Relax! – The 3 Things I Do To Unwind


Relax! – The 3 Things I Do To Unwind

Mid-week and you are already feeling the need to relax and take some time out from your schedule? Don’t panic, sometimes if you feel this way it is your body telling you to slow down. Not slow down and give everything up, but take 10 minutes time out and focus on something else. Sometimes, we may feel weak and unproductive if we take time out to do something to relax, re-connect and breathe. However, it is crucial! I am the most productive after I have taken some time out. I am the most productive after I have relaxed in the evening and I am the most productive after I have done the things I enjoy.

Although I love blogging, writing and being creative with my social media. Sometimes I like to switch off from these things and do something different. I find it hard to relax and I find it hard to unwind, I hate wasting time and I love to be productive, I am a Virgo and these are my star sign traits! They are true to me! Relaxing is a productive process and shouldn’t be frowned upon. It can spark new inspiration, it allows you to focus on something you enjoy which creates inner happiness and it can make you become more tuned into yourself and your inner being.

Remember, although working and earning money is essential (in this day-an-age) we need to enjoy every moment! Every single second. So, take 10-15 minutes out and unwind, in the morning, mid-afternoon or before you go to bed. No time wasted, it is helping you regain strength, improve your concentration levels, improve your sleep and it will improve your overall mood and well-being. Breathe, unwind and be ready to tackle your to-do list with a fresh mindset!

Cooking and Baking


Featured in my recent blog post: Truly Nourished: Review

Being in the kitchen and getting creative is something I LOVE to do, especially if it means experimenting with new ingredients, experimenting with new brands or using a new recipe book. It all excites me so much and I love the feeling of trying new food. Cooking and baking is something I like to do for independence, it is therapeutic and I love eating the final outcome! I have a huge passion for creating new things and experimenting with flavours, I love seeing what other people have created too. Please tag me in your foodie creations, they make me happy.

Pampering Myself

I am a huge lover of painting my nails, keeping my skin moisturised and pampering myself. Keeping my skin hydrated is something I like to do from the inside out, drinking lots of water, eating good food and keeping active. I don’t particularly have lots of money to spend on skincare and I like to keep my skincare regime simple. A natural way to keep your skin hydrated is to use coconut oil, we don’t consume bad products so why cover your skin in them! This nutrient-dense oil is great for the skin and it is great for your overall skin complexion. It can be used as a hair mask, in your cooking, in your baking and used as a skin moisturiser. I have struggled with my skin and complexion since I have been a little girl, but this seems to have made a huge difference to my overall complexion and the hydration levels of my skin. Check out these links for some more inspiration and to grab yourself some coconut oil: Vita Coco / Lucy Bee / Grape Tree Health Foods

A great book I have been reading features some lovely skincare recipes that can be created in your own home, using 100% natural pure ingredients.


The Naturalista by Xochi Balfour 

‘I am a holistic wellness guide and author, and trainee naturopathic nutritionist. Through my work I explore all areas of vitality, fusing diet, natural healing and spiritual inquiry to guide individuals in cultivating more balance and harmony within and without.’

This book covers an array of different topics surrounding wellbeing and nourishing your soul from the inside out. It is a lovely read! Definitely worth the purchase and a great read for when you want to relax, unwind and ‘zone out’.

I also love painting my nails! This is something I like to maintain throughout the week because when my nails are manicured I feel as if I have everything ‘together’ . Strange concept, I know. Keeping groomed is important if it makes you feel good, we should definitely be doing more things that make ourselves feel good. Remember, life is too short to be stuck-in-a-rut. Do something you enjoy and relax. My favourite nail varnish I use is Rimmel 60 Second, if you are impatient like me, this nail varnish is the answer and has great coverage, as well as coming in an array of beautiful colours – Rimmel – Superdrug – I am no make-up artist or beauty expert so I like to keep things simple.

Drink Something Comforting

I kindly got sent some teabags from Cuppanut, a new brand on the market selling coconut infused silky bags which infuse your hot water with goodness. This was designed by the Gareth Gates, (pop idol star from 2002), he is on a new mission for health and well-being and has created these delicious infusions. These aren’t tea bags and do not contain caffeine, so they are the perfect alternative if you want to cut down: great before bed!

These coconut infusions smell beautiful! They fill a room with a gorgeous aroma and they instantly make you feel relaxed and in a moment of tranquillity.

Coconut is a great superfood and although I love to cover my skin in it, I also love to consume it, especially if it is the form of a warm or cooling comforting drink. This is definitely something new to the market and something extremely exciting! I love them and I think they’re a great concept, especially if you’re a coconut lover.


‘Biodegradable tea bags filled with real coconut and mixed with a variety of 3 different flavours; Coconut, Coconut and Cranberry, Coconut Ginger and Turmeric. Gareth’s vision was to create a ‘Coconut Tea’ without the Tea! No caffeine, no nasty hidden ingredients, just pure, raw goodness in a warm cup’.


Coconut Infusion

This fragrant, sweet and soothing infusion is the perfect accompaniment with a sweet treat mid-afternoon for a pick-me-up or in the evening to soothe your tummy before bed.


Coconut, Ginger and Turmeric Infusion

A potent and warming anti-inflammatory drink perfect to be enjoyed after your meals or in the morning for a kick-start in the right direction. This coconut infusion has a brilliant balance of flavours, subtly sweet and uplifting.


Coconut and Cranberry Infusion

This little parcel of goodness has a mixture of sweet berry goodness and the soothing, fragrant qualities from the coconut. This fruity infusion is BURSTING with sweetness and colour. Who doesn’t love the colour pink? Especially when it infuses and injects your warm water with a gorgeous rose colour. The perfect combination of elements!

Want to grab yourself some of these little parcels of goodness? Use the following links to do so: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Website

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I love writing and sometimes I do find it relaxing but it is just as important to relax and take the time-out from your usual routine. I recently went to Newcastle and it allowed me to unwind, explore a new place and have fun. This is the same with the things listed above, they make me feel good and they bring happiness to me. Do more of what makes YOU happy.

Surround yourself with people who respect your decisions and support you all the time. If you don’t want to do something, DON’T. Just have some faith and believe in yourself, take a breather and have a warm drink. Everything is going be… OK.

Always here for a chat, don’t forget that.

Jessica, x

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