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Nuts For Pic’s Peanut Butter

pics peanut butter


Nuts for Pic’s Peanut Butter

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a great day because I am sharing my review on the Pic’s peanut butter & if you have followed me for a while you will know I am addicted to nut butter and various other spreads. It is my favourite and it was something I discovered when I changed my lifestyle to a healthier alternative. I have a huge sweet tooth and I love indulging and I like to have something sweet every day, without feeling guilty or without sacrificing my goals. Pic’s have created a peanut butter that is so versatile that it can be used in baking, cooking, smoothies or as a topping or spread including both sweet & savoury dishes, which I love; wherever peanut butter can be incorporated I am happy!

Pic’s kindly sent me three of their jars of nut butter, all made from 100% natural ingredients and the finest quality Australia grown Hi-Oleic peanuts, no weird ingredients, no added sugar, no palm oil and no preservatives or emulsifiers that you would usually find hidden away in normal nut butters. Knowing this about Pic’s peanut butter; I was eager to sample their products in more ways than one and see if something without added sugar, can taste just as beautiful. We are sucked into believing that things with added sugar usually taste better and when this is taken away we are afraid to purchase these items. However, Pic’s have selected the finest peanuts and created jars of magical goodness that will transform ANY dish.

What are Hi-Oleic peanuts you may be wondering? Let’s do some research!

  • Pic’s peanuts are Hi-Oleic which means 75% Vs 55% more Oleic acid, a well-known monounsaturated fatty acid that offers a number of health benefits.
  • ‘It is used to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, It can also be a potential treatment for weight loss! Oleic acid is also known to be rich in antioxidants that help remove harmful toxins and free radicals in the body. It helps prevent premature ageing in cells and increases immune system functioning. There are also studies regarding the ability of the Oleic acid to boost memory and to increase the speed of neurological transmission.’ Paulina Nelega, (2016, Natural Well Being).
  • ‘Oleic acid can also help relieve asthma symptoms and can also increase respiratory function, as well as a treatment for joint pain.’ Paulina Nelega, (2016, Natural Well Being).

Why is Pic’s the best LOVED peanut butter around and what sets them apart from other companies?

  • Made with fresh-roasted hi-oleic Queensland peanuts in Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Has more ‘good’ oils than regular peanut butters giving pic’s a fresher taste, a crunchier crunch and a longer shelf life.
  • What Consumers want: high in protein + fibre, No-Added Sugar, GMO-free, gluten & dairy free.
  • All natural. No preservatives or emulsifiers. No weird stuff
  • We don’t have consumers. We have fans, fanatics and aficionados who we hold at the heart of the company. with Pic at the helm, we are not a faceless boring brand

    ‘With Our key point of difference being taste and our fresh roast, we also stack up well as maybe the healthiest peanut butter in the world’.

I am not a nutritionist nor a health and fitness expert, however, I try to consume wholesome products and eat nourishing foods the majority of the time because they make me feel good; eat the things that make you and your body feel amazing. Why choose a sugar laden spread when you can choose the Pic’s nut butter that tastes a lot better than sugar-laden butters and spreads, keeps you feeling satisfied for longer and has SEVERAL health benefits, all in the form of nut butter goodness.

Choosing your products wisely and researching the brand is great and it should be done, especially if you are unfamiliar with the benefits it has! Researching makes a connection with the brand and their ethos and you get to understand what you are buying into and what you are consuming. Sometimes we choose the cheapest alternative, don’t consider the ingredients and continuously eat it without realising the harmful ingredients that can be included.


Crunchy Peanut Butter – No Salt

‘Aussies legendary Kingaroy nuts, fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in sunny Nelson, NZ’.

This is naturally sweet, wholesome and mouthwatering, this peanut butter packs a real crunch and you can truly taste the natural goodness of the peanuts. No fine bits of sugar or ‘lumps’ of soft peanuts. This is crunchy, has an incredibly dense texture which means you only need a little bit per serving – this jar will last a lot longer! Unless, you’re like me and just sit there with a spoon and dig yourself through the jar. Ingredients: peanuts 100%. This peanut butter requires a good stir before you dive in as the natural oils separate and head to the surface.


Crunchy Peanut Butter – Salt

‘Aussie’s legendary Hi-Oleic nuts, fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in sunny Nelson, NZ’.

Packing a WHOLESOME CRUNCH this peanut butter is filled with goodness, as well as a touch of salt for extra tang. This peanut butter tastes delicious on top of porridge, yoghurt or incorporated into your salad dressing. The texture of this peanut butter is the best and offers a brilliant taste sensation, mouth filling, mouth watering and addictive! This would also taste delicious on top of something smooth, for instance, Greek yoghurt; as this will allow you to truly appreciate the natural crunch the peanuts provide. This would be brilliant to have in the morning for a kick-start in the right direction as well as the added boost from the salt. Ingredients: Peanuts (99.5%), salt.


Smooth Peanut Butter

‘Aussie’s legendary Hi-Oleic nuts, fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in sunny Nelson, NZ’.

This has the most stunning texture as it is creamy and dense, wholesome and extremely warming; the warmth is brought from the freshly roasted nuts. You can really tell the hard work that has gone into producing these peanut butters as they taste absolutely delicious. This smooth peanut butter is the perfect consistency for smoothies, cakes and for salad dressings. This is also a great choice for drizzling over desserts and smoothies as there are no crunchy bits! Peanut butter is a product that makes me feel warm and comforted inside, this does just that & I love topping my evening dessert with this one for a soothing end to the day. Ever wondered what heaven tasted like on a spoon? Well, this is it! This one requires a little more stirring for a creamier consistency… However, you may like it super runny so you may not want to stir in the natural oils which separate and lift to the top. Remember! Sometimes, the salt can make its way to the bottom of the jar, so be sure to stir that too.

If you are a peanut butter connoisseur like myself, this will not disappoint, in fact it will make you hungry for more and adapt your future choices. Pic’s have truly selected the finest ingredients and created jars of heaven. These jars make you feel comforted and provide a hug in the form of peanut butter; yes, that’s a thing!

I hope you loved my blog post this week and now feel the urge to try Pic’s peanut butter, they also offer other products packed full of wholesome ingredients, check out their website for more information: Website and to learn a little bit more about their brand. It was great to collaborate with them on this post and I can’t wait to share some peanut butter inspired recipes with you all soon, it’s going to be exciting because I love experimenting!

Thank you to Pic’s for sending me some samples and for being so generous, you’re a great company and have really embedded my love for peanut butter even further, I didn’t think that was possible! I can’t wait to try even more.

Also, don’t forget you can keep up to date with their journey using all of their social media which is linked below:

Twitter / Facebook  / Instagram

Let’s get creative and experiment with peanut butter, please tag me in your recipes and creations. I love seeing how you have used your nut butter!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to eat wholesome food, stay active and positive always.

Jessica, x

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