice cream flavours are amazing! Yes, Nutella, peanut butter ice cream is a thing and their pistachio ice cream is absolutely out of this world. The best sweet treat experience. They also offer sweet pancakes, waffles & much more!


Left-hand side – pistachio and lemon sorbet. Right-hand side – peanut butter and Nutella ice cream, snickers and salted caramel. The best flavour combinations!


Time Banhmi – Sandwich Bar

This was another discovery whilst roaming the streets of Gateshead in the sunshine. When you walk around places you discover a lot more than if you were in a car! On this occasion I didn’t have a sandwich, instead, I had a caramelised chicken rice bowl and the other bowl is a pork equivalent. Mine was topped with shredded salad, chilli and ginger strips. This was amazing and it was priced at around £3/5 – affordable considering it was in the centre and full of flavour. Left my tummy feeling very happy.




What I wanted to express was that I love exploring places and having a balanced attitude towards my health, fitness and well-being. Sometimes taking time out from your usual routine is also good for recovery! And when I have taken a few days out from training I come back stronger than ever, on the days I don’t train I don’t deprive myself of food, I eat good food and I eat until I am satisfied. All of this is different depending on the person and this is just my approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Thank you, Adam for treating me to this trip away! It was super fun and filled with my favourite things.

Where should I travel to next? And what is your favourite restaurant?

I hope you have a great week! & remember, treat yourself and don’t punish yourself. You’re doing great.

Jessica, x 



2 thoughts on “Jessica Explores – Newcastle Gateshead

  1. Hannahjaynel says:

    I’m off up to Newcastle in a few weeks to run in The Great North Run! I’ve never been but your photos make it look amazing, must check out that Swedish deli too it looks incredible x


    • Jessica Ward says:

      Oh wow! Good luck! That sounds amazing, they were advertising that whilst I was there. It is a great place and I didn’t realise it had so many foodie hotspots. Yes the deli is beautiful, it can get busy around lunchtime though! So, perhaps, go just before lunch or just after breakfast time. Portion sizes are incredible there! Thank you for stopping by lovely x


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