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Warming Meal Pots: Bol Foods Style

I am back with another review and this time I tried the Bol Foods Meal Pots and I loved them. Something completely different to the salad jars, but their ethos is still the same! ‘Our recipes are delicious meals packed with natural ingredients and bursting with wholesome goodness’. These little boxes of goodness come packaged beautifully and I was so pleased when they arrived at my doorstep.

If you’re busy and you need something for work or perhaps you arrived home late and need a quick bite to eat before bedtime, Bol Foods seem to have this all covered and have aimed to make it easy for busy people to eat healthy, nutritious food that isn’t boring and that doesn’t lack ANY flavour. What I previously touched on in my salad jar blog post was that they continue to explore the globe for new flavours and ingredients to inspire their Bol journey. Their food is delicious and it really takes me somewhere exotic every time I tuck into one of their meals, whether that’s a salad jar or a meal pot. All of their pots are different in textures, flavours and ingredients! They combine the best ingredients, with the best flavours to maximise the taste and to ensure that the consumer gets the healthiest meal.

You may think that these are just microwaveable meals? However, they do not contain lots of hidden nasty sugars and ingredients. They contain wholesome ingredients and they don’t have an extensive shelf life because the artificial preservatives are nowhere to be seen! In fact, their meal pots are high in protein, contain 1-2 of your 5-a-day, they’re low in fat and some of them are vegan and vegetarian! They’re packed FULL of flavour & colour, so yummy and so delicious.

All of their products can be purchased: using the following link to search your nearest stockist- Bol Foods Stockists – you can also buy online from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Don’t miss out on them!

Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar

‘It’s time for some cauliflower power’.

 • Spinach • Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower • Red Lentils • Coconut • Basmati Rice •

‘Sri Lanka’s cuisine is an exciting fusion of flavours, mixing local produce with recipes and spices from a host of other cultures. With origins in southern India, this Sambar is a mouth-watering blend of lentils, fresh spinach, coconut and turmeric’.

Vegan & Vegetarian


This time around I don’t have any favourites, I love them all! I have divided my plate up so you can see the ingredients more clearly. However, these can be stirred around in the pot or presented on a plate, whichever is easier! The spinach adds fresh hidden green goodness, the red lentils add a touch of crunch, the basmati rice adds fibre and a thick warming texture and the roasted cauliflower adds creaminess alongside the aromatic coconut. The sauce is beautiful and thick and offers a touch of spiciness to the whole dish, they definitely didn’t skimp on this area. The soft cubes of sweet potato add a little touch of sweetness and they also add that extra touch of colour to the dish, the vibrant turmeric also provides anti-inflammatory properties! Which I LOVE.

Singapore Vermicelli Noodles

‘Let’s get ready to noodle’.

• Vermicelli Noodles • Red Peppers • Shiitake Mushrooms • Edamame Beans • Spiced Sesame Sauce •

‘Despite the name, Singapore noodles are believed to be a Cantonese creation, especially popular on the streets of Hong Kong. While it may be unclear where this dish comes from, its deliciousness can be in no doubt’.

Vegan & Vegetarian


I have visited Singapore before and their cuisine is a cut above the rest and they combine flavours and textures like nowhere else (in my opinion). Bol Foods have re-created one of my favourite dishes and I am so pleased! They have taken a traditional meal and packed it full of EXTRA flavour and EXTRA goodness. This noodle dish is mild in flavour, but still, has a touch of spice. The red peppers add colour and sweetness, the shiitake mushrooms add a mild flavour and absorb all of the delicious sauce, which packs a real punch to this dish! Shiitake mushrooms are known as the medical mushroom and offer several healing benefits! The edamame beans are one of my favourites and they add a great crunch mixed with the softness of the vermicelli noodles. An amazing combination of flavours, colours and textures.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

‘A little less conversation, a little more protein’.

Spiced Chicken • Giant Cous Cous • Roasted Butternut Squash • Turmeric Chickpeas • Apricots •

‘One pot, one incredible taste. Tagines bring together the fragrant spice blends of North Africa like nothing else’.


A tagine is a dish that is usually slow cooked over an open fire/charcoal and it takes its name from the heavy pot it is created in, the pot keeps the moisture in, steams the food inside and condenses the flavour and packs it in, allowing no goodness to escape! This is exactly what they have done with this meal pot. They have packed it full of moisture, flavour and goodness and haven’t let go of anything natural. The chicken has been marinated in Moroccan spices and is absolutely mouth watering, it’s juicy and adds a great source of natural protein to the dish. The giant couscous has absorbed the Morrocan flavours and adds a soft texture to the pot, the roasted butternut squash adds a small touch of sweetness as well as the hidden jewels of the pot which are – apricots!

Keralan Coconut Chicken

‘Sweet Keralan. Good times never tasted so good.’

• Spiced Chicken • Green Beans • Cauliflower & Basmati Rice • Coconut • Beetroot Thoran •

This pot was created by a guest chef! How exciting! She is called

She is called Meera Sodha –

‘Meera Sodha wrote a book of family recipes after a food odyssey back to India. We’re thrilled she’s created this wonderful recipe from the heart of Kerala just for us’.


The colour pop of this was is beautiful! The beetroot thoran adds such a vibrant pop of colour and adds a delicate texture to the whole dish. A thoran is typically stir-fried with coconut and lots of other spices and herbs and is served in Kerala households alongside rice and delicious curries. Meera has taken this concept and combined it with fresh juicy chicken cooked in black pepper and served with a thick creamy coconut sauce. All of this is placed on top of cauliflower and basmati rice; the cauliflower combination adds a little lightness to the dish (allowing you to make room for the whole pot!).

I am such a huge lover of food and travelling the globe when these two concepts are combined together I am very very happy. These pots have been delicious and I am so grateful I got to sample them, I only ever share the things I love on my blog in hope to inspire my readers and share new, exciting content with you. I would never share anything I didn’t believe in. Bol Foods are a great company and offer a great range of delicious products check out my previous blog post for more information on their salad jars: Pimp Your Salad – BOL Foods Style: Food Review.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, I have just got back from Singapore and jet-lag hit me hard, but my dedication still remains!

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P.S. – I hope you liked my blog post! If you did, please be sure to let me know, I love hearing from you.

Jessica, x


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